What level can you solo Chaos Zakum?

Author: Randal Kiehn  |  Last update: Saturday, November 20, 2021

There are three different versions of Zakum: Easy Zakum (Level 50+) Normal Zakum (Level 90+) Chaos Zakum (Level 90+)

What range do you need to solo Chaos Zakum?

Chaos Zakum 800k+ damage if you're in a party or 2 – 3m to solo.

How do you beat normal Zakum?

  1. Get lots of healing items. Zakum's 1/1's deal a huge ton of HP and MP damage, and the only way to avoid it is with certain abilities, such as Wind Walk or Smokescreen. ...
  2. Level up. ...
  3. Acquire gear - Get stronger gear, such as Zakum Helmet (which you can also get from easy zakum), or set gear like the level 120 one.

What does Chaos Zakum drop?

Normal Zakum will give a total of 799,380 if all the arms are defeated (4,750,740 EXP in GMS), the arms and body provide exp when defeated. Chaos Zakum's arms will award 161,280 each, with the body awarding none.

How do you get Zakum eye of fire?

When talking to Adobis at Entrance to Zakum Altar or Entrance to Chaos Zakum Altar, you will receive 1 Eye of Fire if you do not have one in your possession.

[MapleSEA] 5th Job Dual Blade Chaos Zakum (Revamped) Solo - 1.1m range

Is chaos pink bean weekly?

Chaos pink bean has as much hp as normal cygnus but gives 4x less mesos and is a daily boss. Easy cygnus has 6x less hp than chaos pink bean but gives 3x as much mesos and is a weekly. Easy cygnus should be a daily 8m boss. Chaos pink bean should give at least 15m for being a daily or give 30m as a weekly.

What level should I be for von Leon?

6) Normal Von Leon: Recommended to do at level 140.

What level is Ursus?

To be able to participate in the Ursus Boss Battle, you need to be at least level 100. Once you've hit level 100, look for the quest in your Quest Notification icon called: (Lv. 100) [Ursus] Rumors of The Mighty.

Is easy Cygnus daily?

Easy cygnus has 6x less hp than chaos pink bean but gives 3x as much mesos and is a weekly.

How do I stop my Arkarium from cracking the screen?

Screen Crack will deal 999,999 damage to all players within a wide range (can be mitigated by keeping Arkarium on one side and running to the other side when he uses it). Whenever he uses the attack, a purple orb in the background will shatter.

How do you fight the Crimson Queen?

The only way to get rid of the flames is to either die or to get hit by her flame breath. Her flame breath does 80,000 total damage in Chaos mode. Sorrowful Crimson Queen can deploy a red bubble that causes damage reflect. Her claw attack causes poison.

Is Von Leon set better than Pensalir?

Pensalir sets earlier today, and after much labor and work, I have actually discovered, that via Set bonus, Von Leon gives you more ATT, more of your two main stats, more HP/MP, more defense, and even more speed and jump!

Does normal von Leon drop accessories?

Only hard mode drops the accessories now, correct? Normal ever since they reduced the entries to once per day. Had never seen a cube ever from hard since released with drop gears and drop rate buffs.

How much health does Chaos Zakum have?

You have a total of 5 lives for Chaos Zakum. Total HP: 168,000,00,000 HP! For the most part, the fight is exactly the same as Normal Zakum, except now his attacks deal more damage. Arm Smash Down - Zakum will periodically summon his arms to smash down on you.

What level can you solo pink bean?

Normal Pink Bean can be solo cleared when you're around 180-200 (4-5k main stat).

How much HP do you need for pink beans?

Once at 90% HP, Pink Bean will start casting Damage Reflect, it can reflect up to 30,000 damage. Pink bean can cast the Zombify effect on players, causing their recovery to be halved and he can also cause your keys to be reversed, similar to Rex the Wise. Players are given a total of 30 minutes to defeat Pink Bean.

How do you fight Julieta?

At the entrance, you should walk slowly towards the edge rather than climbing the tower right away, because Julieta will charge into you, dealing 100% HP damage if you get hit by her as you climb. After she charges into you, she will retreat and start climbing the tower.

How do you use eye of fire chunks?

You can sacrifice this at the altar to summon Crumbling Zakum. Drop this item on the Easy Altar in Easy Zakum's Altar to summon and battle Crumbling Zakum. When talking to Adobis at Entrance to Easy Zakum's Altar, you will receive 1 Eye of Fire Chunk if you do not have one in your possession.

How do you do Zakum in Maplestory 2020?

You can head to Zakum either by:
  1. using the boss matchmaking tool, or.
  2. taking the Pantheon portal in six path crossway and taking it again from the other side to go wherever you want (El Nath being the proper choice for Zakum), then heading to the Classmasters' House and talking to your class' master.

How do you get the eye of fire in Maplestory?

Whether you are ready for a serious challenge or simply a glutton for punishment, complete the appropriate quests to acquire the Eye of Fire components. You will need 30 Zombie's Lost Gold Teeth, one Piece of Fire Ore and one Breath of Lava for five Eyes of Fire.

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