Are swan neck spurs dressage legal?

Author: Marian Quigley  |  Last update: Saturday, November 20, 2021

If the shank is curved, the spurs must be worn only with the shank directed downwards. However, swan necked spurs are allowed. The inside arm of the spur must be smooth and one or both arms may have rubber covers.

Are you allowed to wear spurs in dressage?

Once you reach an advanced level in affiliated dressage, spurs must be worn. However, you can wear spurs at all levels of dressage if you want or need to.

What stirrups are dressage legal?

In dressage, you can use any stirrups that don't aid you in a specific way. For instance, as per FEI dressage regulations, magnetic safety stirrups are not allowed. However, you can use other kinds of quick release stirrups, such as Freejump stirrups, curved side stirrups, covered toe stirrups and so on.

What saddles are allowed in dressage?

Side saddles are allowed; the rider must inform the venue before the start of the test, so that the judge can be informed accordingly. The saddle should be either black or brown, navy and grey are also permitted. A panel of colour can be added to specific areas such as the cantle.

Are pelhams dressage legal?

A Pelham bit is essentially a plain dressage-legal snaffle bit, but with a second rein connected to the bit at the end of a short shank. This shank, which creates curb action, makes this bit illegal for dressage competition.

What is Equestrian Dressage? These are the rules.

What Spurs are dressage legal?

Sharp spurs are not permitted. Only blunt spurs, without rowels or sharp edges, and spurs that have a smooth rotating ball on the shank may be worn. If the spurs are curved, the curve must be downwards and the shank must point straight to the back and not exceed 4cm in length.

Is a Mullen mouth bit legal for dressage?

It is allowed in a snaffle bridle and as the bridoon in a double bridle. The Happy Mouth Plain Mullen Loose Ring is allowed in a snaffle bridle at USEF/USDF competitions. See Figure A, #6 of the USEF Dressage Rules. It is not allowed as a bridoon in a double bridle.

Are magnetic stirrups dressage legal?

Magnetic safety stirrups, though recommended to use at home and in training, are not allowed at dressage shows. This is because they help to keep your foot in the stirrups, and can be considered an aid for the performance.

Are copper bits legal for dressage?

Both bits should be ok as long as they are the right shape, BD allows a mix of metals now and sweet iron bits are def allowed so copper should be too.

Are blinkers dressage legal?

Martingales, bandages, boots, blinkers, tongue straps and bearing, side or running reins are not permitted. Beastplates and breast girths are permitted, and cruppers are permitted except for dressage tests run under FEI rules.

Are Roller Ball Spurs dressage legal?

b) Rowel Spurs - Spurs with rowels are allowed only for the Dressage and Jumping Tests and when practising/warming up for Dressage and Jumping. If they are used, rowels must be free to rotate and the rowel must be round and smooth (no tines allowed).

Is a DR Bristol dressage legal?

No a Dr Bristol is not allowed.

Are Kimberwick bits legal in dressage?

These include hunter gags and kimberwicks. Judges must eliminate horses or ponies that compete in illegal bits or nosebands. Illegal bits include, but are not limited to, three-ring gags, gags, etc., while illegal nosebands include, but are not limited to, drop, flash, and figure-eight nosebands.

Why do dressage riders wear spurs?

Spurs are used to encourage your horse to react faster to your leg, as by nature, horses can get dull to your leg. Also, spurs can be used for precision. A highly advanced dressage rider, for instance, may want a more precise reaction from their horse when riding tempi changes or pirouettes.

Are Prince of Wales spurs dressage legal?

Spurs must be of smooth material (metal or plastic). The end of the shank must be blunt and must point only towards the rear. ... Only Dummy, Rollerball, Impulse, Rowelled, hammerhead & Prince of Wales Spurs are allowed to be worn.

How do you wear a swan neck spur?

These are my favorite breeches ever. Apparently swan neck spurs are the only spur variety sanctioned for USEF competition to be worn pointing upwards. All other varieties must be worn pointing down.

Are universal bits dressage legal?

The FEI have confirmed that the mouthpieces and cheek pieces as listed under Annex A of the FEI Eventing Rules for 2020, are the only ones permitted for the dressage phase of FEI competition.

Are sweet iron bits dressage legal?

This looks a nice french link loose ring sweet iron but might be a little chunky? Neue Shule bits are lovely, a nice metal, available with different width mouth pieces, and all of these (other than the waterford) are dressage legal.

Is a Fulmer snaffle dressage legal?

Full Cheek snaffles help with steering as the cheekpieces puts pressure on the side of the face. ... However many of the mass produced bits have cheeks that are straight up and down and can cause pressure on some types of horses. We have divided the Full Cheeks into two sections, Dressage and non Dressage legal.

Are Freejump stirrups dressage legal?

Yes Freejump stirrups are dressage legal. Dressage rules state that the stirrups must be black.

Are flex on stirrups dressage legal?

The Flex On Stirrups are British Dressage legal. Also aimed at a wide range of riders.

Is a French link snaffle dressage legal?

It is not allowed for the Dressage test. We would advise all FEI competitors to carefully consider Annex A of the Eventing Rules, to ensure they are fully informed as to which bits are and are not permitted.

Is a Waterford bit dressage legal?

The Waterford is excellent for suppling these types of horses.” The Waterford is not legal for dressage, however. Another strong snaffle mouthpiece (not legal for dressage) that is frequently combined with D-rings or full-cheek rings is the slow twist.

Can you carry a whip in dressage?

No whip of any kind may be carried whilst competing in the dressage test. One whip only, no longer than 120cm including lash, may be carried when riding on the flat at any other time.

What are the softest spurs?

Bumper spurs are a softer option for riders who would like to try spurs or horses that are particularly sensitive. Rather than a shank, bumper spurs have a curved metal piece around the heel that is fairly flat, rather than spiked.

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