How do you beat Ballora gallery?

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In the Primary Control Module

Primary Control Module
Primary Control Module is a location in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location within Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental. It is the "central" room of the location, and can be used to check on Ballora and Funtime Foxy. It also has vents leading to the Funtime Auditorium, Ballora Gallery, and Circus Control. › wiki › Primary_Cont...
nearest to Ballora Gallery is a panel, which have two buttons mounted on them. The top blue button is for the lights, which are used to check if Ballora is onstage. The bottom orange button is to trigger a controlled, electrical to shock Ballora and the Minireenas
The Minireenas are small, feminine mannequin-style animatronics. They are very small with bald, white, mask-like faces, pitch black eyes (with amber eyes in their jumpscare) and a smiling mouth with no teeth. › wiki › Minireena

How do you beat Ballora?

To defeat Ballora, the player must wait until she eventually charges towards the player after they've picked up 3 Minireenas. All the player must do is simply look at Ballora when she uncloaks, and she will be defeated, shocking herself.

How do you beat Ballora in Night 2 sisters?

Crawl through Ballora Gallery, housing the animatronic Ballora, to reach the Breaker Room. Listen for Ballora's music playing, as the loudness of the music indicates her proximity. Move slowly. You can move quickly as long as you stop moving when Ballora's music grows louder.

What does circus baby say on Night 2?

Baby says that if you do this, you will die, as Ballora will not return to her stage, so you must go slow. She says that when you hear Ballora's music getting louder, you should stop, as Ballora is near. You must then crawl through Ballora Gallery carefully.

How do you do Ballora gallery?

The top blue button is for the lights, which are used to check if Ballora is onstage. The bottom orange button is to trigger a controlled, electrical to shock Ballora and the Minireenas. In Night 2, The player must make their way to the Breaker Room by crawling through Ballora Gallery.

Fnaf SL Night 2 (Ballora Gallery and Breaker Room)

Does Ballora walk like a spider?

Scott has stated on Steam that Ballora walks like a spider and she is able to climb the wall, similar to Mangle. Additionally, the Minireenas can move like Ballora.

Is there a scrap Ballora?

'Scrap Ballora' is one of the Salvaged animatronics from FFPS, who also appears on Ultimate Custom Night taking an antagonistic / neutral role in both games.

Who possesses Arctic Ballora?

Despite being a kids attraction, Ballora has an extremely revealing outfit, with the top of her body being almost nude. It is theorized that she is possessed by William Afton's wife.

Who is nightmare Ballora?

Nightmare Ballora is an antagonist in Baby's Nightmare Circus. She is the nightmare form of Ballora from Sister Location.

Does Ballora have a crown?

She wears golden pearl-shaped earrings, and a pearl tiara atop her head, making her one of the most decorated characters in the series.

Who is Ennard possessed by?

Ennard is an amalgamation of all of the Circus Baby's Pizza World animatronics who is controlled mainly by the main Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental mascot Circus Baby. It first appeared in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location, as the final antagonist.

How do you get the Ennard ending?

There is indeed a secret "real" ending for you to find, and we can help you get it. Getting the secret ending requires three actions: Getting Baby's secret keycard, accessing Ennard's secret room, then surviving the rest of the night while Ennard stalks you.

What is Ennard made of?

Ennard is a hybrid of Baby, Ballora, Funtime Foxy, and Funtime Freddy.

Is Ennard the puppets brother?

Ennard the brother of Puppet (@manster_ennard_04ita_forever) • Instagram photos and videos.

How do you get to the secret room in FNAF SL?

The Private Room is the secret room in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. It is accessed by disobeying Circus Baby and going to the room on the opposite side of the Scooping Room on night 5. The player must first fully complete the Circus Baby Death Minigame and obtain the real ending to gain access to the room.

What is Ballora's voice?

Michella Moss is one of the voice actors for Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location, She is the voice actress of Ballora.

What is BidyBabs gender?

The Minireenas and Bidybab's names were never mentioned in the game except in the Custom Night menu. Sometimes you can see Bidybab in the window when in the elevator, though this is a rare easter egg. In the custom night, the Bidybab is included in Girl's Night, presumably saying that at least one of them is a female.

Why does Vanny wear a mask FNAF?

By wearing her mask while looking at Glitchtrap's plush form, she tells him that she is preparing everything, that he has told her with no problems, and no one suspected anything about their plans or that he is trapped in the plush.

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