Does Greta Van Fleet cuss in their songs?

Author: Paolo Dooley  |  Last update: Saturday, November 20, 2021

They don't cuss. They don't promote violence. They're just a couple of hippie millennials who enjoy playing kick-ass classic rock music.

Does Robert Plant hate Greta Van Fleet?

In the interview, Josh Kiszka has reacted to Robert Plant's claim that he hates Greta Van Fleet. ... Moreover, Robert Plant also likens Greta Van Fleet's music to the Led Zeppelin album 'Led Zeppelin I' in an interview for Loudwire, and admits he appreciates Kiszka's vocal style, calling him 'beautiful little singer.

Is Greta Van Fleet ripping off Led Zeppelin?

While the comparisons are there, the band themselves have admitted to Zeppelin being a huge influence them while growing up, guitarist Jake Kiszka once saying he “went through a year of really intensely studying what [Jimmy] Page.” ...

Why did Kyle Hauck leave Greta Van Fleet?

"He [Hauck] had some health issues and his work ethic as a band member, I'd say, was lacking substantially. He's the kind of guy that wanted to get paid to practice. He'd let us down.

Does Greta Van Fleet use autotune?

#3 Greta Van Fleet Does Not Use Auto-Tune.

It’s Time to Put Greta Van Fleet HATERS in Their Place

Are the Greta Van Fleet twins identical?

Regardless, Josh and Jake Kiszka are a pair of identical twins, with Josh being the older of the two by just five minutes' time.

Who do Greta Van Fleet sound like?

From its conception, the Michigan-based rock band Greta Van Fleet has been struggling to shake the fact that it sounds a lot like Led Zeppelin. But it was never just that lead singer Josh Kiszka sounds almost exactly like lead singer Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin.

Does Greta Van Fleet sound like Rush?

Musically, the track reflects a burgeoning progressive rock overtone in Greta Van Fleet's new material. It sounds a bit like Rush, with the combination of guitar theatrics and singer Josh Kiszka's falsetto vocals.

Who signed Greta Van Fleet?

They were signed to Lava Records in March 2017, and a month later they released their debut studio EP, Black Smoke Rising. Their debut single, "Highway Tune", topped the Billboard U.S. Mainstream Rock and Active Rock charts in September 2017 for four weeks in a row.

What does Robert Plant say about Greta Van Fleet?

According to the Detroit Free Press, Robert Plant doesn't have an issue with Greta Van Fleet. He feels they embody the music of his band's album Led Zeppelin I. Furthermore, he praised the vocal stylings of Greta Van Fleet's singer, Josh Kiszka.

Who was the original singer for Led Zeppelin?

Fifty years ago, Led Zeppelin was born in a London basement. Guitarist Jimmy Page was looking to start a new band after the breakup of the Yardbirds, so he organized a jam session with singer Robert Plant, drummer John Bonham and bassist John Paul Jones.

Are Greta Van Fleet triplets?

Greta Van Fleet is 4 young musicians - twin brothers Josh (vocals) and Jake Kiszka (guitar), both 22, younger brother Sam (bass/keys, 19), and longtime friend Danny Wagner (drums, 20).

Where does Greta Fleet live?

The members of Greta Van Fleet didn't plan to put down roots in Nashville. Or any place, for that matter. “We had no reason to settle down,” explains the rock band's 22-year-old bassist and keyboardist, Sam Kiszka.

Is Greta Van Fleet progressive rock?

The album ends with “The Weight of Dreams,” which is Greta Van Fleet at its most prog-rock, a gut-busting eight-minute rollercoaster of ambition that's near operatic.

How tall is Josh from Greta Van Fleet?

Greta Van Fleet Josh Kiszka Height

Josh Kiszka Height is 5 ft 6 inches to 5ft 8 inches approximately. Greta Van Fleet Member Josh Kiszka is the lead singer as well as the founding member.

Why did Greta Van Fleet change their sound?

Greta Van Fleet discuss ​“cinematic” change in sound on new album. Greta Van Fleet explain why new album The Battle At Garden's Gate will sound different to their debut. ... “We knew we had to find people we trusted who could achieve the sound we were going for, which is going to be more cinematic,” the frontman says.

What is Josh Kiszkas favorite movie?

Josh: I'm a film FREAK! Amps: Favorite movie… GO!

Who is the oldest member of Greta Van Fleet?

How Old Are Greta Van Fleet Members?
  • Josh Kiszka was born on 23rd April,1996. According to his DOB, he is 25 years old as of 2021.
  • Jake Kiszka was born on 23rd April,1996. According to his DOB, he is 25 years old as of 2021.
  • Sam Kiszka was born on 3rd April,1999. ...
  • Danny Wagner was born on 29th December,1998.

What does the name Greta Van Fleet mean?

Greta Van Fleet's name comes from a “town elder” in their native Frankenmuth, Michigan. Photo Credit: The Kiszka brothers were schooled on everything from blues to big band at home as kids.

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