Is Revolver Ocelot a villain?

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Revolver Ocelot, also known as Major Ocelot and Liquid Ocelot, is an agent of the Patriots and former member of FOXHOUND known for his skills as a gunslinger and the main antagonist of the Metal Gear Solid series.

Is Ocelot a hero?

First, Revolver Ocelot is the hero in this entire saga. Come to find out through MGS3, Big Boss wasn't all that bad of a guy but rather Zero. ... In MGS2, anytime Liquid took over Ocelot's body, Ocelot's voice changed to Liquid's. Never happened in MGS4.

What did Revolver Ocelot want?

3 Ocelot Isn't A Hero For Betraying The Patriots

It's important to keep in mind that Ocelot wanted more than the Patriots gone. He specifically wanted to thrust the world into perpetual warfare, ensuring soldiers always had a place in the world and that Big Boss' vision was intact.

Does Ocelot love Big Boss?

Ocelot loved the legend of Big Boss, but he also loved Big Boss as a person, not in the sexual way, but in the way you love your best friend.

Is Big Boss a villain?

Big Boss in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. ... He is the main antagonist of the original Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake and later the protagonist of the prequels, from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater to Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes.

Metal Gear Solid: Revolver Ocelot Explained

Is Solid Snake a bad guy?

Once again, Solid Snake has been used by the Patriots to kill their enemies. ... As you can see, throughout the entire series, Solid Snake is actually the bad guy. His naivety allows him to be manipulated by the Patriots to kill all of their biggest enemies.

Is Venom Snake a good guy?

In-game, Venom is meant to represent Big Boss' more demonic tendencies, not necessarily evil, but inherently not good. By doing villainous deeds, Venom Snake's horn can actually grow. It's possible to end the game with a jarringly long horn.

Does Ocelot like snake?

While Snake neutralized the Ocelot Unit, Ocelot himself captured EVA and held her at knife point, brandishing his new revolver at Snake. However, having apparently misspent his ammunition, due to SAA carrying fewer rounds than he was used to, Ocelot was roundly defeated.

Who is Ocelot loyal to?

He was always in on Liquid Snake's plotting, but appears to have a greater allegiance to Mother Russia. Not much to read on his character in this appearance. Metal Gear Solid 2: Ocelot appears to have been taken over by Liquid Snake's personality after having the deceased's hand surgically grafted to his arm.

How many languages does Ocelot speak?

4 Ocelot Can Speak 7 Languages

We know he's great with a weapon and is a rather intelligent man capable of confusing the smartest of enemies, so it's no surprise that he can speak 7 different languages; French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and English.

Is Ocelot the bad guy?

Revolver Ocelot, also known as Major Ocelot and Liquid Ocelot, is an agent of the Patriots and former member of FOXHOUND known for his skills as a gunslinger and the main antagonist of the Metal Gear Solid series.

Is Revolver Ocelot the boss son?

Indeed, Hideo Kojima confirmed in the Extreme Box DVD commentary that Ocelot is the son of The Boss and The Sorrow. Based upon The Boss's story of giving birth in 1944, this would make Ocelot 20 years old at the time of Operation Snake Eater. ... Later, Gene mentions Ocelot in front of Naked Snake.

Why does Ocelot fight Snake?

He fought him to test him, simple as that. He wanted to see if he was worthy of the title "Snake", and was true to the legend that Big Boss was. ... Since Snake defeated Big Boss twice, Ocelot must have hated him at some point so it makes sense that he fights Snake.

Is Solid Snake dead?

Solid Snake's official death in the Metal Gear Solid franchise is a bit unclear. It is extremely likely that the character did die like his fellow Snakes, however, which is part of the reason many feel like MGS 6 could never live up to its predecessors.

How do you beat Revolver Ocelot?

Revolver Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid

The secret to defeating Ocelot is mastering the run and gun at the same time command (which is standard in most games, but Metal Gear Solid was released in '98). Once Snake can move and shoot at the same time, the trick is to stay on Ocelot and keep firing.

Is Revolver Ocelot a liquid snake?

Liquid Ocelot, often shortened to Liquid, was the alias used by Revolver Ocelot following his transformation into the mental doppelgänger of Liquid Snake. In 2014, he amassed a mercenary army to lead an insurrection against the Patriots, and became the final nemesis of his "brother" Solid Snake.

Who is the good guy in Metal Gear?

The path he takes is tragic, and thanks to the series' narrative structure, fated. So while Solid Snake may have been the 'good guy' of the Metal Gear universe and the main character for many years, ever since Snake Eater, the story is no longer about him - he's merely a supporting actor in someone else's narrative.

What gun does Revolver Ocelot use?

Character design. Introduced in Metal Gear Solid, Ocelot is normally clothed in a duster, spurs and gunbelts, the traditional garb of gunslingers in spaghetti westerns, as well as a black armband on his left arm, and wields the Colt Single Action Army revolver, which he refers to as "the greatest handgun ever made".

Who is Big Boss and Solid Snake?

Solid Snake is one of three clones of Big Boss(Naked Snake), and twin brother to Liquid(also known as Eli in MGSV). Solid Snake is the protagonist of Metal Gear 1 & 2, and Metal Gear Solid 1, 2, & 4. Big Boss is the protagonist Metal Gear Solid 3, Peace walker, & 5 and was the bad guy in Metal Gear.

Why did Ocelot use liquids arm?

In the lead-up to Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Revolver Ocelot removed Liquid's arm in an attempt to fix some of the psychological damage he had done to himself. ... He then allowed Liquid's psyche to fully take over, embracing the new personality of Liquid Ocelot.

Did quiet love a snake?

A. Did Quiet love Venom Snake, or respect him as a soldier? ... So, by the end of the game (if you've done it right), you realise Quiet has a very strong bond with "Venom Snake", going so far as to break her English-language vow of silence to save you.

What is demon snake?

Demon Snake is a secret character transformation in which the condition physically alters Snake's appearance into one of a "Demon". advertisement. Snake has an invisible Demon Value, a pool of points which are altered by player actions.

Who is the strongest Snake MGS?

Top 10 Strongest "Metal Gear Solid" Characters
  • Liquid Snake in "Metal Gear Solid 1"
  • The Boss in "Metal Gear Solid 3"
  • Venom Snake in "Metal Gear Solid 5"
  • Big Boss in "Metal Gear Solid 3"
  • Solid Snake in "Metal Gear Solid 1"
  • Vamp in "Metal Gear Solid 4"
  • Raiden in "Metal Gear: Rising Revengeance"

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