Is Woodley Park Safe?

Author: Dr. Nia Leuschke  |  Last update: Saturday, February 19, 2022

Woodley Park's quiet streets are as peaceful as they seem. The area is fairly safe, though it has had its share of property crimes and a handful of violent crimes over the past year.

Is Woodley Park a good neighborhood?

Woodley Park is a great neighborhood to live. I really enjoy the international melting pot of its residents and local establishments/businesses. This particular area of DC is residential so it is a very dog friendly neighborhood.

Is Adams Morgan safe at night?

Adam's Morgan

This is the wrong neighborhood to measure Washington DC safety at night. It attracts lots of police officers into the neighborhood. Redline is the safer place in Adams Morgan. In this neighborhood, there are about 17,154 people in the population.

How Safe Is Cleveland Park DC?

Cleveland Park is one of the best DC neighborhoods to live in. It is family friendly, quiet, and very safe. It's walking distance to the Zoo, metro, grocery stores, movie theater, and delicious restaurants on Connecticut Ave.

Is Glover Park Safe?

Glover Park is an extremely safe area. It has tons of food options along with basically anything else you could need. The downside is it is not near any public transportation and the cost of living is veru high. It is extremely popular for young adults to move their after college graudation.

Woodley Park DC | Living in Woodley Park

Is Cathedral Heights DC Safe?

Crime: In the past 12 months, there were three burglaries and no violent crimes in Cathedral Heights, according to D.C. police. “We'll hear about the occasional side mirror of a car getting knocked off, but it's generally a very safe neighborhood,” Tetelman said.

What is it like to live in Glover Park DC?

Living in Glover Park offers residents a dense urban feel and most residents rent their homes. In Glover Park there are a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. Many young professionals live in Glover Park and residents tend to be liberal. The public schools in Glover Park are above average.

Is Foggy Bottom safe?

Foggy Bottom is an extremely nice and safe neighborhood. It is walking distance to the National Mall. There are a few restaurants that are all excellent, but if you're looking for walking distance to big night life, this area is not good. However, the metro stop makes it very easy to get to areas with good night life.

What is the bad part of Washington DC?

The NoMA area, also known as North of Massachusetts, in the Northeast part of DC is known as one of the more dangerous areas. According to Chart-It, there are 187 average violent crime incidents every year in the area.

Is Anacostia safe?

In Anacostia, crime, including violent crime, is reported as 38% higher than in the rest of the District of Columbia. Per capita income is just over half of the per capita income for the District as a whole.

What neighborhood is the Smithsonian in?

Anacostia, Our Neighborhood | Smithsonian Institution.

What neighborhood is the National Zoo in?

NRHP reference No. Woodley Park is a neighborhood in Northwest, Washington, DC. It is bounded on the north by Woodley Road and Klingle Road, on the east by the National Zoo and Rock Creek Park, on the south by Calvert Street, on the southwest by Cleveland Avenue, and on the west by 34th Street.

Why is the State Department called Foggy Bottom?

Foggy Bottom is thought to have received its name due to an atmospheric quirk of its low lying, marshy riverside location, which made it susceptible to concentrations of fog, and later, industrial smoke.

What should you avoid in Washington DC?

The following are the most dangerous Washington, DC neighborhoods based on their violent crime rate compared to the city average.
  • Deanwood (pop. 30,000) with 186% more crime.
  • Brentwood (pop. ...
  • Anacostia (pop. ...
  • U Street Corridor (pop. ...
  • Stadium-Armory (pop. ...
  • Shaw (pop. ...
  • South West (pop. ...
  • Ledroit Park (pop.

What is the safest area in Washington DC?

Safest Neighborhoods in Washington DC
  • Foxhall Village. Just a bit west of Georgetown lies an intimate neighborhood with well kept green grass and rows of charming brick-and-stucco Tudor-style homes. ...
  • Hawthorne. ...
  • Palisades. ...
  • Van Ness. ...
  • Woodland Normanstone.

Is Penn Quarter DC Safe?

Residents claim that the neighborhood is very safe and easily walkable. If you want to check out other areas in DC, you're conveniently located near multiple metro lines. Reviewers can't say enough good things about Penn Quarter.

What is the neighborhood around the White House called?

The Capitol Hill neighborhood today straddles two quadrants of the city, Southeast and Northeast. A large portion of the neighborhood is now designated as the Capitol Hill Historic District. The name Capitol Hill is often used to refer to both the historic district and to the larger neighborhood around it.

Is DC safe to walk?

Re: Is it safe to walk around Washington DC? Yes, it is safe to walk around Washington, DC. At least anywhere a tourist is likely to go. Driving is not recommended.

Is DC a safe city?

DC is a relatively safe city, ranked by SafeCities as the world's seventh safest large city and safest in the U.S. NeighborhoodScout shows DC as the second-safest large city in America for violent crime, behind only Philadelphia.

How do you pronounce Glover Park?

"If you find people who have either grown up in that neighborhood or have spent considerable time around people from that neighborhood, it's quite possible that they'll say 'Glover Park' as in 'rover. ' " GLOH-ver Park.

What is there to do in Glover Park DC?

Best Things To Do near Glover Park, Washington, DC 20007
  • Dumbarton Oaks. 0.9 mi. 101 reviews. ...
  • Bishop's Garden. 0.6 mi. ...
  • The Kreeger Museum. 0.7 mi. ...
  • Insomnia Escape Room DC. 0.3 mi. ...
  • Georgetown Community Track. 0.3 mi. ...
  • Urban Athletic Club - Glover Park. 0.2 mi. ...
  • Saint Sophia Greek Festival. 0.5 mi. ...
  • Glover Park Grill. 0.2 mi.

What Ward is Glover Park in DC?

Ward 3 is located in the upper North West quadrant of Washington, D.C. It encompasses the neighborhoods of American University Park, Berkley, Cathedral Heights, Chevy Chase, Cleveland Park, Colony Hill, Forest Hills, Foxhall, Friendship Heights, Glover Park, Kent, Massachusetts Heights, McLean Gardens, North Cleveland ...

Is Watergate a building?

The Watergate complex is a group of six buildings in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood of Washington, D.C., in the United States. ... Watergate 600 (600 New Hampshire Ave NW), office building. Watergate Hotel (2650 Virginia Avenue NW). Watergate East (2500 Virginia Avenue NW), cooperative apartments.

Who lives in Foggy Bottom?

Despite no houses being shown in the series, there seems to be evidence of people other than Mayor Humdinger and Harold Humdinger living in Foggy Bottom. This includes the town's basketball team (Foggy Bottom Boomers), and Mayor Humdinger saying that Foggy Bottom has 'all the dentists'.

Is there a Foggy Bottom law school?

The school is accredited by the American Bar Association and is a charter member of the Association of American Law Schools. The law school is located on the GW campus in the downtown neighborhood familiarly known as Foggy Bottom. The main GW Law complex is located at 2000 H Street, NW, Washington, DC 20052.

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