What is my moonstone?

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Moonstone is a natural crystal mineral that is thought to harvest the energy of the moon, which embodies yin's passive and relaxing energy. Similarly, this stone promotes positive well-being and balance, and enhances your intuition.

How do I know what my moon stone is?

The natural moonstone will have a blue luster and, most importantly, a flickering inside - an irisation. Also look at light at an angle greater than 15 degrees, as moonstone cannot refract light at an angle greater than 15 degrees. If a stone shines at different angles it is a fake.

What are the different types of moonstones?

There are 3 types of moonstone: transparent, translucent, and opaque. The most bought type is translucent.

What is a moonstone good for?

A stone for “new beginnings”, Moonstone is a stone of inner growth and strength. It soothes emotional instability and stress, and stabilises the emotions, providing calmness. Moonstone enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, success and good fortune in love and business matters.

What is the rarest color of moonstone?

Moonstone is a variety of orthoclase feldspar, which is a sodium aluminum silicate. Moonstones can occur colorless, blue-wjite, white and pale shades of apricot and peach. The rarest and most expensive moonstones will be colorless with a floating blue color or schiller that seems to hover above the stone.

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Who should not wear moonstone?

Since Moon is incompatible with the planets Rahu and Ketu, the moon stone and pearl should not be worn along with hessonite or cat's eye.

What happens if moonstone gets wet?

If you get your moonstone wet, don't worry, water won't ruin it. It is important not to leave the moonstone in the water for too long and not to let it come into contact with aggressive substances, such as cleaning products.

What does it mean when a moonstone breaks?

“Crystals break for several reasons: Because they are 'full' and they're releasing all that they have shifted and held for you; because they have done their 'job', the intention, the task you set them is completed; because, just like we, the crystal is trying to get back to its most natural state and because when they ...

Can moonstone be in the sun?

Black Onyx - The color is dark and won't fade. Carnelian - The orange stones are generally okay in the sun. Howlite - No pigment color to fade. Moonstone - Usually charged under the moon, but when charged in the sun it can be balanced with masculine-feminine energy.

Should you wear moonstone on a full moon?

Wearing or Using the Stone

Said to be most powerful on a full moon, it can be worn as jewelry, placed on or near you in gemstone form, or rest near you while you sleep. It is best placed on the third eye for healing purposes. ... Click through to see the moonstone jewelry collection!

How can you tell the difference between a moonstone and a rainbow moonstone?


Although both stones are feldspars, they have different compositions. The moonstone consists of layers of orthoclase and albite, while the rainbow moonstone is plagioclase feldspar with a chemical composition of sodium, calcium, aluminum, silicon, and oxygen.

Is labradorite a moonstone?

While they may look similar, labradorite stones and moonstones are not the same. They are, however, referred to as 'sister stones'. They are both members of the feldspar mineral family, but labradorite is classified as a plagioclase feldspar, while moonstone is an orthoclase felspar.

Is Green moonstone rare?

Green Moonstone is a powerful and mysterious gemstone and is a relatively uncommon form of moonstones.

Are opals and moonstones the same?

First question “Is moonstone and opal the same?” is answered. They are completely different gemstones. Due to the gemstones' schiller effect, people can become confused with two different gemstones: the Moonstone vs Opal. There are many ways to differentiate them because they have different chemical compositions.

Do moonstones glow in the dark?

However, moonstones are not phosphorescent materials, and therefore do not glow in the dark. Such materials are unique in the fact that they emit stored energy in the form of light.

What do moonstones look like?

A tumbled piece of moonstone looks like a big moon in the night sky. Color and light shifts with the iridescence and there is a fluid and watery movement to the stone. The appearance is also soft and milky, like mother's milk.

Is it okay to leave crystals in the sun?

As long as your crystal is not sensitive to light and has been cleansed in advance with another method, you can put it in the sun to charge. Direct sunlight can also be used to assist in cleansing your stones, in conjunction with the sea salt and water method described in Chapter 11.

How do you charge moonstone?

Recharging. After your moonstones are freshly cleaned, the best way to recharge their energy is by the light of the moon. Set your gems by the window overnight to let the moon empower it with fresh energy (a full moon is best).

What does moonstone symbolize?

Moonstone is a lovely stone that boasts many healing powers. The meaning of moonstones has its roots in history. Moonstone signifies balance, relaxation, feminine energy, love, and fertility. Wear moonstone as jewelry to keep your life stress-free and balanced.

What happens if you accidentally break a crystal?

As far as bad luck even if the mineral is broken is will still keep its energy and will still bring your the energetic aspects of the stone you were seeking when you collected it. A broken piece of crystal may evoke different feelings in you as they are not the pristine element we once had.

Can you glue crystals back together?

If it was a clean break you can glue it back together, continuing to use the crystal. You'll probably want to use this e6000 glue to put the crystal back together if you have all of the pieces. (Que gluing-tons-of-broken-crystals montage).

What happened to Rose quartz when Steven was born?

When Rose Quartz gave birth to Steven, she gave up her physical form and her gem was passed down to Steven. In turning into half of Steven, she essentially died, leaving the other Crystal Gems without a leader and Steven without a mother.

How do you activate moonstone?

Start charging it one night before the full moon. Simply leave the gem outside under the moonlight and let the moon do its work. You might also wanna set your intention and say a few words to the moon by holding it in your hand and saying “Only positive, high vibrational energy may flow through this stone.”

Can I wear my moonstone in the shower?

Moonstone Care Do's:

Remove your moonstone jewelry when cleaning, showering, working out, and at night. Regular body oils, sweat, and lotion can build up quickly causing the stone to look matte in appearance. When storing your moonstone, wrap it in cloth to prevent scratching.

Can you wear moonstone everyday?

Moonstone is a relatively soft Gemstone, and it falls around 6/10 Mohs . Due to this factore, Moonstone should be worn very carefully every time, avoiding damages and touching other surfaces that can lead to scratches and even gemstone crack. ... You may find it hard to wear a Moonstone ring every day.

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