Are Dave Turin and Todd Hoffman still friends?

Author: Randi Stamm  |  Last update: Saturday, November 20, 2021

He and Hoffman had been “very close” for years, Turin says. Though the on-camera break wasn't easy to watch, Turin says he and Hoffman still sometimes talk, or exchange texts, though they're not as tight as they once were. “That's life,” Turin says, sounding philosophical.

Why did Dave leave the Hoffman crew?

The star famously left the show a few years ago after he got into a physical altercation with fellow cast member Trey Poulson — which turned out to be the final straw.

What happened to Jack Hoffman from Gold Rush?

When Todd left the show, the Hoffmans left behind the mining business. While his son left gold mining to pursue a career in singing some time ago, Jack continues to have a $5 million net worth to his name. ... The Hoffman family found 6,000 ounces of gold since in 2010!

What does Dave Turin do now?

But he returned to gold mining and the Discovery Channel with his own show, “Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine,” which premiered in 2019. Turin is back at work in the new season of “Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine,” which premieres Friday, March 19, on the Discovery Channel and the Discovery Plus streaming service.

Who just died on Gold Rush?

But the series was completely rocked when a cast member named Jesse Goins passed away on-set at only 60 years old. The miner's family members and friends, as well as his co-stars from the Alaska reality series, were completely devastated.

The Hoffman Crew Fall Apart After a Huge Fight Breaks Out | SEASON 7 | Gold Rush

How much did Dave Turin's crew make?

The Turin crew mined 803 ounces of gold, earning them over $1.28 million. Parker and Dakota Fred mined 191 ounces and 163 ounces, respectively, worth over a quarter-million dollars each.

Who is the richest person on Gold Rush?

Parker Schnabel is a well-known television star who is best known for his work in Discovery Channel's 'Gold Rush' reality series. He has also worked for 'Big Nugget Mine' which is a family mining company. As of 2021, Parker Schnabel's net worth is estimated to be $8 million.

Do the guys on Gold Rush get paid?

The miners considered to be 'Gold Rush Cast' receive stipends but are responsible for the welfare of their mining operations. Gold Rush is only a documentation of the mining operation, it does not, in any way, own the gold mined or pay mining workers or pay for the cost of tools used in the mining operations.

Who is Rick's girlfriend on Gold Rush?

Proving several fan theories wrong, Rick Ness has made his new relationship public after sharing snaps of himself with his girlfriend, Leese Marie. Ness has never been overtly public about his personal life, and had recently been body shamed along with Marie on the Internet.

Who dies on Dave lost mine?

Jesse Goins died during filming of Dave Turin's Lost Mine Season 3. TMZ was the first to report the news of Jesse Goins' death at the age of 60 on August 18, 2020. According to the report, a crew member found him lying on the ground outside of the gold room in Colorado, where Season 3 of the series was shooting.

Why did Todd quit Gold Rush?

Unfortunately, his bankruptcy has left some of his fans “divided.” Hoffman, who left “Gold Rush” after the eighth season, took his interests beyond gold mining. He started working on TV shows and productions that had elements of the show he founded. Hoffman also sought out to start a singing career, too.

Who died from Gold Rush 2021?

Jesse Goins, one of the miners featured on Discovery's “Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine,” has died at the age of 60. “We are absolutely heartbroken to hear about Jesse Goins' death,” a Discovery ...

Where is Dave Turin's Colorado mine?

Following a delayed start caused by the global pandemic, Dave and his crew find themselves at Box Creek – a historic lost mine at 10,000ft elevation in the Colorado Rockies.

Where is Todd Hoffman's crew now?

Never afraid of a gamble, Todd has set up his mining operations in Alaska, Oregon, Colorado and Guyana, South America. He's had some success and a fair share of struggles over the years. Now, Todd has been given an opportunity too good to pass up so he's heading back to Alaska.

What is new with Todd Hoffman?

According to Discovery, Hoffman will again be joined by his father, Jack, his son, Hunter, and a crew of gold miners. The show, which is set to premiere on Discovery and Discovery+ in early 2022, will follow Hoffman and the crew as they search for gold in Alaska.

What did Hunter Hoffman get fined for?

GOLD RUSH Todd Hoffman's Colorado mine fined $35k+ for unapproved mining operations.

Is Gold Rush White Water Cancelled?

Gold Rush: White Water is returning soon to Discovery Channel. The series has been renewed for its fifth season which will debut on November 5th. ... “High in Alaska's remote Chilkat Mountains, the Dakota boys return to the richest ground of their lives, on the hunt for millions in gold.

Is Rick Ness's girlfriend a man?

Rick is dating a woman named Leese Marie (aka Leese M Arie). As an exceptionally private person, Rick hardly ever talks about his love life in a public capacity. The same applies to the majority of his social media profiles, most of which he uses to promote the latest episodes of Gold Rush.

Is Karla Rick's girlfriend?

Karla Ann Charlton is a second-generation guide who is based in the Yukon. Karla is the go-to woman for all things outdoors and is a survival expert. She's a member of Rick Ness' team. The pair aren't a romantic couple, Rick described Karla as “the sister” he's never had as per Distractify.

What does Parker Schnabel's crew make?

It has been reported that Parker makes approximately $25 thousand per episode.

Is Gold Rush Alaska fake?

This reality show is based out of Alaska and honestly isn't the first show from Alaska to be accused of being fake. "It is scripted from the beginning. They knew exactly what they wanted to see out of the program... They actually direct you in these situations."

Where is Tony Beets house?

Tony Beets' house explored

Tony, known as one of the biggest miners in the Klondike, lives in a new Paradise Hill house with his wife Minnie. They had to move there after having to leave their Indian River operation.

Who is Eagan beets parents?

Tony Beets currently has one grandchild, named Eagan.

Although there has been speculation that Monica is currently pregnant, Tony's only grandchild as of now is Eagan, whose mother is Bianca.

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