Is Achieve3000 free?

Author: Dr. Frances Collins V  |  Last update: Saturday, November 20, 2021

Achieve3000 is offering free access to resources for differentiated literacy instruction. Educators can access three different programs. Achieve3000 Literacy at Home offers access to non-fiction articles at three reading levels with topics covering science, social studies and current events.

Does Achieve3000 cost money?

Achieve3000 is a paid program. Schools and districts can request pricing through the Achieve3000 website. The company offers homeschool solutions that retail anywhere from $132 to $177 per license depending on the program selected.

How do you get an Achieve3000 account?

Achieve 3000 Parent Account Sign Up
  1. On your Internet browser, go to
  2. Enter your child's username and password.
  3. Click the arrow by his/her name at the top of the screen. ...
  4. Enter your security code and answer a couple of questions. ...
  5. The system will display your Home Edition username and password.

Is achieve 3000 Good?

Achieve3000 is an answer to differentiated non-fiction reading. Yes, it does have a hefty price tag. However, the data I obtain from the program from Lexile growth the standards growth is worth it. The program is loaded with data that can be easily accessed and printed.

Does Achieve3000 integrate with Google classroom?

Achieve3000 has partnered with Google to offer OnDemand Rostering for the 2020-2021 School Year. OnDemand rostering is an integration usually with a district's Google Classroom setup that gives teachers the ability to pull classes and students that are in Google Classroom into Achieve3000.


Is achieve free?

Achieve3000 Offers Free Access to Online Resources for Differentiated Instruction.

Is actively learn free?

Actively Learn is a freemium online education platform that allows students to read a book (or some other document), make comments, answer questions posed by the teacher, and even collaborate with others.

How good is IXL?

You can practice and answer 10 questions for free. ... Overall, I think IXL is an excellent practice website. It has a good variety of problem types, good reporting, and is easy to use. It can supplement any math curriculum you currently use, be used for review/reinforcement – or for some summer "fun" math time.

Where is Achieve3000 based?

Achieve3000 is a NJ-based edtech that was founded in 2000.

Does achieve 3000 read to students?

Achieve3000 uses Lexile levels to scientifically match students to an appropriately-leveled passage. ... In this way, students read about the same topics as their classmates, but the difficulty level of the passage is tailored to their individual Lexile levels.

Why is Achieve3000 bad?

Why is Achieve3000 bad? Achieve3000 is a bad system and hurts students more than it benefits them. Achieve hurts students' grades, can take time from classroom learning, and some students might not even be able to do them at home due to a lack of internet or device capable of doing Achieve.

What is parents Achieve3000?

Achieve3000 is committed to partnering with parents/guardians and educators to improve reading comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, and writing for all students. ... Achieve3000's Home Edition helps you stay closely involved with your child's progress and reinforces literacy skills at home.

What is Achieve3000 literacy?

Adolescent Literacy. ... Achieve3000® is a supplemental online literacy program that provides nonfiction reading content to students in grades preK–12 and focuses on building phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and writing skills.

How do you use Achieve3000?

Go to the Clever portal. Select the Achieve3000 icon. If necessary, select one of your classes and enter the platform. When you enter the platform for the very first time, LevelSet will launch.

What is the difference between Achieve3000 literacy and boost?

Select lessons include direct-instruction lessons plans around English language development and phonics. ... Phonics instruction in Achieve3000 Literacy with Boost is targeted to specific skill gaps based on information that teachers learn through Smarty Ants or from the Skills Report.

What are the 5 sections of Achieve 3000?

Achieve3000® provides lessons that follow a five- step routine: (1) respond to a Before Reading Poll, (2) read an article, (3) answer activity questions, (4) respond to an After Reading Poll, and (5) answer a Thought Question.

Who started Achieve 3000?

Saki Dodelson is the Founder of Achieve3000, the leader in differentiated instruction, and was CEO since its inception until she resigned in 2018.

What is a achieve300?

Achieve3000 provides the only patented, cloud-based solutions that deliver daily differentiated instruction for nonfiction reading and writing that are precisely tailored to each student's Lexile reading level. ... With this data, students receive differentiated lessons at 12 levels.

How do you highlight in Achieve3000?

Students need to click on the multi-colored paper (see where arrow is pointing). This will pull up highlighting.

Can I get IXL for free?

Yes, IXL offers a free app for students to practice skills and earn awards on an iPad or iPhone! ... If you'd like to have unlimited access, purchase a subscription at Then, use your IXL username and password to sign in to the app from your iPad or iPhone and start tackling practice challenges.

How long is IXL free trial?

Start your 30-day IXL trial.

Is IXL free for families?

All children on the account will have their own individual profiles, complete with personalized analytics, awards and certificates unique to their accomplishments, and skills that adapt to each child's level. Pricing for a single-subject family membership starts at just $9.95/month or $79/year for one child.

What is free on Actively Learn?

Everything in Free, plus:

Assignment, class, and student data reports. Sequenced curricular units for ELA, Social Studies, & Science. Assign to groups & individuals. Differentiation with extra help.

Can Actively Learn read to students?

It's also a way to deepen students' understanding of what they read and a way for them to ask one another questions if they get stuck. Luckily, Actively Learn makes it possible for students to keep having rich text-based discussions, even while they're at home.

How can I get answers to Actively Learn?

Add model responses
  1. Step 1: Select a question.
  2. Step 2: Open the option menu.
  3. Step 3: Select "Add model response"
  4. Step 4: Add model response.
  5. Step 5: Click save.

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