How much does a doctor cost in Mexico?

Author: Kamille Rutherford  |  Last update: Saturday, November 20, 2021

In general, health care costs vary widely depending on the doctor, hospital or the magnitude of the situation. However, you can expect to pay a basic sum of between 350-500 pesos for a visit to the doctor. (That's about US$18-25).

Is it cheaper to see a doctor in Mexico?

The cost of medical care in Mexico is up to 75% cheaper than that of the US. It offers far less expensive rates for everything from dental work to bariatric surgery. Also, the quality of medical care in Mexico is as good as in the USA.

How much are medical expenses in Mexico?

Health Insurance in Mexico: Average Cost

The costs will vary depending on the type of medical insurance, level of cover, the number of family members covered, among other factors. Just as an estimate, the average cost is around 38,000 MXN (1,700 USD) a year, with a deductible of approximately 11,000 MXN (5,000 USD).

Can you go to Mexico to see a doctor?

Quality of Medical Care in Mexico

Americans have been traveling across the border for cheaper medical care for decades. ... Tijuana has some excellent hospitals that have been treating medical tourists from around the world for decades. There are also some less great facilities and some that are downright scammy.

Does Mexico have expensive medical care?

While the cost of medical care in Mexico is generally much lower than the U.S., private hospital care can still be expensive, especially compared with the public healthcare options. One or two hospital stays may make you wish you had joined IMSS or INSABI as your backup plan.

Medical Costs in Mexico | How Much Does it Cost to See a Doctor in Mexico? | Medical Tourism Mexico

Why are Mexican doctors cheaper?

Why are Healthcare Costs in Mexico Lower than the USA? ... The money you pay varies greatly from region to region and from market to market, even though the quality of the health care services remains the same. Another reason for the drastic difference in health care prices is the high comparative value of U.S currency.

Are doctors in Mexico good?

According to a survey by The Lancet, specialists have placed Mexican medical providers in position #48 of their global ranking…. According to the latest health ranking prepared by specialists of the British medical journal The Lancet, Mexico ranks 48th out of 188 countries for the best health professionals worldwide.

Is surgery cheaper in Mexico?

It is tempting to believe that you could have your life's dream as easily and cheaply as they advertise! And yes, metabolic surgery is often cheaper in Mexico than it is in the United States.

Are Mexico Hospitals good?

The majority of Mexican hospitals are excellent and are staffed by highly trained and English speaking doctors. Despite this, not all nursing and care staff speak English. Mexico has achieved universal health coverage and its public healthcare is acceptable for most Mexican residents.

What happens if an American gets sick in Mexico?

If it's an emergency, you can call 911—same as in the United States. Ambulances in Mexico are typically private companies, and you may even have several ambulances arrive to try and compete for your business. Be warned that you may have to pay for them on arrival, privately owned ambulances aren't free.

Is hospital free in Mexico?

Every Mexican citizen is guaranteed no cost access to healthcare and medicine according to the Mexican constitution and made a reality with the “Institute of Health for Well-being”, or INSABI. The Mexican Federal Constitution places main responsibility on the state in providing national health to the population.

Can US citizens get healthcare in Mexico?

Can I Use My US Health Insurance in Mexico? No, in most cases, you will not be able to use the health insurance you have in the US for treatment in Mexico. Your American health insurance policy, such as Medicare, will not extend outside the borders.

How many Americans go to Mexico for medical treatment?

Jacob Pope, Chief Operating Officer of Medical Departures says medical departures account for about 15% of total U.S. outbound business, and sends 100,000 or more Americans each year to Mexico alone. He estimates that roughly 780,000 Americans in total went abroad for healthcare in the prepandemic year of 2019.

Can I go to medical school in Mexico?

Absolutely, there are very good medical schools in Mexico. ... This means that you can study medicine at its best at a very low cost in Mexico if Mexico is your study destination. How many years does it take to be a doctor in Mexico? It takes a total of seven years to become a doctor in Mexico.

Is Mexican health care better than us?

According to International Living, healthcare in Mexico is very good in general, and in places popular among expats, the quality of care is excellent. Most of the doctors and dentists in Mexico have trained in in the United States, Canada or Europe, and many U.S. doctors have also trained in Mexico.

What country has the best healthcare in the world?

South Korea has the best health care systems in the world, that's according to the 2021 edition of the CEOWORLD magazine Health Care Index, which ranks 89 countries according to factors that contribute to overall health.

How much is a full body lift in Mexico?

Choosing the full-body lift in the U.S.can cost up to $21,500 on average. The body lift cost in Mexico starts around $9,700.

Is surgery in Mexico safe?

With proper research, Mexico is as safe as you make it.

It is your duty to find surgeons and top-rated hospital facilities that are certified, follow high-quality standards, and have an excellent reputation. Finding accredited surgeons and hospitals increase your safety drastically.

Why do people go to Mexico to get plastic surgery?

The reason is a simple one. Bariatric surgeons and the best plastic surgeons in Mexico charge a much lower fee than in the U.S. or Canada. Furthermore, hospitals and high-tech medical centers in Mexico have much lower operating costs compared to their counterparts in countries of Europe and America.

Can Mexican doctors practice in the US?

If you are a foreign physician interested in practicing medicine in the US, then you'll need to prepare yourself to pass the US Medical Licensing Exams, get certified by the Educational Commission for Foreign-Trained Medical Graduates, enroll in a residency program, and then take a third licensing test.

How long does it take to become a Dr in Mexico?

In the United States an individual needs to complete 4 years of medical school and then three to seven years of graduate medical education in residency. Similarly, in Mexico, medical school takes between 4-5 years plus 2 years of internship and “social service” practical training.

Why do people go to Mexico for healthcare?


Perhaps the most compelling reason for its popularity, Mexico offers medical care at a fraction of the cost compared to its neighboring counterparts. Traveling to Mexico and booking with Qunomedical allows you to save up to 70% on the total cost of your medical procedure.

Does Mexico require medical insurance?

Travelers seeking medical attention in Mexico will be asked up front to show proof of insurance and give the facility a credit card number. Those without health insurance coverage may be required to pay before being seen. ... Avoid this problem by having health insurance that's valid for the duration of the trip.

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