What is written on Shakespeare's grave?

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The grave does not bear his name, merely this warning rhyme: “Good friend, for Jesus' sake forbear, to dig the dust enclosed here. Blessed be the man that spares these stones, And cursed be he that moves my bones.”

What is the warning on Shakespeare's grave meaning?

The literal meaning of the epitaph is something like "for Jesus' sake, don't dig me up. You're blessed if you leave me alone, you're cursed if you dig me up." The meaning of this epitaph, which he wrote himself, is that Shakespeare did not want anyone to dig up his body or bones and move them after he was buried.

What did Shakespeare's epitaph say and who wrote it?

His gravestone bears an epitaph which Shakespeare himself supposedly wrote. It warns: Good friend for Jesus sake forbeare, To dig the dust enclosed here.

Where exactly is Shakespeare's grave?

Location of the grave of William Shakespeare

Holy Trinity Church, where you can visit the grave of William Shakespeare, is on the banks of the River Avon in Stratford-upon-Avon's Old Town.

What Killed Shakespeare?

His death occurred on or near his birthday (the exact date of his birth remains unknown), which may have been the source of a later legend that he fell ill and died after a night of heavy drinking with two other writers, Ben Jonson and Michael Drayton.

The blessing and curse at Shakespeare's grave

Do you have to pay to see Shakespeare's grave?

The church itself and burial ground is open to the public but to see Shakespeare's grave requires an admission fee that helps support the building, a worthy cause. You can see must of the church but the fee gets you into the inner sanctum where the grave is located.

Who wrote the inscription on Shakespeare's grave?

The date the monument was erected is not known exactly, but it must have been before 1623; in that year, the First Folio of Shakespeare's works was published, prefaced by a poem by Leonard Digges that mentions "thy Stratford moniment" [sic]. John Weever transcribed the monument inscription and grave epitaph, and H. R.

What phrases did Shakespeare coin?

Shakespeare's Phrases
  • We have seen better days. We are in poor condition, worn out. ...
  • Cruel to be kind. Tough love, being harsh for their benefit. ...
  • He hath eaten me out of house and home. He ate so much there was nothing left. ...
  • The be-all and the end-all. ...
  • Foregone conclusion. ...
  • The world is my oyster. ...
  • Wild-goose chase.

What do the first four lines of the epitaph on the tomb of Shakespeare's daughter Susanna say?

Death and burial

Her tombstone epitaph reads: ... She deceased the 11 day of July, Anno 1649, aged 66. Witty above her sex, but that's not all, Wise to Salvation was good Mistress Hall, Something of Shakespeare was in that, but this. Wholly of him with whom she's now in blisse.

Who inherited William Shakespeare's estate?

He left the bulk of his estate to his elder daughter, Susannah Hall. He left £300 to his younger daughter, Judith. He gave his wife, Anne Hathaway, his second-best bed. Beds and other pieces of household furniture were often the sole bequest to a wife.

What are 5 words that Shakespeare is credited with creating?

15 Words Invented by Shakespeare
  • Bandit. Henry VI, Part 2. 1594.
  • Critic. Love's Labour Lost. 1598.
  • Dauntless. Henry VI, Part 3. 1616.
  • Dwindle. Henry IV, Part 1. 1598.
  • Elbow (as a verb) King Lear. 1608.
  • Green-Eyed (to describe jealousy) The Merchant of Venice. 1600.
  • Lackluster. As You Like It. 1616.
  • Lonely. Coriolanus. 1616.

What is the longest word in Shakespeare?

Honorificabilitudinitatibus! The longest word used by Shakespeare in any of his plays. A medieval Latin word, which can be translated as "the state of being able to achieve honours".

Was Shakespeare's daughter accused of adultery?

In June 1613 a young man, John Lane, accused Susanna of adultery with a Stratford haberdasher, Rafe Smith. He claimed that she had caught a venereal disease from Smith. It turned out that Lane had a grudge against John Hall. Hall sued him for slander and won when Lane didn't appear in court.

What's the name of Shakespeare's wife?

Who was Shakespeare's Wife? William Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway in November 1582 and they remained married until Shakespeare's death. At the time of their marriage William was 18, while Anne was 26—and pregnant with their first child.

What are three adjectives to describe Shakespeare's life?

Here are some adjectives for shakespeare: mortal sweet, divine and great, dead, immortal, dumb and stark, sympathetic, high-strung, most genial, eminent associate, extremely fine and large, slight and so much, prosperous, preposterous, ridiculously absurd and unnatural, astonishingly accurate and trustworthy, beloved …

What are Shakespeare's idioms?

Shakespeare Idioms
  • HEART OF GOLD. “The king's a bawcock, and a heart of gold, a lad of life, an imp of fame, of parents good, of fist most valiant.” – ...
  • LIE LOW. ...

What are Shakespeare's five quotes?

What are Shakespeare's Most Famous Quotes?
  • " ...
  • “This above all: to thine own self be true, ...
  • “Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once.” ...
  • “Men at some time are masters of their fates: ...
  • " ...
  • "Good night, good night! ...
  • "All the world's a stage,

What are 3 common sayings that come from Shakespeare's writing?

21 everyday phrases that come straight from Shakespeare's plays
  • "Puking" ...
  • "Vanish into thin air" ...
  • "There's a method to my madness" ...
  • "Wild-goose chase" ...
  • "The green eyed-monster" ...
  • "Break the ice" ...
  • "Wear my heart upon my sleeve" ...
  • "Swagger"

Did Shakespeare's death go unnoticed?

Did Shakespeare's death go unnoticed? No, his death was not unnoticed. He has a substantial and laudatory monument in the Church of the Holy Trinity in Stratford-upon-Avon, the place where he was born and where he died. More to the point, the First Folio of 1623 conclusively demonstrates that he was far from unnoticed.

How many tragedy Shakespeare wrote?

A prolific writer, Shakespeare wrote 10 tragedies in total. They include the following, most of which you've likely heard of, even if you haven't had the opportunity to read them or see these dramas performed.

Who buried in Westminster Abbey?

Eight British Prime Ministers are buried in the Abbey: William Pitt the Elder, William Pitt the Younger, George Canning, Henry John Temple, 3rd Viscount Palmerston, William Ewart Gladstone, Andrew Bonar Law, Neville Chamberlain and Clement Attlee, 1st Earl Attlee.

Is Hamnets grave in Stratford?

Shakespeare's only son, Hamnet, died aged 11 in mysterious circumstances. ... They were baptised on 2 February, 1585, and 11 and a half years later, on 11 August 1596, Hamnet was buried in the churchyard at Holy Trinity in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Does William Shakespeare have a grave?

Shakespeare's grave is in Holy Trinity Church, his local parish church in Stratford upon Avon. Shakespeare died on his birthday – 23 April – in 1616, the day he turned 52. Shakespeare's grave is famous for having a curse as an epitaph on its' gravestone which Shakespeare himself wrote.

Are there any living descendants of Shakespeare?

Shakespeare has no direct living descendants, but there are still descendants of his sister Joan and her husband William Hart. His childhood home on Henley Street in Stratford remains in the care of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

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