Is it bad to hyphenate your last name?

Author: Dr. Jayme Wolff  |  Last update: Sunday, February 13, 2022

Hyphenating your last name allows you to maintain your identity while also accepting your spouse's. Your friends, colleagues, and clients won't lose track of you after your name change. Keeps your professional identity. Hyphenating can be great if you use your current last name for professional reasons.

What happens if you hyphenate your last name?

A hyphenated last name is when you and your spouse combine both of your last names with a hyphen. This is also called a double surname. In many states, when you fill out your application for your marriage license, you'll be writing your intended married name on that application. ... Take a completely new surname.

What is the correct way to hyphenate your last name?

Most of the time, though, the most popular compromise is to hyphenate your last name and the last name of your Groom. For example, if your Groom's name is John Smith and your name is Kate Jones, you would name yourself Kate Jones-Smith or Kate Smith-Jones.

Can you legally have two last names?

While most brides traditionally take their husband's name, it is not a legal requirement. ... It's your choice whether to use a hyphen or space between the surnames and which order the names should appear in. You do not both have to have the same surname, for instance a couple can be Jane Citizen-Smith and John Smith.

Should you hyphenate your child's last name?

Usually, courts will only deprive a child of his or her father's last name if the father has done something gravely wrong. You can also ask a court to hyphenate your child's last name so it includes both parents' last names. ... The hyphenated name becomes a reminder of the ethics heritage of both parents.

Do We Judge Married Women Who Keep Their Last Names?

Are hyphenated names annoying?

Hyphenated last names are annoying. ... They're impractical (what's a hyphenate supposed to do if they marry another hyphenate?) and they force small children to lug around big, unwieldy names that never fit on their cubbies. So, naturally, when it came to naming our daughter, we, um, hyphenated.

Can I give my baby 2 last names?

Some names lend themselves well to hyphenation while others don't. If you don't like hyphens but still want to use both names, your child can simply have two last names.

Should you hyphenate double surnames?

Double-barrelling allows the couple to retain both the wife's and the husband's surname. ... To hyphenate or not to hyphenate the last name is often carefully considered but in practice, it doesn't really matter. If double-barrelling the surnames is a goal, the couple must decide which name will come first.

Can two last names have no hyphen?

Answer: As long as you can submit an original or certified copy of the marriage certificate documenting the use of two last names without the hyphen, then you can have them both on your passport.

How do two last names work?

If the two names are joined with a hyphen, it may also be called a hyphenated surname. ... A person will take the (first) surname of their father, followed by the (first) surname of their mother (i.e. their maternal grandfather's surname). The double surname itself is not heritable.

Which name goes first in hyphenated last name?

Generally, there are no set rules or etiquette when it comes to deciding exactly how your hyphenated last name will read. You can go the "traditional" route and list your "maiden" name first, or you could choose to list your new last name first, followed by your original last name.

Can I hyphenate my last name on my Social Security card?

Your legal name is your first and last name only.

The SSA will still print your middle name and suffix on your social security card if enough space is available. Your name may only contain letters, spaces, hyphens, and apostrophes. Suffixes are okay.

Do guys hyphenated last names?

It's rare for men who get married to change their last names -- whether they take their wife's, adopt a hyphenated version or create a combination of the two. But those that do tend to be less educated, according to a new Portland State University study. ... Of the 877 men, only 27, or 3 percent, changed their name.

Why do Hispanics have two last names?

Within the Hispanic tradition, the woman does not change her surnames when she gets married. Instead, the combination of our parents' first surnames represents the unity of two families and the formation of a new one. Hence, both surnames carry great value for many Hispanics.

Can you have 2 last names in Canada?

Double barrelled surnames

The names can be hyphenated or spaced and can be arranged in any order. Most Canadian organizations, including the passports office, allow a double barrelled surname on presentation of a marriage certificate. BC Care Cards do not allow double barrelled surnames after marriage.

Should a woman take a man's last name?

For some, taking their husband's last name simply serves to solidify the commitment. It's a gesture that leaves no room for doubt—changing their surname after marriage shows they're all in. For others, taking their husbands' surname is more about the status of the family unit—when there is a family unit to speak of.

When having two last names which one do you use?

Every state has its own rules on what you can and can't do regarding name changes after marriage. In most states, you have the option to take your spouse's last name, hyphenate your last names, use two last names without a hyphen, or move your maiden name to your middle name and take your spouse's last name.

How do you address someone with two last names?

If the person's name is Grey-Smith, you address her as Mrs./Miss/Ms (pick the appropriate title) Grey-Smith. Either hyphenate them or call them by the second last name.

Can you hyphenate your child's last name without father's consent?

Yes, this means that a child themselves cannot get a name change even if they want. For a child's name, or with any person for that matter, to get a legal name change, this will need to be done in court. Any other informal name changes are not permitted and will not be legally recognized.

Is it better to hyphenate your name?

Hyphenating your last name allows you to maintain your identity while also accepting your spouse's. Your friends, colleagues, and clients won't lose track of you after your name change. Keeps your professional identity. Hyphenating can be great if you use your current last name for professional reasons.

Are hyphenated first names legal?

Apostrophes, hyphens, periods and spaces are okay. You can have apostrophes, hyphens and spaces in a name, but they can't be consecutive. Also, Baby, Babyboy, Babygirl, Baby Boy, Baby Girl, Infant, Test, Unk and Void are invalid entries in the data entry system. Derogatory or obscene names are banned in California.

Can you have three surnames?

... have "triple-barrelled" surnames (sometimes created when one spouse has a double-barrelled name and the other has a single surname). Such names are almost always abbreviated in everyday use to a single or double-barrelled version. There are even a few "quadruple-barrelled" surnames ...

What surname should a child have?

Children normally take the surname of their father unless their mother wishes them to have a different surname and the father agrees to this. Unmarried fathers do not have to register their children's birth and have no independent right to have their name entered on the birth certificate.

What are some cool last names?

Cool Last Names for Guys
  • Collymore.
  • Stoll.
  • Verlice.
  • Adler.
  • Huxley.
  • Ledger.
  • Hayes.
  • Ford.

Can I change my surname?

You need to visit your local Government Press or the department that mobilizes Gazette notification. 2. Get 2 copies of “Deed Changing Surname Form”. You need to send the following documents to the Secretary, Department of Commerce & Transport (Commerce), _________________ (State).

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