Is Randy Orton a nice guy?

Author: Lenny Greenfelder DVM  |  Last update: Sunday, November 21, 2021

15 Shady: Randy Orton
Maybe it should come as no surprise that Randy Orton isn't a nice person in real life. He's always played the role of a heel better than a face, so we should probably expect it to be inherent in him by now. First of all, he's known to be quite obnoxious to fans.

Is Randy Orton good guy?

Although he makes for an admirable face—and has certainly done plenty of good things whilst being renowned as the good guy—as a heel, Randy Orton comes into his own. ... That psychotic attitude is pretty good when he is a face, but as a heel, it works wonders for him.

Who is the best friend of Randy Orton?

John Cena & Randy Orton are best friend in real life | John cena, Wwe superstars, Randy orton.

Who is Big Show's BFF?

18 Best Friends: Chris Jericho and The Big Show

With that in mind, you have to respect the careers of The Big Show and Chris Jericho immensely. First working together during both of their mid-nineties runs in WCW, they individually opted to make the jump to the WWE in 1999.

Who Is Rock's bestfriend?

Dwayne Johnson's college best friend Hiram Garcia is sharing the details behind their longtime friendship in his new book THE ROCK: Through the Lens: His Life, His Movies, His World.

10 Most Shocking Sweetest WWE Wrestlers in Real Life (You Think Are Mean)

Who has a crush on Randy Orton?

WWE News: Noelle Foley revealed her crush on Randy Orton.

Who is the meanest WWE?

Brian Pillman. The Loose Cannon Brian Pillman easily makes the meanest wrestler ever list. He may not have always been a heel, but for god's sake, the guy had a gun (and quite a vocabulary of four-letter words).

Does Randy Orton have a son?

Orton is married for the second time. He has five children, including three stepsons and two daughters, the youngest of whom was born in November of 2016. She is the couple's only child together.

Did Randy Orton retire?

During a recent interview on “The Kurt Angle Show“, Randy Orton reflected upon many notable topics. Among many things asked during the interview, one of the more interesting ones was about his retirement from wrestling. He said that he has no such plans as of yet.

Did Randy Orton adopt?

No family is quite complete without a dog and Kim and Randy agree as they adopted one last year and named him Spike. The actual details of Spike becoming a member of the Orton family are much more detailed than this as the couple came across him while hiking in Bora Bora.

Who is the most beautiful girl in WWE?

Top 10 Most Beautiful WWE Divas
  • Eva Marie:
  • Maryse:
  • Summer Rae:
  • Emma:
  • Renee Young:
  • Paige:
  • Nikki Bella:
  • Lana:

Who is the safest wrestler in WWE?

The 5 safest wrestlers in WWE history
  • Terry Funk. Despite all his gimmicks, few wrestlers have been as safe as Terry Funk. ...
  • Kane. Kane is regarded as the safest man on the WWE roster.

Is Mark Calaway a nice guy?

But if you did invite Mark Calaway, the guy who plays 'Taker, you'd quickly learn he's actually a pretty great guy. When he isn't terrifying children in the ring, Calaway tends to remain fairly private.

Does HHH hate The Rock?

Hart, who understandably isn't fond of HHH or HBK, had previously stated that the two former superstars tried stunting The Rock's career but recently went a bit further by saying Triple H hated Dwayne Johnson and wanted to ruin him.

Are Zac Efron and The Rock friends?

14 BFF: The Rock

Efron has met a lot of his current friends through movies he's worked on, but we're going to assume that none of his friends are as large and charismatic as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. ... Johnson went as far as to say that Efron is definitely in the top five for most attractive alive.

Who is John Cena's bestfriend?

It's no secret that Randy Orton and Cena love each other backstage, and Cena has gone on to call Orton, his "best friend from day one". It's great for fans to know that the biggest babyfaces and heels can get along with each other when no performing in the ring.

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