What would happen if Naruto joined the Akatsuki?

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Long story short if he joined and they successfully captured Bee then Naruto would have been back stabbed. Even if he joined the Akatsuki they still would need the nine tails. Knowing obito he would keep it a secret that you don't need the full tail beast for the ritual. Kisame and Kakuzu will still be alive also.

Can Naruto solo the Akatsuki?

10 Naruto Uzumaki

By the end of the series, a single shadow-clone of Naruto was strong enough to take down Kage level shinobi and the fact that he can produce thousands of them means that it won't be any trouble for him to defeat the Akatsuki all on his own.

Did Boruto join the Akatsuki?

No Boruto doesn't join the Akatsuki. Akatsuki ceased to exist at the end of Naruto. However, Shin attempted to create Neo-Akatsuki but this attempt failed completely in Boruto.

Who is stronger Akatsuki or Kara?

Kara members are in average stronger than Akatsuki members. Regular Akatsuki members are like Kakuzu: S-class Shinobi, Kage level. A Sannin like Orochimaru, or a genius like Itachi, are in the top. And the leader, Nagato, is likely a bit stronger.

Did Sasuke join Akatsuki?

After the death of Itachi, Sasuke joined forces with the Akatsuki, and with him, all his underlings followed him as well, Suigetsu being one of them. ... Like Sasuke, he served the Akatsuki for a short while and then went his own way.

What if Naruto Joined the Akatsuki? The Movie (all parts)

Who is the weakest Akatsuki?

Zetsu was the weakest member of the Akatsuki. He specialized in infiltrating different places and gathering intel. Throughout his time in the organization, he was never involved in a serious fight that would show his fighting capabilities.

Can Hokage beat Akatsuki?

The child of prophecy, Naruto Uzumaki, also gained access to the Six Paths powers, just like Sasuke Uchiha. He also has the chakra of all the Tailed Beasts, making him an unstoppable force in battle. Like Sasuke, Naruto is far stronger than any Akatsuki members and would need his shadow-clones to defeat the Akatsuki.

Who is the strongest Akatsuki?

1 Madara Uchiha

Madara is undoubtedly the strongest member of the Akatsuki and perhaps the most powerful character in the series in a one on one fight.

Who is the oldest Akatsuki member?

Naruto didn't provide Kakuzu with much of a backstory, and it was never clear when Kakuzu joined the Akatsuki. However, he died at the age of 91. Making him one of the oldest Akatsuki members.

Who created Akatsuki?

Akatsuki was originally founded by Yahiko during the Third Shinobi World War alongside his childhood friends, Nagato and Konan.

Why did Itachi join Akatsuki?

Itachi Joined Akatsuki To Serve As A Spy For Hidden Leaf Village & to keep his brother safe in the village. Itachi also threatened to reveal all of Konoha's confidential information to foreign forces should Danzō bring harm to Sasuke.

Who could defeat Naruto?

Naruto: 7 Characters Capable of Killing Naruto (& 7 Who Don't Stand A Chance)
  • 8 CAPABLE: Kaguya Otsutsuki.
  • 9 DOESN'T STAND A CHANCE: Kinshiki Otsutsuki. ...
  • 10 CAPABLE: Jigen. ...
  • 11 DOESN'T STAND A CHANCE: Kakashi Hatake. ...
  • 12 CAPABLE: Boruto Uzumaki. ...
  • 13 DOESN'T STAND A CHANCE: Hashirama Senju. ...
  • 14 CAPABLE: Madara Uchiha. ...

Can Luffy beat Naruto?

Able to expand parts of himself and use the air to move quicker, he constantly speeds up. When he gets Fourth Gear Snakeman, Luffy's speed level increases as well. That speed, mixed with his general durability, gives Luffy an edge over Naruto, at least at his base power.

Who is the weakest Hokage?

With that in mind, we've revisited this article to shed some light on a few more of the strongest and weakest among them.
  1. 1 WEAKEST: Yagura Karatachi (Fourth Mizukage)
  2. 2 STRONGEST: Hiruzen Sarutobi (Third Hokage) ...
  3. 3 WEAKEST: Onoki (Third Tsuchikage) ...
  4. 4 STRONGEST: Hashirama Senju (First Hokage) ...

How old is Akatsuki?

Akatsuki (real name: Shizuka Hanekura) is the deuteragonist and lead heroine of the light novel and anime series Log Horizon. She is a 20-year-old college student and a veteran player of the MMORPG Elder Tales, and one that was pulled into the game by a mysterious phenomenon referred to as the Apocalypse.

Who is the strongest villain in Naruto?

Naruto: 20 Most Powerful Villains, Ranked From Weakest To...
  • 8 Orochimaru. ...
  • 7 Pain. ...
  • 6 Kabuto. ...
  • 5 Uchiha Itachi. ...
  • 4 Indra Otsutsuki. ...
  • 3 Obito Uchiha. ...
  • 2 Madara Uchiha. Hashirama's old rival is the leader of the Uchiha clan. ...
  • 1 Kaguya Otsutsuki. Kaguya is the mother of all ninjutsu.

Can Naruto destroy the world?

The protagonist of the series, Naruto Uzumaki is quite easily one of the strongest characters in the verse. ... Naruto's powers are certainly comparable to the Gods of the verse and it isn't far fetched to day that he can destroy a planet when Gods weaker than him, such as Kinshiki are capable of achieving this feat.

Who is the weakest ninja in Naruto?

Why Iruka Umino is Naruto's weakest character

As the chunin-level instructor at the Leaf Village's Academy, Iruka has a competent grasp on the basics of being a ninja.

Who is the strongest anime character?

The 10 Strongest Anime Characters of All Time
  • 9 Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto) ...
  • 8 Alucard (Hellsing) ...
  • 7 Yhwach (Bleach) ...
  • 6 Kaguya Otsutsuki (Naruto) ...
  • 5 Tetsuo Shima (Akira) ...
  • 4 Anos Voldigoad (The Misfit of Demon King Academy) ...
  • 3 Giorno Giovanna (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) ...
  • 2 Son Goku (Dragon Ball)

Who is the fastest ninja in Naruto?

1 The Yellow Flash, Minato Namikaze

Minato even possesses greater control over the technique, using it to earn the nickname The Yellow Flash. He is considered the fastest shinobi of all time and gained worldwide recognition for his abilities.

Is anyone stronger than Naruto?

These are real facts, there are just few characters that are stronger than Naruto: Kaguya Otsutsuki and Momoshiki Otsutsuki and probably Kabuto Yakushi. ... However, there were a few people in the world of Naruto who possessed the ability to topple the main character, some of whom were his closest friends and allies.

Why did Madara join Akatsuki?

After the death of Sasori, Madara, as Tobi, appeared with Zetsu collecting Sasori's ring. He expressed interest in joining Akatsuki, believing that finding the ring would grant him membership.

Why did Kisame join Akatsuki?

Kisame approached by "Madara" after killing Fuguki. ... With his departure, he took Samehada with him, causing Kirigakure to lose one of its seven swords. Kisame eventually joined the Akatsuki and, due to his history of killing people close to him as well as traitors, he was partnered with Itachi to keep an eye on him.

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