What does see you on the flipside mean?

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Meaning and use of “see you on the flip side” Expressions that include “on the flip side” — are generally taken as a casual parting greeting, meaning “see you later” or “we'll cross paths again soon.”

What does flipside mean in slang?

flip side. noun. another term for B-side. another, less familiar aspect of a person or thingthe flip side of John Lennon.

What does see you on the other side?

Tag line for the film Central Intelligence. When astronauts would go behind the moon, they would lose all communication with ground control. As they were approaching the dark side of the moon, ground controllers would always say "See You On The Other Side"

What is the meaning of See You at the Top?

', or 'See you at the top! ... "See you at the top!" is a motivational/encouraging way of saying "I know you'll succeed (like I did)." It could also mean "I know that we'll both succeed." (It was a quote made famous by the motivational speaker/writer Zig Ziglar.)

How do professionals say on the flip side?

  1. antipode.
  2. antipole.
  3. contra.
  4. contradictory.
  5. contrary.
  6. contrast.
  7. converse.
  8. counter.

geraldine and Jim Brown (Flip W)

How do you use flip side?

Looking at a different or opposite aspect, possibility, or result (associated with something). I'll have to work really long hours and be away from my family for long stretches of time, but, on the flip side, I'll get the opportunity to travel around the world.

Is on the flip side academic?

On the flip side is another way of saying on the other hand. It is a little less formal and would be most commonly heard in The USA rather than in Britain.

What is the opposite of Flipside?

Opposite of an advantage or a characteristically favorable point. downside. disadvantage. defect. drawback.

When a guy says Catch you on the flip side?

The flip side of a record is the b-side, or else simply the other side than the one that's playing. Radio DJs adapted the phrase “catch you later” to “catch you on the flip side” when ending their shows. From there it passed into general slang. So it just means “see you later”.

What does catch you on the rebound mean?

slang See or talk to you later.

Where does see you on the flip side come from?

This phrase comes from when radio DJs played vinyl records. The disks had two sides - on a 45 RPM disk, sides A & B. The song that the record company wanted to promote most heavily would go on the A side.

What does In contrast mean?

Definition of by/in contrast

: when compared to another : when looked at or thought about in relation to similar objects or people to set off dissimilar qualities She had a big personality, which made her husband seem dull by contrast.

Who first said Catch you on the flip side?

Origin of catch-you-on-the-flip-side

This phrase comes from when radio DJs played vinyl records. The disks had two sides -- on a 45 RPM disk, sides A & B. The song that the record company wanted to promote most heavily would go on the A side.

What does on the other side mean?

idiom. —used to say that a situation will change and someone will stop being happy or pleased.

How do you use flip side in a sentence?

Flip-side sentence example
  1. On the flip side is the Dalton II, a rugged shoe for the active male. ...
  2. On the flip side of the coin, she was finding life unbearable without him. ...
  3. Like the SWP, Workers Power is disabled by bureaucratic centralism - the flip side of which is, of course, anarchism.

What is the synonym of flip?

overturn, turn over, tip over, roll over, upturn, capsize, turn topsy-turvy. keel over, topple over, turn turtle. throw over, overthrow, upend, invert, knock over.

Is on the one hand formal?

The discourse marker, or sentence connector used by the OP; “on the one hand on the other hand” expresses two contrasting ideas, opinions or facts. It is a perfectly acceptable expression in formal papers; however, there is nothing to prevent it from being shortened to “on the other hand”.

Is on the other hand a cliche?

A phrase is a cliche, on the other hand, if in usage it is overused and ineffective. ... "On the other hand", which I just used, is an idiom, by virtue of being mostly noncompositional.

How do you use contrarily?

contrary to expectations. (1) She had contrarily thought that if he really cared he would have come running after her. (2) Contrarily to PLA, starch is a naturally occurring polymer. (3) Contrarily, Western people take objective attitude towards the world and advocate dividedness between man and nature.

What is the meaning of catch you later?

used for saying goodbye to someone when you expect to see them soon, or later the same day. Synonyms and related words.

What is on the rebound relationship?

A rebound relationship is a relationship wherein an individual who just recently ended a romantic relationship gets involved with someone else despite not being emotionally healed from the breakup. ... In some cases, people never deal with them, and they take their unhealed selves from one relationship to another.

How long does a rebound relationship last?

A rebound relationship can last from one month to a year depending on how much time you need to reach your realization. If you are in complete denial a rebound relationship may last longer than expected. Statistics say that men are more likely to rebound than women, because men find it tough to recover from break-ups.

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