What rank is Anne Hegerty?

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Hegerty has made appearances on a number of other quiz shows, including Mastermind, Fifteen to One, Today's the Day, Are You an Egghead? and Brain of Britain. As of October 2016, she was ranked 55th (and second among women) in the World Quizzing Championships.

Who is smartest chaser?

Chaser Mark Labbett, aka The Beast, has an IQ which is staggeringly above average, at 155. This impressive score is easily high enough to get the 55-year-old into the ancient and notorious high-IQ society Mensa.

How much does Anne Hegerty earn?

Anne Hegerty – The Governess – £2.8 million.

Who is the most successful chaser on the chase?

A chaser since the show's very inception, Anne Hegarty takes pride of place as the most winning chaser. Her record of 293 wins out of 370 gives her a win/loss ratio of 79.2 per cent, making her the most difficult chaser you can face.

What is the lowest winning score on The Chase?

Get a score of 20 and you'll win! Well, only kind of. Every team that has scored 10 or less in the final chase has not won, unsurprisingly (3 is the lowest score in my dataset). But anything can happen, it would seem, if you score beyond that.

Anne Hegerty as a Phone A Friend!! | Who Wants to be a Millionaire 2010

Which chaser is statistically the best?

Date experts at fansite One Question Shootout have crunched the numbers to work out which Chaser is the easiest one to face, statistically speaking. The study revealed that Shaun Wallace – otherwise known as the Dark Destroyer – is the Chaser who has been defeated the most times.

Who is the wealthiest chaser?

The Dark Destroyer

The 61-year-old has been a chaser since the ITV show launched in 2009 and has written an autobiography: "Chasing the Dream: An Autobiography." From his success both on and off-screen, The Express estimates his net worth to be around £5 million. This makes Shaun the richest chaser.

Is Bradley Walsh ill?

Bradley suffers a disorder called blepharitis which causes his eyelids to become red and swollen. The 61-year-old presenter said he will need surgery one day for the condition which can cause his face to look puffy on air.

How rich is Shaun Wallace?

Shaun Wallace - £5million

Before becoming a Chaser, Shaun enjoyed a long career as a barrister and lecturer. After appearing in hundreds of episodes of the programme and even writing an autobiography about his time on the show, Shaun's built up an impressive fortune - he's estimated to be worth around £5million.

Who is No 1 female Quizzer?

Introducing Dorjana Širola, the highest-scoring female player in the world.

Who is number 1 chaser in the world?

Analysing success rates and the number of questions answered per minute, the quiz show favourite Anne Hegerty - aka The Governess - is the best chaser of the five. In more than 350 episodes and 11 years since the show began, Hegerty has maintained an overall 82.4 per cent winning streak.

What is the chasers IQ?

Despite winning Mastermind in 2004 and ranking 286th in the World Quizzing Championships, the intelligent Chaser has an IQ of 96, which is actually average according to the statistics from BBC.

How much is Jenny the vixen worth?

As of 2021, Jenny Ryan's net worth is $4 million.

What car does Bradley Walsh Drive?

"Underneath it's an Aston Martin six litre V12 DB9, that's what it's based on, but we stripped it back and put it all back together again with a new body, carbon fibre, the best engineers, the best coach builders I could find in Britain."

Is Bradley Walsh a Grandad?

Bradley Walsh has shared the happy news that he is a grandfather after his daughter Hayley welcomed a baby boy earlier this year. ... In a new interview with Saga magazine, the star gushed, “I am a grandfather!

Was Bradley Walsh a boxer?

The former Corrie legend revealed: “I'm back boxing training now. Full time. I've done about a stone and a half in weight.” He told The Sun on Sunday: “I had a hang-up because my father, Daniel, died at the age of 59.

How much is Bradley Walsh?

Bradley's estimated net worth is £20million. He is said to have £12.5million worth of assets.

How much does Bradley Walsh make?

Bradley Walsh 'amasses a fortune of £12.5MILLION and earns almost £1million a YEAR making him one of the richest stars on TV' Bradley Walsh's earnings have reportedly soared to almost £1million per year, making him one of the highest paid stars in the world of television with £12.5million in the bank.

Do the Chasers have other jobs?

While we know them best today by their nicknames such as The Vixen or The Governess, the Chasers had interesting and impressive careers in their own fields. Among the ranks of the Chasers is a former barrister, a doctor and a Butlins employee who loved winning money on the quiz machines.

Do the chasers get in trouble if they lose?

If the chaser fails to catch the team before time runs out, the participating members receive equal shares of the bank; otherwise, they leave with nothing. During celebrity episodes, if the chaser catches the team before time runs out, all three members receive $5,000 each.

Is chaser Shaun Wallace married?

It suggested Shaun and "Matilda" got married in 1990, when actually no such woman existed. Shaun sent a strongly worded letter to Wikipedia in an effort to get the strange claims taken down, and he is currently thought to be single.

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