Who beats crocodile?

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Crocodile had a weakness. It was that he would solidify when came in contact with liquid. So Luffy found the weakness and used water to defeat him. Although at the end he used blood as a source of liquid to defeat Crocodile.

Who beats Crocodile One Piece?

In his first and second fight with Luffy, instead of killing him straight away, Crocodile left Luffy to suffer. Because of this carelessness, Luffy was able to come back in two different occasions and finally defeat him.

Which episode does Luffy defeat Crocodile?

"Merciless Fight to the Death! Luffy vs. Crocodile" is the 110th episode of the One Piece anime.

Did Luffy get stabbed by Crocodile?

Crocodile attacks Luffy and makes his hand wither with his power, which makes Luffy panic. Luffy remembers the water Toto gave him and revives himself, yelling that Toto stated Yuba would never lose to sand. ... Luffy tries to stop Crocodile, but gets stabbed by Crocodile's hook.

Does Luffy fight Crocodile again?

After being outclassed by Crocodile in their first fight, Luffy attempts to fight him again. He tries to fight Crocodile as he knows the weakness of Crocodile's devil fruit ability now. He uses water to fight, but the outcome is still the same. Luffy is beaten once again by Crocodile.

5 Animals that Could Defeat a Crocodile

How many warlords has Luffy defeated?

Bounty. Luffy's first bounty is 30,000,000 Berries, which he receives after defeating Buggy, Don Krieg, and Arlong of East Blue. His second bounty is significantly higher, at 100,000,000 Berries, after defeating Crocodile of the Seven Warlords of the Sea.

How did Luffy survive crocodiles stab?

Crocodile tosses Luffy around, drain water from parts of his body, and, above all else, stabs through his chest with his hook. ... Luffy drinks some water and heals up because that's how medical stuff works.

Why did crocodile save Luffy and jinbe?

Why did crocodile help Luffy escape the war while Akainu was chasing him ? Cause luffy helped him in impel down. Sir Crocodile explains that he helps bc he is interested in the world again and breaking out. ... Luffy and the upcoming war changed that for him and made him intrigued to be a pirate again and aim for the top.

How did Luffy get his scar?

During the fall, the admiral pierced through Jimbei's chest with his magma fist to reach the unconscious Luffy in Jimbei's arms. ... During this arc, Luffy and a hypnotized Zoro end up fighting, which how he ends up getting an "x" scar across his chest — from a wound inflicted by Zoro.

How many times did Crocodile beat Luffy?

8 Luffy Vs.

As a pirate, Crocodile was known to be ferocious, having sailed the seas of the New World in the past. With his Sand-Sand Fruit powers, he was a tremendous enemy for Luffy. Unsurprisingly, Luffy lost to Crocodile twice, although the third battle ended in his favor.

Does Luffy save alabasta?

When Luffy proves he is still alive, Crocodile leaves him in quicksand to die. Luckily, Luffy is saved by Miss All-Sunday after Crocodile's departure.

What was Zoro's first bounty?

60,000,000 bounty after he defeated the assassin Daz Bonez in the Arabasta Arc and for defeating 100 bounty hunters in Whisky Peak. Zoro does not find out about this new bounty until the moment Marshall D.

Who is the weakest warlord?

One Piece: 5 Strongest Warlords Of The Sea (& 5 Weakest)
  1. 1 Weakest: Trafalgar Law.
  2. 2 Strongest: Blackbeard. ...
  3. 3 Weakest: Crocodile. ...
  4. 4 Strongest: Donquixote Doflamingo. ...
  5. 5 Weakest: Jinbe. ...
  6. 6 Strongest: Edward Weevil. ...
  7. 7 Weakest: Gecko Moria. ...
  8. 8 Strongest: Boa Hancock. ...

Was Crocodile The weakest warlord?

Crocodile was one of the strongest Warlords. He had a powerful Logia fruit with great control over its abilities. He could use its effects over large areas of land. His strength is compared to Jinbei and Ace in the Impel Down Arc.

Who is stronger doflamingo vs Crocodile?

Doflamingo has Conqueror's Haki and has awakened his Devil Fruit, making him potentially stronger than Crocodile.

What is mihawk's bounty?

He has a bounty of 1,000,0000,000 Berries. Katakuri is also Big Mom's son, her second in command and has a lot of people under his command. Again, Mihawk would be judged on his strength alone.

Is crocodile a good guy now?

After years of trying to avenge Shirohige defeat, Crocodile was defeated by Luffy in Arabasta and sent Crocodile to Impel Down. During his time at Impel Down, he might have made plans to kill Shirohige. ... From this discussion, we can conclude that Crocodile is actually not a bad guy.

Do Crocodile and Luffy become friends?

Crocodile made his introduction as the major antagonist of the Alabasta Saga and Luffy's greatest enemy at the time. After his defeat, he was thrown in Impel Down, a place where Luffy later rescued him from. As evident from the events of Impel Down and the Paramount War, Crocodile has already allied with Luffy once.

What is Luffy's worst injury?

Crocodile impaled Luffy with his deadly hook and threw his nearly-lifeless body on the ground like it was garbage.

Does Luffy beat Big Mom enraged army?

Big Mom's Enraged Army went after Luffy after Sweet Commander Cracker was taken down by him. An army of multiple pirates from Big Mom's forces with incredibly high bounties fought against Luffy and beat him up.

Why did it rain when Crocodile was defeated?

Crocodile had been using the rain powder to control the climate and preventing rain from falling in the kingdom, whilst making it seem the capital was using the rain powder to monopolize the rains. Crocodile admits to this when taunting Koza in chapter 197.

Is Luffy stronger than crocodile?

Crocodile has the unique distinction of being the only antagonist to defeat Luffy twice. ... Crocodile played a pivotal in the Summit War and he actually saved Ace once. Sir Crocodile is a fearless pirate and there's no doubt that he'll return in the future, but he's hardly the strongest character in One Piece.

Is crocodile a villain?

Sir Crocodile is a former villain of One Piece. He is the former president of Baroque Work and a former Warlord, who was the first to be defeated by Monkey D. Luffy.

Who is the strongest One Piece character?

10 Strongest Characters in One Piece Ever
  • 1)"Pirate King" Gol D. Roger. ...
  • 2)"Whitebeard" Edward Newgate. Dubbed the "strongest man alive" after Roger's death. ...
  • 3)"Golden Lion" Shiki. ...
  • 4)Monkey D. ...
  • 5)"Red Haired" Shanks. ...
  • 6)"Fleet-Admiral" Sengoku. ...
  • 7)"Garp the Fist" Monkey D. ...
  • 8)"Dark King" Silvers Rayleigh.

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