Does Hades give you a keepsake?

Author: Milo McClure  |  Last update: Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Hades is unique as his keepsake is obtained on the second gift, which is only unlocked after the completion of the main storyline. A keepsake can be equipped in the display case in the courtyard before a run.

What is Hades keepsake?

Once the player gets Hades' Keepsake, the Sigil of the Dead, equipping it sets the player's call to Hades' Aid. Using this ability in combat causes Zagreus to go invisible briefly (much like the Hades boss fight) and deal bonus damage on the next attack.

How do you receive gifts from Hades?

You get Keepsakes when you give Nectar to a character for the first time. Once you unlock the Codex, you can use it to check your relationship with characters. If you don't see any colored hearts but do see a little, purple bow on a character entry, it means you'll get a Keepsake when you give them a Nectar.

What happens if you give Hades Nectar?

Hades Nectar is one of the many artefact currencies in the underworld. Gifting Nectar to NPCs is critical for your growth as your kinship with each character aids you in your escape from the underworld. By gifting Nectar to people they in turn gift you with Keepsakes, which bestow Zagreus with unique abilities.

How do you get keepsake from Persephone?

After unlocking the game's true ending, Zagreus will be able to find Persephone in the House of Hades, and, just like with almost all the other NPCs in the game, she will give Zagreus the Pom Blossom Keepsake after being gifted with one bottle of Nectar.

Hades - Ultimate Keepsake Guide | Everything You Need To Know About Keepsakes In Hades

How long does it take to finish Hades?

Hades is a giant indie game. Most players agree that completing everything in the game can take anywhere between 90 and 100 hours of gameplay, but this could sprawl out over 150 hours if you like to take your time.

How many keepsakes Hades equip?

There are a total of 25 Keepsakes currently in the game (two of which are secret, little-known Keepsakes), and each one provides a passive benefit to Zagreus while it is equipped. The effect of each Keepsake can also be upgraded to a maximum of Level 3 by completing encounters while it is equipped.

What does giving gifts do in Hades?

Characters receiving their first Nectar from Zagreus will return the favor by giving him a Keepsake. Furthermore, gifting a character 5-6 Nectars in total will improve that character's trust in Zagreus so much that they will offer a quest.

How do I get Persephone back to House of Hades?

To unlock it, all you need to do is give her a bottle of Nectar, once she's back at House of Hades.

Do you lose lambent plume?

1 Answer. No, you lose the benefit from the Butterfly as well as the Lambent Plume if you swap them out for another keepsake.

Who do I give ambrosia to Hades?

The first time you hand over the Ambrosia, you will receive a companion. There are only six characters with a companion to offer: Achilles, Dusa, Meg, Sisyphus, Skelly, and Thanatos.

How do you call Hades?

To unlock the Call ability in Hades players must keep trying to escape until a god meets Zagreus on the first level. They will give Zag a “great gift,” which is the Call Boon. Once players have completed the first run using the Call ability, they will need to find it again in randomized Boon drops.

Who should I give the nectar to in Hades?

If you're just starting out in Hades, we recommend giving Nectar to Skelly and Cerberus early in the game. Their item rewards will give you increased health and an extra revive, which come in handy when learning the ropes. Keepsakes will level up as you complete their challenges, increasing their effectiveness.

What gift did Hades give Pandora?

Finally, Pandora was given a large storage jar to take down to earth which she was told she must never open under any circumstances. Fulfilling her destiny, curiosity got the better of Pandora and she lifted the lid of the storage jar which released all the evils of the world.

How do I activate Hades God Mode?

How To Activate God Mode - Hades
  1. First, open the Pause Menu.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. You will see a check box for God Mode in the lower half of the screen.
  4. Make sure the God Mode check box is marked, and then exit.

Can you give Persephone nectar?

After the tenth success, Persephone will ride back into the Underworld on Charon's ferry with Zagreus at her side. ... The player can talk with her to advance the story, but giving her a Nectar as a gift will prompt her to give Zagreus her keepsake, the Pom Blossom, in return.

Is there romance in Hades?

Not everyone who you can gift Nectar to can be romanced in Hades. You can give Nectar to almost every named character in the game, but you can only attempt to romance three characters: Dusa, Megaera, and Thanatos.

Does giving Bouldy nectar do anything?

By offering Bouldy some Nectar, Prince Zagreus will receive one randomized boon in return that stays active for the rest of the escape attempt. Once the escape is over or the player perishes, the boon resets and Bouldy must be given another Nectar to trigger a new one.

Do you keep pierced butterfly effect?

If you unequip the Pierced Butterfly between levels, the accumulated damage increase will be lost. Losing life to a curse of Chaos will not stop you from gaining the damage bonus upon clearing an Encounter without suffering damage from other sources.

Can you equip 2 keepsakes Hades?

Hades Keepsakes Guide

You can equip one Keepsake at a time, each one offering a specific bonus. And if you continue using a Keepsake through runs, you can power up each one's bonus twice.

Is Distant Memory good Hades?

Distant Memory

It is a solid option if you are playing with the bow or adamant rail, both of which rely on ranged damage. Distant Memory isn't great in every build. However, if you manage to combine it with the right god Boons during your run, it can help make a deadly long distant build even more dangerous.

How long does 100% Hades take?

When focusing on the main objectives, Hades is about 21 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 96 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

How many Clears does it take to finish Hades?

In Hades, you could consider 1 ending being the 'clear once', or the credits ending being the final ending, that happens at about 10 clears.

Is Hades hard to beat?

Like most roguelike games, Hades is an extremely difficult game to complete. ... Completing Hades for the first time will force players to be incredibly competent at the game, but at the same time understand what they should upgrade and what things to focus on.

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