What nationality is Pnina?

Author: Gail Rath  |  Last update: Saturday, November 20, 2021

Pnina Tornai is an Israeli fashion and wedding dress designer, reality and daytime TV personality. Tornai and her wedding gowns have appeared on TLC's reality television show Say Yes to the Dress. Tornai's dresses have been top sellers at Kleinfeld Bridal.

Where did Pnina Tornai get married?

Pnina Tornai, a designer on TLC show "Say Yes To The Dress" sees 90 to 120 brides a day at Kleinfeld Bridal, a world renowned bridal store in New York City. If a bride comes to Tornai and expresses issues with a fiancé, she doesn't hesitate to tell them to postpone a wedding.

How do you pronounce Pnin?

Pnin*pronounced P'neen*is an émigré of the old Russian school.

Who is Claudia from yes to the dress?

Claudia Oshry is known for her popular Instagram account Girl With No Job, but, in Season 15 of SYTTD, she was known for her fast-talking sassiness. Her quick wit and take-no-crap attitude helped her cut down dresses faster than consultant Lisa could get them off the hanger.

What episode of Say Yes to the dress is Claudia fired?

Not Hell Nor High Water.

Pnina Tamano-Shata, first Israeli-Ethiopian woman MP, speaks with @EHochenberg and @AmiKaufman

Does Camille still work at Kleinfelds?

Camille Coffey

She was first introduced to Kleinfeld when she was shopping for a dress to wear to her son's wedding. She applied for a job and has been working there ever since.

Do you get a discount on Say Yes to the dress?

Even though brides and their families are appearing on the reality show, they receive no form of compensation on the TLC show. They have to pay for their dress. Sorry, dresses aren't free or even discounted.

Is Randy of Say Yes to the dress married?

Fenoli is not married although there were rumors, which circulated on the internet, that he tied the knot with singer and actress Liza Minnelli. The bridal extraordinaire later addressed those rumors joking that since the two were married online for seven years he was thinking he should send her anniversary flowers.

Why did Randy leave Kleinfelds?

Responding to an inquiring fan on Twitter about his choice to call into his appointments, Randy clarified that he had not been coming to Kleinfeld's in person "because of COVID restrictions I couldn't fly to NYC, was renovating my home, and taking care of my Mom." It's unclear when the latest season of Say Yes to the ...

Was Claudia fired from Kleinfelds?

Claudia is no longer at the store – her employment was terminated, but not on air, because of privacy. It was unfortunate that her performance was not up to par.

Did Hayley Paige get divorced?

Hayley Paige's divorce.

Yes, the Say Yes to The Dress star Hayley Paige divorced her husband Danny Wallis recently. Hayles's ex-husband is an insurance broker. Before 2015 they started dating. After months of dating each other, they finally tied the knot on July 11, 2015.

How old is Monty say yes to the dress?

A West Virginia native, Monte Durham, 62, has made his home in the Alexandria area for many years (he's a runner and a cyclist so be on the lookout for him when you're out and about).

Can you just walk into Kleinfelds?

Can You Just Walk Into Kleinfeld? No, not without an appointment. You can make an appointment online, though weekend slots fill up months in advance. Kleinfeld does have bridal designer trunk shows quite often, for which you can show up to shop.

Why do bridal consultants wear black?

The reason for this is simply so they do not blend in with the rosy-colored background during their confessionals. Just like the consultants wear mostly black to stand out among a sea of white dresses, the crew wants the participants to stand out during their interview segments.

How long are Kleinfeld appointments?

One of the most popular questions we receive is “How long is a Kleinfeld appointment?” Our Kleinfeld appointments are 90 minutes long. Don't worry, this is more than enough time for a bride to find her wedding dress.. However, when brides film the show, their appointments can be as long as 5 or 6 hours!

Is Randy still on the show Say Yes to the Dress?

While Randy is still associated with Say Yes to the Dress, he left Kleinfeld's in 2012 in order to pursue other ventures, including a spin-off show, Randy to the Rescue. His speaking engagements and appearances take him all over the world.

What Consultant died on Say Yes to the Dress?

Meghan Elizabeth Giordano-Capossere, of Atlanta, died March 22 at Emory University Hospital Midtown from complications of small cell cervical cancer.

What happened to Lori in Say Yes to the Dress?

In April 2019, the 60-year-old suffered multiple injuries after tripping on a dress train during a video shoot in her Sandy Springs, Ga. store. "When it was happening, I knew it would be bad," Lori told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution about the accident. "I remember saying to myself, 'Fall to your knees!

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