What level can I solo normal Zakum?

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Normal Zakum can be taken on at level 90.

What level can I solo Zakum?

What level can you solo Zakum? Plus, even if you're not very good, it's still very generous with you and you can easily solo Easy Zakum as early as the entry level of 50.

How many times can you Zakum?

Zakum can be fought once a day for Easy/Normal (shared), and once a week for Chaos. An Eye of Fire is used to summon Zakum (Eye of Fire Chunk for Easy mode). There are a 10-second cooldown and an individual death counter of 5 (50 for Easy mode).

Where is Zakum Maplestory?

Zakum was a spirit sealed in a tree deep in the mines of El Nath. A mining town that once existed nearby eventually discovered this tree.

How much HP does Zakum need?

You should have at least 3100HP with Hyperbody (Non-mage classes only. Base HP X 1.6) to survive the worst of Zakum's attacks. If you are lacking, most runs will loan you HP equipment for the run. You should have appropriate potions, as instructed by the run organizer.

【ONLINE GAME】 MapleStory- Normal Zakum Walkthrough (El Nath Boss)

How do you get aquatic eye accessory?

Can be obtained from Boss Accessory Choice Box during the Owner of the Safe Event.

How do you fight the Crimson Queen?

The only way to get rid of the flames is to either die or to get hit by her flame breath. Her flame breath does 80,000 total damage in Chaos mode. Sorrowful Crimson Queen can deploy a red bubble that causes damage reflect. Her claw attack causes poison.

How do you get the eye of fire in Maplestory?

When talking to Adobis at Entrance to Zakum Altar or Entrance to Chaos Zakum Altar, you will receive 1 Eye of Fire if you do not have one in your possession.

How do you get Zakum helmet in Maplestory M?

Can be obtained from Boss Accessory Choice Box during the Owner of the Safe Event. One per character.

What level is Ursus?

To be able to participate in the Ursus Boss Battle, you need to be at least level 100. Once you've hit level 100, look for the quest in your Quest Notification icon called: (Lv. 100) [Ursus] Rumors of The Mighty.

How do I get to Elnath?

If you're on Victoria Island the fastest way would be as follows:
  1. Head to 6 Path Crossway.
  2. Go into the "Pantheon Portal"
  3. As soon as you enter, do not move and go out the way you came in.
  4. This will give you the option to teleport to any main city. Scroll to the right and you will see El Nath as one of the options.

Is chaos pink bean weekly?

Chaos pink bean has as much hp as normal cygnus but gives 4x less mesos and is a daily boss. Easy cygnus has 6x less hp than chaos pink bean but gives 3x as much mesos and is a weekly. Easy cygnus should be a daily 8m boss. Chaos pink bean should give at least 15m for being a daily or give 30m as a weekly.

How do you get Star Force Maplestory?

Click the Equipment Enchant button in the bottom right corner of the Item Inventory window. This will open the Equipment Enchant window. Drag the equipment into the Equipment Enchant window. If the equipment has no enhancement slots available, the Star Force UI will appear automatically.

What range do I need to solo Chaos Horntail?

Easy Horntail Be level 130. Go for 20-30k range if you don't have stance, or better yet, don't bother. Horntail Be level 155. If you don't have stance, be level 160 with 50k+.

What level should I be for hard Hilla?

Battle Overview. In the Battle for Azwan scenario, the Boss Fight with Hilla may be attempted once per day, regardless of difficulty chosen; a player must be Level 120 to attempt Normal Mode and 170 for Hard, although for Hard Mode it is highly recommended to be in a 2-player party.

Is normal Magnus daily?

You need to be at least level 102 to finish the questline. You need to be level 155 to take on Normal Magnus. Normal Magnus can be cleared once per day.

How do you fuse items in Maplestory?

  1. Go to Ardentmill.
  2. Learn Alchemy profession.
  3. Buy some Alchemist Stones.
  4. Go to Lith Harbor equip shop, buy 30 Blue Headbands or something.
  5. Go near Alchemy NPC and open profession window.
  6. Go under "Fuse Equipment" in Alchemy Tab.
  7. Fuse a bunch of Blue Headbands and you'll get mass Alchemy exp.

How do you use eye of fire chunks?

You can sacrifice this at the altar to summon Crumbling Zakum. Drop this item on the Easy Altar in Easy Zakum's Altar to summon and battle Crumbling Zakum. When talking to Adobis at Entrance to Easy Zakum's Altar, you will receive 1 Eye of Fire Chunk if you do not have one in your possession.

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