How do laser spark plugs work?

Author: Prof. Derek Gleichner III  |  Last update: Saturday, November 20, 2021

Infrared light from a neodymium-YAG laser is fired into the tube, which carries it round bends and into the engine cylinders where a lens focuses all the energy onto a fine spot. This triggers the electrical breakdown of gas inside the cylinder and generates a plasma spark that ignites the fuel.

Are laser spark plugs better?

Scientists have long known lasers could do a better job, because lasers can do a better job at most everything: They can be more precisely controlled in timing and ignition levels and they don't suffer from wear due to electrical arc “pitting” like traditional spark plugs do.

How does a laser ignition system work?

Laser ignition is an alternative method for igniting mixtures of fuel and oxidiser. The phase of the mixture can be gaseous or liquid. The method is based on laser ignition devices that produce short but powerful flashes regardless of the pressure in the combustion chamber.

Are laser Iridium spark plugs better?

Laser Iridium Spark Plugs

Laser Iridium® spark plugs provide superior ignitability and long service life. Smallest tip diameter available Iridium / Platinum surfaces ensure slow wear rate providing stable idle, superior anti fouling, improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

Can a laser ignite gasoline?

Laser Ignition technology is capable of igniting leaner fuel-air mixture, which cannot be successfully ignited by conventional spark plugs.

How Spark Plugs Work (Animation)

What is a laser spark plug?

These laser spark plugs are known as being very robust and thus withstand the high vibrations and temperatures in a combustion engine. What's more, this type is also relatively cost-effective. It transmits light pulses that succeed each other in extremely short intervals of 60 to 250 microseconds.

What is the basic design of a laser ignition system?

The laser ignition system has a laser transmitter with a fiber-optic cable powered by the car's battery. It shoots the laser beam to a focusing lens that would consume a much smaller space than current spark plugs.

How long do NGK Laser iridium plugs last?

NGK gives them a life expectancy of 40-50k miles. But they have to temper their projections as driving conditions and motor modifications differ. Typically we have found you can expect 60,000 to 80,000 miles on an unaltered motor. NGK Laser Iridium Spark Plugs have iridium center and a platinum ground electrodes.

What's better NGK iridium or platinum?

Iridium is said to be six times harder and eight times stronger than platinum with a 700° higher melting point. Iridium spark plugs have extremely fine electrodes while retaining excellent wear characteristics. Thanks to its strength, iridium spark plugs can last up to 25% longer than comparable platinum spark plugs.

Are NGK Laser iridium spark plugs good?

NGK 6619 Iridium IX Spark Plugs snagged the top pick in our spark plug comparison because they offered the best mix of high-performance, fuel efficiency, durability, and dependability. Featuring an iridium construction, these high-quality spark plugs provide a longer lifespan than copper and platinum spark plugs.

What are the advantages of using laser ignition system over a conventional ignition system?

Advantages of using laser ignition system:

The lifetime of laser ignitor is much more as compared to the conventional ignition system. Laser ignition system can burn leaner mixture more efficiently. Precise timing is possible in laser ignition system. Reduced fuel consumption rate.

What increases engine speed?

Force is mass*acceleration; the mass of the piston is constant, it means there is an increase in the acceleration of the piston and hence the speed. So with nodoubt, it can be said that 'The speed of the engine increases due increase in the load (air+fuel) on the engine".

Which is the first requirement in realization of laser?

The minimum pump power needed to begin laser action is called the lasing threshold. The gain medium will amplify any photons passing through it, regardless of direction; but only the photons in a spatial mode supported by the resonator will pass more than once through the medium and receive substantial amplification.

Can spark plugs increase horsepower?

In short, yes, in some situations spark plugs can increase horsepower. ... These 'massive' gains of one or two per cent generally won't be exceeded, even if you're replacing really old and worn spark plugs for new ones. In this case, your essentially just restoring your car back to its peak performance.

What is the best spark plug for fuel economy?

5 Best Spark Plugs for Gas Mileage and Performance
  • #1 – NGK G-Power Spark Plugs.
  • #2 – NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs.
  • #3 – Bosch Double Platinum Spark Plugs.
  • #4 – Denso Platinum TT Spark Plugs.
  • #5 – Motorcraft Platinum Spark Plugs.

How often should you change your spark plug?

And as a general rule, we recommend replacing spark plugs every 30,000 miles, which falls in line with most manufacturers' recommendations. You can check your owner's manual or the manufacturer's website for information specific to your make and model vehicle.

Can you gap iridium plugs?

In most cases your Iridium Power plugs do not need to be gapped. ... Should you decide to re-gap your Iridium Power plug, use extreme caution as improper gapping may damage or destroy the Iridium center electrode or porcelain center.

Do expensive spark plugs make a difference?

High performance

Noble metal plugs can perform consistently and well, which helps to maintain the engineered performance of the engine. They won't make the engine perform better than it did when it was new, but they will help it stay at that level longer.

Can I use copper spark plugs instead of iridium?

If your owner's manual specifies iridium spark plugs, don't downgrade to platinum spark plugs, double platinum spark plugs or even copper spark plugs. They won't perform as well as the iridium spark plugs in this case.

What does NGK stand for?

NGK Spark Plugs was founded as a spin-off of the spark plug division of NGK Insulators. Originally, NGK supplied most of its products to Japanese automakers. In 2018 the company became a shareholder of aftermarket data firm TecAlliance. NGK stands for Nihon Gaishi kabushikigaisha, the Japanese name of NGK Insulators.

Can spark plugs last 200 000 miles?

Spark plugs

If maintained well, they can last 100,000 miles. But by the 200K mark, you could be overdue for a third set of plugs. Cost to replace: $100 to $300.

Can I use platinum spark plugs instead of iridium?

Platinum may be harder than copper, but iridium is the hardest among the three, and iridium spark plugs outlast platinum spark plugs by almost twice the mileage. ... Platinum spark plugs offer a slightly cheaper but less reliable option if you don't want to spend as much on iridium spark plugs.

What is a Breakerless ignition system?

A breakerless ignition system for a spark ignition internal combustion engine is described. The system utilizes an alternating signal having a frequency proportional to the rate at which sparks are to be generated. The alternating signal is applied to the control electrode of a first transistor.

Which of the following engine spark plug is used for ignition?

Spark plugs are used in the petrol engines to ignite the air fuel mixture whereas in diesel engines the presence of spark plugs is not necessary. Technically petrol engines are called as spark ignition engines ( SI ) and diesel engines are called as compression ignition engines (CI ) .

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