Was Sita pregnant when Ram left her?

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With a heavy heart, he instructed him to take Sita to a forest outside Ayodhya and leave her there. Thus Sita was forced into exile a second time. Sita, who was pregnant, was given refuge in the hermitage of Valmiki, where she delivered twin sons named Kusha and Lava.

Did Sita give birth?

Isis retaliates by putting Horus's semen on lettuce-leaves that Set eats. Set's defeat becomes apparent when this semen appears on his forehead as a golden disk. He has been impregnated with his rival's seed and as a result "gives birth" to the disk.

Who gave birth to Sita?

Mandodari is Dasharath's wife, and is desired by Ravan. Fearing Ravan's wrath, she creates her own clone, who gives birth to Sita (S. Singaravelu, The literary versions of Rama's story in Malay, Asian Variations in Ramayana, New Delhi: Sahitya Akademi, 1983, page 281).

In which Kanda Rama banished his wife Sita even as she is pregnant?

In the Uttara Kanda, Rama banishes his wife Sita, even as she is pregnant with his child, asking Lakshmana to deliver her safely to Rishi Valmiki's ashram. He does so when it is reported to him that some subjects of his in Ayodhya believe that Sita is unchaste due to her long captivity in Ravana's city.

Was Sita pregnant?

Sita, who was pregnant, was given refuge in the hermitage of Valmiki, where she delivered twin sons named Kusha and Lava. In the hermitage, Sita raised her sons alone, as a single mother.

Are Men Learning Wrong Lesson from Rama’s Treatment of Sita?

Did Rama doubt Sita?

First Shri Rama never doubted personally. The main objection of people regarding Sita, was that Ravan approached Sita in the form of a 'Bhikshuk' and as a 'Brahmin' he was perfectly eligible to do that, and Sita, after transgressing Laxman Rekha went with Ravan on her own free will.

Why did Ram leave Sita when she was pregnant?

Rama, fearing ill repute, orders an unwilling Lakshmana to take the pregnant Sita into forest on the pretext of showing her the hermitage of the pious sage Valmiki and leave her there. ... accompanied by his train of followers who seem to have just foraged some fruits, and collected firewood from the forest.

At what age Sita became mother?

At 28, he goes into exile for 14 years to return when he is 42 years. “If this is true, then during the twelve years of marriage …and thirteen years of exile… Rama and Sita have no children and Sita becomes a mother in her late thirties.

Why Sita did not return to Ayodhya?

“Sita's mother died a few years ago… the thought of contamination by strangers' touch and her daughter's life in danger made her wither into a skeleton. Her last words were 'What will people say? '” It is then that Lakshmana informs her that she won't be going back to Ayodhya. Rama had banished her to the forest.

How many years did Ram and Sita live together?

According to The Ramayana by Valmiki, Rama and Sita spent 27 years together.

Did Ram and Sita reunite?

In the little-celebrated final chapters of the Ramayana, Sita is reunited with Rama after several years. Rama, though happy to see her, once again asks Sita to prove her virtue by passing a trial by fire. If she emerges unscathed, Sita will be welcome back to the palace.

Did Sita forgive RAM?

But Rama knew Sita would never come back. Giving him his sons, the joy of their embrace — she had saved him, as always. She thawed the stone that Rama's heart had turned into. ... But by giving him his sons, Sita had cleared the way for his liberation.

What age did Sita get married?

But at what age did they get married. It has been told in Valmiki Ramayana that at the time of marriage, Lord Ram's age was 13 years and Mother Sita's age was 6 years.

What happened to Lava Kusha after Ramayana?

Later history

Lava and Kusha became rulers after their father Rama founded the cities of Lavapuri (currently identified as modern day Lahore) and Kusasthali (currently identified as modern day Titilagarh), respectively.

Why did Rama not trust Sita?

The reason that Rama had to be separated from Sita was to fulfill a curse that was given to him! In the fights between Gods and Demons, Lord Vishnu often supported the Gods for the welfare of the three worlds.

What happened to Sita at the end of Ramayana?

Sita was rescued. Many versions of the Ramayana end thus with return of Sita and Rama to their kingdom after fourteen years of exile, and the commencement of Ram Rajya, the glorious time of the rule of Ram. ... In such versions, Sita returned to her husband only to be put to a fire test to prove her loyalty.

Why Ravana does not touch Sita?

Why he couldn't touch Sita? Ravana couldn't attempt to rape her because he had got a curse in the past when he raped a celestial damsel. ... Despite several persuasions and proposals, Sita didn't agree, hence he couldn't touch her fearing his own death due to the curse he had.

Did Ravana touched Sita?

You will hardly know why Ravana did not touch Goddess Sita even while in captivity. ... After that, when Goddess Sita was not scared by these threats of Ravana, Ravana gave 2 months to Goddess Sita and left her under the protection of the demon, but Ravan could also force Goddess Sita, but he did not.

How did Sita prove her purity?

Sita proves her purity by undergoing a fire ordeal, as seen in a mural detail at the Emerald Buddha Temple. Sita stands calmly in a gated area with flames burning around the lotus blossom platform on which she stands. ... In order to prove that she has been faithful, Sita willingly undergoes an ordeal, or trial by fire.

How long was Sita in Lanka?

Sita stayed for less than a year. She was kept captive for 10 months in Lanka. Ram was exiled for 14 years. He spent 13 years along with his brother Lakshman and wife Sita in the forest at a place called Panchavati.

How many wives did Laxman have?

Lakshmana was especially attached to Rama. When Rama married Sita, Lakshmana married Sita's younger sister, Urmila. They had two sons: Angada and Chandraketu. Later, when Rama was exiled for fourteen years on the insistence of Kaikeyi, Lakshmana left his wife Urmila and joined Rama and Sita in exile.

Is Rama younger than Sita?

As per Valmiki Ramayana: Sita was around 16 years of age at the time of her Marriage with Lord Rama. As per Amish Tripathi's latest book SITA-Warrior of Mithila, Ram's age is 4 years less than that of Sita's. ...

At what age Ram died?

Sri Rama was of age 53 years when he defeated & killed Ravana. Ravana lived more then 12,00,000 years. 1.

What happened to Luv Kush after Sita died?

What happened to Luv and Kush after Rama's death ? :- What happened to luv and kush after their father lord Ram, left earth? Luv and kush then travelled north of ayodhya. luv founded the great city of lahore, which is now in pakistan. ... Sikawar rajputs in lohana, awadhiya and leva patidar are all descendants of luv.

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