Was Spottedleaf a reborn?

Author: Pete Marquardt  |  Last update: Saturday, November 20, 2021

So we know that after a cat fades from StarClan, they become reincarnated. ... Another way cats are reincarnated are when they die in the living world. For instance, Spottedleaf would be reincarnated. Perhaps cats like Mapleshade will also be reincarnated, and become the villain in the new arc.

Did Spottedleaf have kits?

Spottedleaf gave birth to 3 kits and gave them to a different clan to raise because StarClan told her she would die soon. One of the kits, Tawnykit, is different from all the others, she wants power more than anything else.

Who was Spottedleaf in love with?

Spottedleaf says that she had loved Firestar but he deserved someone he could actually be with (Sandstorm). Spottedleaf gave Firestar one of his nine lives, the gift of love. She said to use it well, especially for Sandstorm.

Did Spottedleaf have a mate?

Wait, Firepaw. ... When Fireheart journeys to the Moonstone to become Firestar, Spottedleaf appears among the cats who give him a life, granting Firestar a life for love. Firestar realizes that he can have no future with Spottedleaf and then decides to have Sandstorm as his mate.

Are firestar and Spottedleaf related?

Jayfeather's mother is Leafpool, whose father was Firestar. ... They're actually quite closely related in that Spottedleaf is Redtail's sister, whose kit was Sandstorm, whose mate was Firestar!

Spottedleaf is USELESS (Warrior Cats)

Does Firestar love Spottedleaf more than sandstorm?

But Firestar lost someone who he fell in love with before: Spottedleaf. Even though he loves Sandstorm, that doesn't mean he'll stop loving Spottedleaf. It's exactly like with Graystripe with Silverstream and Millie. He still loves Millie, but won't stop loving Silverstream.

Is Snowkit a Snowtuft?

After Snowkit is sent to Starclan, he's lured into the Dark Forest, which is where he becomes Snowtuft.

What did Thistleclaw do to Spottedleaf?

When Spottedleaf was a kit (Spottedkit), Thistleclaw often brought her gifts and grew close to the young she cat. Once Spottedpaw was apprenticed, they grew closer until Thistleclaw convinced her they should become mates, despite the age difference.

How many lives does Spottedleaf have?

Then, near the end of the book, she appears to give Leafstar one of her nine lives. She first meets up with Firestar telling him how proud she is of restoring the fifth Clan. She provides Leafstar her fourth life, saying that it is for healing wounds caused by words and rivalry.

Who was Spottedleaf reincarnated into?

Now, my theory is that after Spottedleaf dies, she gets reincarnated into Alderheart. The gender doesn't match, but the soul probably doesn't have a definite physical gender (also maybe they could be genderqueer, who knows).

Who had a crush on firestar?

Spottedleaf was Firestar's first love. He had a crush on her when he first came to ThunderClan, and grieved when she died. Spottedleaf continued to help him with whatever information StarClan gave her. She started to help his daughter Leafpool and his grandson, Jayfeather.

Who are dark stripes parents?

He was born to Willowpelt and later apprenticed to Tigerclaw.

Is Spottedleaf in the dark forest?

Spottedleaf continues into the Dark Forest with Jayfeather, and asks Tigerstar why he is training living cats from the Clans.

Is Leafstar a Leafpool?

Leafpool is named after her. Leafstar's most fatal mistake was sending away Sol, who would terrorize the Clans by the lake.

Does Cinderpelt have kits?

Shortly after, Leafpool learns that Cinderpelt has been reborn as one of Sorreltail's kits, Cinderkit, to have a second chance to live the life of a warrior.

Who is on the cover of the Darkest Hour?

Firestar is the cat depicted on the original and reprinted cover. It features Firestar as the main protagonist, and Tigerstar is featured in the prologue.

What book has sandstorm kits?

Firestar's Quest

Sandstorm insisted on going with Firestar to rebuild SkyClan. She helped him rebuild SkyClan. At the end of the book she has Firestar's kits, Leafkit and Squirrelkit.

What did Yellowfang name her kits?

Yellowfang gives birth to three kits alone in the forest, though her two daughters die shortly after. She names the surviving kit Brokenkit and gives him reluctantly to Lizardstripe to raise. She tells Raggedpelt the truth, and he forces her to forget about their son.

Why did mapleshade hate sandstorm?

She told her this in the book, The Last Hope, when she was preparing to kill Sandstorm. I believe that her reasoning for hating Sandstorm was because she had a mate and kits-everything that Mapleshade had ever wanted. ... Mapleshade knew how to hurt them both, and she did, she succeeded in her plan.

What does thrushpelt look like?

And I'll love your kits as though they were my own." Thrushpelt is a sandy-gray tom with a white flash on his chest and bright green eyes. Thrushpelt was a warrior of ThunderClan under Pinestar's and Sunstar's leaderships in the forest territories.

What happened to Brightheart?

Brightheart briefly mentored Jayfeather before he decided to train as a medicine cat and later fostered Lilyheart and Seedpaw after their mother was killed in battle. Many moons later, she retired to the elders' den with Cloudtail and Brackenfur.

What happened to Mistystar's kits?

We know from Mistystar's Omen that three of them died, although the books never said how-one, Perchkit, as a kit, and two, Pikepaw and Primrosepaw, during their apprenticeship, leaving Reedwhisker the only one of Mistystar's kits to make it to adulthood(warriorhood?). ... Kits die.

How did Snowtuft get in the dark forest?

Snowtuft is in the Dark Forest training when Spottedleaf and Jayfeather are visiting. ... When he comes, Hawkfrost grabs Snowtuft by the throat and wrenches him into the air, exposing his belly, and Shredtail is ordered to tear it open.

Did Snowkit go to StarClan?

Snowkit, unable to hear the hawk or the warning cries of his Clanmates, was snatched up in the hawk's talons and carried away. He ascended to StarClan afterwards, being able to hear again.

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