Does Princess Celestia have a daughter?

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Auroraverse. In Auroraverse, Princess Celestia has had a relationship with Scorpan for years, much to the shock of everypony. They have been married for many years until now. They eventually have a daughter named Princess Stella Starr.

Do Celestia and Luna have kids?

Lauren Faust, the show's creator, stated that Celestia does not have parents that outrank her, that Luna and Celestia have no siblings and no children, and that Blueblood is "the great great great great great great great great great great great (and probably even more greats) nephew on Celestia's and Luna's mother's ...

Does Princess Celestia have another sister?

Princess Celestia born as the second child of King Cosmos and Queen Galaxia of Equestria. When she was a filly, she used to play a lot with her two sisters, Ingrid and Luna. In "The Innocence of Youth", Celestia and her family welcome a new member, Orion. She and her sisters also reaffirms their eternal friendship.

Who is King Sombra daughter?

King Sombra is a male unicorn and the king of Equestria, ruling along with his wife Celestia. He has a daughter called Twilight Sparkle and he becomes consume by darkness and starts a war against Celestia.

Does Princess Luna have a child?

They have two children that are also in hiding named Sweet Dreams and Dream Catcher.

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Is Celestia in love with Sombra?

, a parallel version of King Sombra in another world is stated by Celestia to rule that world's Equestria with "kindness and benevolence", as opposed to the King Sombra seen in the series. ... The alternate Sombra is later revealed to be deeply in love with Celestia, who reciprocates his feelings.

How did Celestia get her cutie mark?

She was caught by a flock of butterflies, and soon discovered that she loved being with the animals on the ground. After a distant explosion scared the animals, she found that she was also able to communicate and empathize with them, earning her cutie mark.

Who is Princess Celestia's mom?

Princess Galaxia, mother of celestia and luna by Beavernator on DeviantArt.

Is Cadence related to Celestia?

"Princess Cadence" Is a canonical character to the show. ... Princess Cadence was a member of the royal family before the war between the Zebra Empire and Equestria. She was an old friend of Twilight Sparkle and the niece of the princesses Celestia and Luna.

Who does Queen Celestia marry?

Celestia and Queen Novo married, and they have a son, Prince Sorath. Celestia is also the step-mom of Princess Skystar.

Is Princess Cadence Luna's daughter?

Princess Cadence is an Alicorn mare, wife of Shining Armor, mother of Flurry Heart, adopted daughter of Princess Luna, adopted niece of Princess Celestia, adopted sister of Prince Blueblood, and sister-in-law of Twilight Sparkle. She is the ruler of the Crystal Empire and the princess of love.

How did Celestia and Luna become Alicorns?

Alicorns mainly are Princesses. They're awarded for their hard work normally by an Alicorn Princess to become an alicorn. They have to work hard to become a princess. Example: Princess Celestia is Twilight Sparkle 's teacher, and she kept studying and working hard, then she became an alicorn.

What happened to Queen Celestia My Little Pony?

In The Beginning of the End - Part 1, Celestia and Luna announce their decision to retire as rulers of Equestria, and have Twilight and her friends rule in their place. ... In The Last Problem, Celestia officially turns control of ruling Equestria over to Twilight and retires to Silver Shoals with Luna.

Who did Applejack marry?

Applejack is married to Vinyl Scratch and they have two kids together; Southern Belle and Banjo Blues.

What is Princess Luna's full name?

The Elements of Harmony guidebook states that Luna's original name was Selena and shows development and concept art of the then-named "Princess Selena"/"Night Mare"; these names are used in a Friendship is Magic storybook.

Who does Rainbow Dash have a crush on?

Soarin is a male Pegasus pony and a member of the Wonderbolts, being Spitfire's second-in-command. He has a crush on Rainbow Dash, being able to ask her to go on a date with him when she is nominated an official Wonderbolt. He later marries Rainbow Dash and the two has a child named Gust.

How did cadence become an Alicorn?

Cadence had gotten her cutie mark. Princess Celestia had caught word of this and arrived at the village saying she wanted to have her in her school(it might've been something else). Soon Celestia had Cadence be her adopted niece and later after that, she became an alicorn.

Why did Princess Luna turn evil?

One day, Luna finally became fed up with Celestia's success. Not only did she refuse to lower the moon, but also challenged Celestia for the sole rulership of Equestria. At that moment, the bitterness in Luna's heart manifested and consumed her, transforming her into Nightmare Moon, a black mare of pure darkness.

Is Celestia a name?

Celestia is a female given name, which is a variant of Celeste, and which means "heavenly" or "of the sky" in Latin.

Does Celestia have a boyfriend?

In the IDW comics story arc Reflections, Princess Celestia is in love with the King Sombra of an alternate dimension. When Star Swirl the Bearded invents a portal to another world, he and Celestia travel to that world, and Celestia meets and begins a secret romance with a good and kind version of Sombra.

Who is Celestia's love interest?

Princess Celestia is a love interest of an alternate King Sombra.

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