Do you need plastic surgery after Mohs surgery?

Author: Emmett Bashirian  |  Last update: Saturday, November 20, 2021

Mohs surgery was originally created to help minimize the risk of scarring and the need for additional plastic surgery after cancer removal. However, a percentage of people who get Mohs do require plastic surgery after their skin cancer removal.

Is plastic surgery necessary after Mohs surgery?

Post-Mohs Reconstruction: Mohs surgery for excision of a skin cancer inevitably results in an open wound. In closing this wound or filling in this defect, special reconstructive procedures performed by plastic surgeons are often needed to optimize healing and restoring proper form and function to the area.

Is Mohs considered plastic surgery?

He is president of the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Post-Mohs surgery is a type of reconstructive plastic surgery that can be done after skin-cancer lesions are removed with Mohs surgery. This reconstruction is done to optimize the appearance of the skin after surgery.

How long does it take for your nose to heal after Mohs surgery?

Allow the wound to heal on its own.

Daily care of the wound is required. Depending upon the size, may take up to 4 to 6 weeks for the wound to heal completely, but infection, bleeding and pain are uncommon.

Is Mohs surgery on nose painful?

Mohs surgery uses a local anesthesia, which numbs only the area being worked on. You may feel some discomfort when the anesthesia is injected, but this usually lasts only a few seconds. Once the area is numb, the surgery itself should not be painful.

Inside the OR: Plastic Surgery After Mohs Surgery for Skin Cancer

How soon can I shower after Mohs surgery?

You must keep the bandage and wound completely dry for the first 24 hours. After 24 hours, after removing the bulky bandage, the wound can get a little wet in the shower, but do not allow direct water on the wound and do not allow the area to be submerged in water.

What's worse basal cell or squamous?

Though not as common as basal cell (about one million new cases a year), squamous cell is more serious because it is likely to spread (metastasize).

How do you sleep after Mohs surgery?

Sleeping propped up on a few pillows or in a reclining chair may help decrease swelling after surgery of the head and face area. The surgical area may ooze a little blood or clear liquid especially in the first few hours after surgery; activity may aggravate this.

Is Mohs surgery really necessary?

Mohs surgery is not necessary for all skin cancers, but it is useful when: The location of the skin cancer is near areas that are important for daily activities, like the fingers, or for appearance, like the nose; Earlier treatments have not worked; A tumor is large; and.

Is Mohs surgery scary?

Because it uses a localized anesthetic to number the afflicted area, most patients remain awake during Mohs surgery. That means no recovery room costs to consider. It also means the procedure will be much faster, reducing the intrusion on your daily life. You may be scared to be awake during the surgery.

Is there an alternative to Mohs surgery?

Radiotherapy is a less-invasive alternative to Mohs surgery. It involves the use of radiation to kill skin cancer cells.

Is Mohs surgery serious?

Mohs surgery is generally considered very safe, but there are some risks: Bleeding from the site of surgery. Bleeding into the wound (hematoma) from surrounding tissue. Pain or tenderness in the area where skin was removed.

What happens if you don't get Mohs surgery?

Without treatment, a basal cell carcinoma could grow -- slowly -- to encompass a large area of skin on your body. In addition, basal cell carcinoma has the potential to cause ulcers and permanently damage the skin and surrounding tissues.

How long does Mohs surgery usually take?

Clear your schedule for the day.

It's not possible to predict how long Mohs surgery will take. For most people, the procedure takes less than four hours. But your surgeon may advise you to plan as though surgery will take all day, since there's a very small chance it could take that long.

Can you drive yourself home after Mohs surgery?

If no cancer is seen, the skin can be repaired, bandaged and the patient is sent home cancer free. The patient will then be free to drive themselves home if they feel comfortable.

Can you drink coffee before Mohs surgery?

You do not need to fast and you can take your daily medications normally unless otherwise advised by the doctor. Instead, eat a nutritious and filling breakfast to help avoid lightheadedness during the procedure. Do not drink excess coffee. You may also bring food or snacks with you to the office as well.

What kind of anesthesia is used for Mohs surgery?

Lidocaine is the most commonly used anesthetic used in Mohs given its rapid onset of action. However, the duration of lidocaine's effect is much shorter than bupivacaine, which may translate into increased postoperative pain.

Can you have basal cell carcinoma for years?

Basal cell carcinoma usually grows very slowly and often doesn't show up for many years after intense or long-term exposure to the sun. You can get it at a younger age if you're exposed to a lot of sun or use tanning beds.

Can basal cell carcinoma disappear on its own?

Basal cell carcinomas may appear to heal on their own but inevitably will recur.

What does an infection look like after Mohs surgery?

Wound infections often appear as increased redness, swelling and pain associated with the surgical site. “Patients can also feel unwell, or even feverish if the infection is severe,” explains Dr. Mamelak.

How do you wash your hair after Mohs surgery?

Upon removing the initial dressing, you may shower and allow the wound to get wet. If the wound is on your scalp, you may wash your hair with a baby shampoo to avoid any irritation.. A little bit of redness around the wound is normal. However, THE PAIN FROM THE SURGERY SHOULD BE IMPROVING EVERY DAY.

Are you awake during Mohs surgery?

Mohs surgery is performed under local anesthesia while you are awake. In between stages you will have a temporary bandage on, and you can sit up, talk, read and go the bathroom.

Do I need to take antibiotics after Mohs surgery?

Most people that have Mohs surgery do not need any antibiotics. However, if the reconstruction is complex, you may need to take an antibiotic for a few days. Dr. García-Zuazaga may give you a prescription for antibiotics if needed.

How do you prevent scarring after Mohs surgery?

5 Tips for Reducing Scars After Mohs Surgery
  1. Keep the Wound Covered with a Bandage. ...
  2. Make Sure the Wound Stays Moist. ...
  3. Limit Sun Exposure & Wear Sunscreen. ...
  4. Explore Scar Revision Treatments When Healed. ...
  5. Be Patient & Don't Rush the Healing Process.

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