Do Infj cry in front of people?

Author: Godfrey Thiel  |  Last update: Tuesday, June 7, 2022

INFJs are sensitive souls who are easily overwhelmed, but they have their limits. If they feel stressed by their environment, or the people in it, they'll tend to cry or become very quiet and want to be alone. Some INFJs will be cold, sarcastic and very blunt or speak to someone only on a very superficial level.

Are INFJs crybabies?

INFJs might cry when they are alone though, and see this as a safe way to get out their emotions. ... They are extremely sensitive to the world around them, and can become emotional overwhelmed by even the smallest sight. The matured INFJ will likely cry rather easily, and will be perfectly okay with doing this when alone.

Can INFJs be emotional?

Compassionate: With their strong sense of intuition and emotional understanding, INFJs can be soft-spoken and empathetic. This does not mean that they are pushovers, however. They have deeply held beliefs and an ability to act decisively to get what they want.

How do INFJs appear to others?

INFJs are usually seen as reserved yet compassionate and caring. Their intuitions are often kept to themselves unless they are with people they trust deeply. They tend to keep part of themselves hidden and may seem “difficult to know”.

Do INFJs bottle up their feelings?

Like me, many INFJs become victims of emotional stacking—bottling up our emotions to avoid disharmony or conflict. ... There are several reasons INFJs are afraid of opening up to others. If these seem familiar, you aren't alone; I can own up to each cause without question.

3 reasons why people think INFJ's are awkward

What is the INFJ dark side?

Remember that INFJs tend to be quite sensitive and emotional. If an INFJ slams the door on you, they may suddenly stop all communication with you. If this is not possible, because they see you every day at home, work, or school, they may simply close themselves off emotionally and refuse to allow you in.

What does an INFJ fear?

Many INFJs, when speaking of their fears, cited fear of abandonment alongside a fear of opening up to others and allowing themselves to be loved unreservedly.

Are INFJs socially awkward?

INFJs can appear awkward at times, or even behave awkwardly, but this is often because of their incredible sense of intuition and empathy. ... INFJs who have alienated themselves can start to become uneasy in social settings, even though they are capable of being rather charming and outgoing people.

What does an unhealthy Infj look like?

Unhealthy INFJs have a hard time not taking everything personally. They view any form of criticism as a personal attack and can quickly create a “me versus the world” scenario in their mind. They “door slam” too easily, and they may take on the role of “misunderstood misfit” as a way of coping with their isolation.

How do you tell if an Infj is mad at you?

Usually, they will get more withdrawn and stuck in their head when they're angry. They might try to shut off noise, lights, or find a room they can hide away in to deal with their thoughts and charged emotions. Some INFJs shut down and stop talking and reacting, trying to sort out their thoughts inside.

How do Infj take revenge?

Most of the times, karma always bites back. So the only way INFJs get their revenge is by moving forward. They don't even sit back and observe, but they will definitely get to hear that whoever did them wrong got their share too.

How do you tell if an Infj hates you?

Things the INFJ Hates
  1. Staying on the surface. ...
  2. Manipulation and deceit. ...
  3. People who take and rarely give. ...
  4. Arguing just to argue. ...
  5. Constant chaos. ...
  6. Not getting enough alone time. ...
  7. When people are inconsiderate. ...
  8. Having to compromise their values.

What do Infj hate the most?

INFJs hate anything they consider fake, which includes surface-level conversation. This personality type likes to skip the less important chit-chat and get down to the heart of the matter. Anything else just feels like a waste of time, and that is something INFJs simply can't stand.

Why do INFJs cry so much?

Unlike many others, when faced with conflicts, INFJs feel more sadness than anger and that simply explains why they cry more frequently than the rest. The other thing is, their empathetic nature enables them to feel for others. The other thing is, their empathetic nature enables them to feel for others.

What annoys INFJ?

INFJs detest attention-seeking behaviors and melodrama. Their strong intuition combined with their awareness of emotions makes it easy for them to spot when someone is being fake or is always seeking the spotlight. Emotionally manipulative movies and TV shows also get on their nerves.

Why are INFJ so sensitive?

Both INFJs and HSPs need a lot of quiet time to recharge their energy. They both find outside stimuli such as noise, activity, lights and people not only distracting, but stressful and at times exhausting. This is because the INFJ's strength is internal and they are highly sensitive to the outside world.

Are INFJs petty?

INFJs don't like to focus on trivial things and prefer to get to the real heart of the matter. While they are complex and deep people, they do have the potential to have petty moments. ... Most of the time though the INFJ is thoughtful and unbelievably considerate of others.

Why do INFJs have trust issues?

An INFJ will likely have trust issues because they have seen the darkness in the world around them. They are acutely aware that the world is not always a beautiful place, and are often pained by this fact. They intuitively see the good and the bad in everyone around them.

Are INFJs good liars?

In general, INFJs are least likely to lie. Therefore, they are also not very good at lying. They usually tell things as they are and this is the main reason why they sometimes come off as distant or unapproachable.

What are Infj eyes like?

INFJs have a very intense look about the eyes and tend to use direct eye contact. I would say their eyes are more limpid than an INTJ. There is an underlying softness that you rarely see in their Te brethren. Even in the most notorious INFJs.

What things do INFJs say?

8 Things INFJs Say, And What They Really Mean
  • “Nothing is wrong,” or “I'm fine.” ...
  • “Does that make sense?” ...
  • “It's not important” or “Never mind.” ...
  • “How are you doing?” ...
  • “Can we wait until tomorrow?” ...
  • “It's pretty crowded, isn't it?” ...
  • “Hey, I'm sorry I missed your call.” ...
  • “Sorry, I was zoning out.”

Are Infj dumb?

INFJs can think logically but usually defies logic.

Some people think that INFJs are smart, while other people think that INFJs are dumb. We are neither smart nor dumb; we are just different. The reason why people think we are smart is that we are analytical and able to see a problem from many different angles.

Are INFJs slow learners?

INFJs tend to be the type who learn new things slowly but very well. When an INFJ decides to take up some new skill or area of study, they're not generally going to learn it as quickly as T-types (for theoretical or more math/science-based fields of study) or S-types (for physical skills).

Are INFJs traumatized?

INFJs can certainly bottle up this trauma, since they have a tendency to bury negative feelings. They struggle to fully process these instances, and can try to push forward as if nothing has even happened. INFJs don't like feeling as if they are a burden and can even experience immense guilt from their trauma.

Do INFJs talk about their feelings?

Why INFJs Have Trouble Expressing Their Emotions

But as rewarding as it is for INFJs to know they are helping their people, it can lead to them not expressing their own emotions. Why is that? Due to our intuitive and feeling traits, INFJs feel deeply, and that's likely the understatement of the year.

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