Can a tank be too big for a Ball Python?

Author: Brooklyn Ryan MD  |  Last update: Sunday, December 12, 2021

Absolutely. Many ball pythons are quite claustrophiliac in captivity, and will be stressed and stop eating if they're in an enclosure which is too large. This can be offset by literally filling the enclosure with decor or even crumpled newspaper, but that pretty much eliminates the point of having a big enclosure.

What size tank is too big for a ball python?

A baby ball python can be housed in a 10-20 gallon tank, but an adult will need an enclosure that is a minimum of 3 or 4-feet long, such as a 55-gallon tank.

Is a 120 gallon tank too big for a ball python?

Ball pythons will keep growing as large as they are supposed to, no matter their enclosure size. ... For juvenile ball pythons less than 3′ feet long, provide a 40-gallon enclosure measuring at least 36″ x 18″ x 18″. Adults and subadults over 3′ feet long do best in a 120-gallon tank measuring 48″ x 24″ x 24″ or larger.

Is a 40 gallon tank too big for a ball python?

40 gallon breeder tanks aren't too big, just that they suck at keeping proper husbandry for a ball python.

Is 50 gallon too big for ball python?

The 50 gallon would be excellent for an adult corn or king snake as mentioned. So you may want to hold onto it. But if you get a tiny baby, your best bet is to go small and let the baby grow into lrgee enclosures as it develops and proves to be a reliable feeder.

What Size Enclosure Should I Use for My Ball Python?

What size tank does a juvenile ball python need?

Hatchling to juvenile Ball Pythons can be housed in a 20 gallon terrarium. Adult Ball Pythons will need at least a 40 gallon terrarium.

Can ball pythons share a tank?

While it is possible for two ball pythons to share the same tank, it's not recommended. There's just too much that can go wrong, and ball pythons are extremely antisocial. Putting the two snakes in the same cage can lead to diseases, stress, feeding issues, and even cannibalism.

Can a tank be too big for a snake?

The reality. It actually doesn't matter how large the housing is. As long as you can give the inhabitant the correct temperature gradient and UV exposure, it can be as big as you like (and should be).

How much room does a ball python need?

The proper Ball Python enclosure size is typically a 20 gallon tank. All snakes like at least enough space to stretch out 3/4ths of their max length. A 20 gallon tank should be more than enough for a Ball Python.

How long can a ball python stay in a 20 gallon?

If it's a male, a twenty gallon should be fine for its entire life. But if it's a female, definitely go with the forty. This is going off what some of the top breeders use to recommend back in the day, and tanks are kinda old school.

What size tank do you need for a 6 foot snake?

ENCLOSURE SIZE:The enclosure should be a solid glass sided tank long enough to create the two separate temperature gradients (warm and cool); a ball python tank should be at least 30-40 gallons or larger for an adult ball python and at least 20L for a baby.

Can you put a baby ball python in a 40 gallon tank?

Baby ball pythons will feel most secure and will thrive in either a 10-20 gallon tank or a 6-12 qt tub (for rack systems). An adult ball python would be most comfortable in a 40 gallon breeder tank or a 28-41qt tub.

How big can a ball python get?

Physical Description. Captive ball pythons typically reach a length of 4 to 5 feet, although 6-ft wild specimens have been found. Hatchlings range from 10 to 17 inches (25.4 to 43.2 cm). Captive-raised ball pythons grow to more than 3 feet in length within 3 years.

Is 20 gallons enough for a baby ball python?

A 20 gallon long (not tall or standard) tank is about the right size for many ball pythons, especially males, and they can live in a cage that size their entire life. However, some individual animals grow larger and will need a bigger enclosure.

How big should a snake vivarium be?

Minimum Vivarium Size

1m x 40 cm x 40 cm. Snakes larger than 1.5 meters require a wooden vivarium that is large enough that when the measurements of length and width are added together it is greater than the length of your snake.

Should I spray my snake with water?

I would generally avoid spraying the snake directly with water. Most don't seem to like it, and it can throw off their thermoregulation. Just make sure the bedding isn't soaked, and you can even try mixing the bedding after you spray.

Do ball pythons like to be pet?

Snakes do not really enjoy being petted, although some will naturally tolerate it and others will learn to tolerate it with regular and careful handling. Certain species, including ball pythons and the likes of corn snakes, do tolerate the practice more than others.

Why does my ball python want to escape?

One of the most common reasons why your snake is trying to escape, is that its tank's temperature and humidity are wrong. You may also find that your snake tries to escape if you don't have a temperature gradient in their tank. ... Too little humidity can also cause complications when they need to shed.

What bedding is best for ball pythons?

Reptile bark (orchid bark), cypress mulch, pulverized coconut husk (bed-a-beast), or a mixture of both are prime choices. Avoid any excessively drying bedding including pine shavings, sand, or paper products. And never use a cedar bedding... cedar is toxic to all snakes!

Can Ball Pythons eat eggs?

No, ball pythons do not eat eggs; they eat rodents.

Can you keep a male and female ball python together?

No. Don't keep snakes together, period. The dangers: Young ball pythons have, on rare occasion, indulged in cannibalism — sometimes resulting in the death of both snakes. These snakes, unable to get away from one another, experience constant low-level stress, which make them more prone to health issues.

Can you be killed by a ball python?

Can a ball python kill a human? No, they are considered incapable of killing a human child or adult through constriction. They are simply too small to pose such a threat (with the possible exception of human infants).

Are male or female ball pythons nicer?

Perhaps because of this, though, the females are often credited with being more aggressive than the males. Both are widely considered docile, but, particularly once eggs have been laid, the females do tend to be more sensitive and more likely to bite or lash out.

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