How did conductor behave with Valli?

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The conductor behaved with Vali respectfully.
When she boarded the bus she was offered a cold drink & helped Vali get on the bus. We can conclude that the conducter treated Vali with a lot of respect when she boarded the bus.

How did conductor treat Valli How did Valli feel?

Answer: valli behaved like a mature woman,this made the conductor to address her as madam. She felt embarrassed as of course she herself agrees that she isn't a small girl to take suggestions from the old man who asked her to sit on her seat instead of standing and looking out.

How did the conductor address Valli?

The conductor calls Valli 'madam' because of her confidence. When she was trying to board the bus, the conductor stretched his hand to help her, but Valli didn't take his help and said that she can get on the bus by herself.

What type of person was the conductor?

The conductor was a very jolly and helpful person. He advised Valli to not stand on her seat as she might fall down and also referred to her as 'Madam.

What saddened Valli?

On her way to the town, Valli saw a young, beautiful but frightened cow running in front of their bus. It made Valli laugh uncontrollably. But on her way back home, Valli saw the same lively cow lying dead by the roadside with blood all over it. It saddened her.

What a conductor actually does on stage

What kind of a person was Valli?

Question 4 : What kind of person is Valli? Illustrate your answer from the text that you have read. Answer : Valli was determined, confident and brave girl. she was also a good planner and executioner.

How did the conductor behave with her?

The conductor of the bus was quite friendly and a jolly natured man. He was fond of joking. He was helpful and caring towards Valli. Inspite of her arrogant ways, he did not get annoyed with her.

What would make Valli jealous?

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Taking a ride in the bus was Valli's burning desire. ... If any of her friends would take a ride in bus and described it to her, she would become exceedingly jealous and shout loudly 'Proud', 'Proud'.

What did Valli see on her way that made her laugh?

Valli saw a young cow, whose tail was high in the air, running right in front of the bus in the middle of the road. ... However, the more he honked, the more frightened the cow became and it kept running faster and faster, right in front of the bus. Valli found it so amusing that she had tears in her eyes.

How did Valli behave with other passengers in the bus?

​Valli behaved like a grown up person on the bus. She asked the people on the bus not to refer to her as a child. As a result of this, the conductor addressed her as a madam, which she did not like. She behaved like a responsible person.

How did conductor create Humour in his comments about Valli?

Answer: Valli plans har bus ride by listening carefully to conversation between her neighbours and people. ... she also thought that if she stayed in the bus and came back by the same was it will cost her 60 paise she save the fair by controlling herself from buying toys peppermint etc.

Why did Valli feel jealous of a friend?

Explanation: Valli felt jealous of her friends when they told their experiences of visiting the town. They also described in detail the sights of the town which made Valli envious towards them. Valli had a longing wish to have a ride on the bus.

Why did all laughed at Valli?

Answer : On her way, Valli saw that a cow coming in front of the bus. The driver slowed down the vehicle and sounded the horn but the cow got scared and instead of leaving the road, she kept on galloping in front of the bus. This made Valli laughed heartily.

Why were all the passengers laughing at Valli?

Answer: (a) All the passengers were laughing as they were amused at her remark of being grown up. (b) She was going on a bus journey, just to fulfill her dream, i.e., to travel to town and come back on the same bus.

What made Valli love her journey?

Answer: The sight of the bus that travelled between her village and the nearest town, filled each time with a new set of passengers, was a source of unending joy for Valli. Her strongest desire was to ride the bus.

What was Vallis full name?

Answer: Valli's full name was valliemai and she was 8 years old.

What did Valli wish?

Answer: Valli's wish was to have a bus ride. She didn't bought her favourite things in order to save her money for a bus ride. She controlled herself from buying the things that she was fond of.

Why did Valli not get off the bus?

She did not get off the bus at the bus station because she had to go back on the same bus. So, she took out the fare from her pocket and handed it to the conductor. She only wanted to have a ride on the bus. What was a source of unending joy for Valli?

What was the unending joy for Valli?

Answer : The sight of the bus that travelled between her village and the nearest town, filled each time with a new set of passengers, was a source of unending joy for Valli. Her strongest desire was to take a ride on the bus.

How old and what type of girl was Valli?

Valli was a little girl and she was eight years old. She was short and was always curious about things. She used to watch the rides and buses and it gave her many unusual adventures. She was a very strong child and always wanted to ride on the bus that she used to watch.

What type of man was the conductor according to the narrator?

The conductor was a polite, cheerful and good natured man. He was full of patience and never lost his temper.

What kind of a girl is Valli?

What kind of a person was Valli? Being a little girl, Valli was a curious, keen observer who had strong will power and determination. She was confident about herself and wanted to do everything on her own. Not only she was intelligent, but also a very careful planner.

What type of a girl was Valli?

EXPLANATION: Valli was a wonderful girl, mature, practical, self-respecting, and clever beyond her age. Her favourite past time was standing in the front doorway and watching what all that was going on in the street. She was also great planner.

How did Valli succeed in Fulfil her desire?

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Valli showed extraordinary courage in taking a bus journey all alone. She saved each penny she got; she made the plan for the journey in her mind time and time again. ... She could fulfill her dream only because she had the courage and ability do so.

Who laughed at the snapshot?

The poet's mother laughed at the snapshot. What did this laugh indicate? Ans. : This laugh indicates her remembering her past. She looked back to her childhood with nostalgia and remembered the innocent joys of her childhood days.

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