Who drank the 7 potions in Piggy?

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Trivia. The seven potions went to Penny, Mother, Father, Doggy, Teacher, Mrs. P, and Bunny. A potion was shared with Doggy and the player since Pony infected them both using it.

Who drank potions in Piggy?

It was revealed in a note that Mr. P only made 7 bottles of Substance 128, and wonders why everyone is turning into them. The suspects that drank the potion are Piggy, Mother, Father, Doggy, Bunny, the Teacher, and Ms. P.

Is Mr P infected in Piggy?

P is one of the two main antagonists of Piggy, and serving as a posthumous overarching antagonist of Piggy: Book 2. He was also the secondary bot and main antagonist of Plant. ... He was a major part of the Piggy: Book 1 storyline as the starter of the infection accidently, when he attempted to save his wife, Mrs.

Who made Spidella?

Her animations were created by PghLFilms. She is the first bot to place down a Slow Trap, or any trap other than the default trap. She is the first and only skin to be in the Arachnid family, and is one of the 2 bug skins, the other being Anteo.

How does Angel look like in Piggy?

Angel is a pig with white skin, gray nostrils, a white glowing pupil on their right eye, pale yellow cheeks, and big cyan eyes.

BUNNY LIED TO US.. (Truth About Bunny) | Piggy Chapter 11

Who is memory in Piggy?

Memory is a skin in Piggy. She costs 200 Piggy Tokens and is the bot for the limited time/event map, Distorted Memory.

Who infected doggy in Piggy?

As revealed in Camp - Chapter 11, Pony was the one who infected him, as instructed by T.S.P. Doggy is implied to have a good connection with the player, as they are both coworkers due to both working at a police station, and the player spent 4 - 5 weeks with Doggy trying to survive the infection.

Is Mr P alive?

Mr. P is the most mentioned character. Despite saying he would fight the infected until he died, says it as in more than one infected. despite there is only one in the plant, Badgy.

Is Budgie from Piggy a girl?

Trivia. Budgey is female, which was told to MiniToon by Midnight, the creator of the skin, and confirmed through a Build Mode server chat.

What does Daisy look like in Piggy?

Daisy wears a pink dress with reddish pink leggings. She has light red pupils. She also has light pink cheeks, a white snout, gray ears, and a pink nose. Her skin is gray, and she appears to have the same body type as Bunny.

Is Willow evil in Piggy?

Type of Villain

Willow, also known as Wolfy before her name was confirmed, is one of the two main antagonists (alongside Mr. P) of the Piggy franchise.

Who is the main villain in Piggy?

Willow is one of the two main antagonists (alongside Mr. P) of Piggy, being an unseen antagonist in Piggy: Book 1 and one of the two main antagonists (alongside Tigry) of Piggy: Book 2, being the main antagonist of the first half and a reformed deuteragonist for the second half.

Who is Zizzy based on?

Zizzy's theme is based on the song "La Llorona". She was the most expensive skin before the Chapter 10 update was released. Mimi, Pony, Daisy, Billy, Giraffy, Zee, Zuzy and Zizzy have the same nose model.

Who is foxy in Piggy?

Foxy is an unlockable character in the Piggy game. It costs 300 Piggy Tokens to be unlocked. It is the secondary bot in Carnival, trapped in a cage which is also the location of the white key in said map.

Where is Bunny's ghost in Piggy?

She can be found in Outpost - Chapter 11.

Is Crove a crow?

Appearance. Crove is a crow who wears a black dress that resembles a cloak that is attached to a hood. They have dark gray arms covered in feathers and carry a gray scythe.

What does Mr Stitchy look like?

Mr. Stitchy is a tall skin, he has black skin and a slender-like body with red and black if you look to the side of his orange eye and white eyes. It has a teddy bear head with stiches as though he was blown up and sewn back together. Since this skin is seen in the cutscenes and map, it is a canon skin.

What animal is Badgy from Piggy?

Description. Badgy is a white badger with a tie and a right red and left green eye. He wields a radioactive container. Both of his arms are black, but his right arm has green streaks through it.

What does soldier look like in Piggy?

Soldier is a pig with half of his face burnt, a glowing yellow pupil, and one red cheek. He wears a soldier hat and a soldier outfit and has an army knife for a weapon.

Is doggy dead Piggy?

Doggy is part of the 7 people who received the potion from Mr. ... If Doggy comes in contact with the player, they are stunned instead of being killed. He is the first bot skin to appear like a bot twice in two different chapters, the second is Bunny. It is unknown where Doggy got his weapon when he turned infected.

What does Elly look like in Piggy?

Elly is an elephant with pink cheeks, large ears, a trunk, and gray nostrils. She wears a harvest gold dress, and is bear footed. She has two orange pupils. She uses a spear as her weapons, which she holds on both hands.

Does pony have a crush on zizzy?

As of Outpost - Chapter 11, it is revealed that Pony might have feelings for Zizzy, sparking a lot of shipping between the two friends. It is unknown whether it is a one-sided or two-sided relationship if there even is a relationship at all.

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