Who gets more sun Portland or Seattle?

Author: Prof. Dallin Gerlach  |  Last update: Saturday, November 20, 2021

Seattle gets slightly less sun averaging 2,169 annual hours or 49% chance of sunshine yearly. Portland gets 2,340 hours of annual sunshine or 52% chance of yearly sun, but both cities it varies greatly seasonally with some summer months receiving over 6 times more sun than winter months!

Does Seattle get more sun than Portland?

While Seattle gets just 28% of its possible sunshine, Portland is sunny 29% of the time in the winter. Likewise, the average panel in a NREL solar installation generates 1.35 kilowatt hours per meter squared every day during Portland's winter months, as compared with 1.15 in Seattle.

Is Portland or Seattle weather better?

Temperature: Seattle is slightly cooler in summer, and slightly warmer in winter, with Portland averaging more freezing temps than Seattle, due to it being on the outflow of the Columbia Gorge. Portland will experience occasional ice storms something that Seattle rarely experiences.

What is the sunniest city in Washington state?

Sequim, Washington

If you're looking to stay somewhat local, consider a trip to Sequim on the Olympic Peninsula. We know what you're thinking: There's no way to escape the cloud cover for hundreds of miles, but as it turns out, Sequim is the sunniest place in Western Washington.

Does Seattle get sun?

On average, there are 152 sunny days per year in Seattle.

Seattle gets some kind of precipitation, on average, 155 days per year.

Washington and Oregon Compared

What city in Oregon gets the most sun?

A City of Sunshine

Klamath Falls is Oregon's “City of Sunshine” with nearly 300 sunny days each year. While most people think of Oregon as rainy, Klamath Falls is perched at 4,100 feet on the east side of the Cascade Mountain Range with a very different weather pattern than our coastal and I-5 corridor neighbors.

Which state has the least sunshine?

Alaska. Many consider Alaska to be the cloudiest state in the nation, but actually, the majority of Alaska gets just as much sun as the Great Plains. The shore along the Gulf of Alaska, however, is an entirely different story. Juneau, for instance, averages just 44 days of sun per year.

Does Portland or Seattle get more rain?

Yet few folks know that it actually rains more in Portland than Seattle — Seattle averages 38″ of rainfall annually compared to Portland's 43″.

Is it cheaper to live in Seattle or Portland?

Portland is 24.1% less expensive than Seattle. Portland housing costs are 41.3% less expensive than Seattle housing costs. Health related expenses are 0.8% more in Portland.

Who gets more rain Oregon or Washington?

Seattle, Washington gets 38 inches of rain, on average, per year. Portland, Oregon gets 42.8 inches of rain, on average, per year. The US average is 38.1 inches of rain per year.

Why is Portland so weird?

Here a landscape heavily changed through extensive quarrying combined with the social and architectural legacy of a long military presence has created a unique environment which has led to the adoption of the "Weird" tag and "Keep Portland Weird" bumper stickers are frequently seen on local vehicles.

Is Portland cloudier than Seattle?

When days with partial cloud are added to the days of heavy cloud, to include every day that cloud covers more than one-quarter of the sky, then Buffalo's average of 311 days a year edges out Seattle's 308 days. Portland drops down to the country's sixth cloudiest major city.

Is Portland Oregon a depressing place to live?

Portland and Vancouver rated as two most depressed cities in the U.S.: report. A new report ranked Portland and Vancouver, Washington, as tied for the highest rate of depression in the nation. A new report published this week might make you sad if you live in either of the region's two largest cities.

Is Oregon as rainy as Washington?

The state of Oregon sees upwards of 41 inches of rain each year, which is significantly less than Washington's yearly average of 73, and not too far off from the national average of 38.

Is Portland Oregon Safe?

Yes, Portland remains a safe city for visitors.

Like many cities nationwide, Portland has experienced an increase in crime during the past year. In February 2021, the Major Cities Chiefs Association issued a report noting that 63 of 66 major cities saw at least one violent crime category grow in 2020.

How many sunny days does Portland have?

Portland has an average of 144 sunny days a year, so there's plenty of time to get your bike rides and hikes in when it's sunny. The rainiest month is typically November.

What state has the best weather?

Based on these criteria, California has the best weather of all 50 states. Coastal cities in south and central California, such as San Diego, Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Santa Barbara, experience only 20 inches of rain per year and temperatures typically between the low 60s and 85 degrees.

What is the rainiest state?

Hawaii overall is the rainiest state in the US, with a state-wide average of 63.7 inches (1618 millimetres) of rain a year. But few places in Hawaii fit the state's average. Many weather stations on the islands record less than 20 inches (508 mm) of rainfall a year while others receive well over 100 inches (2540 mm).

Where is the hottest place in Oregon?

The Dalles is the warmest place in Oregon right now. The Dalles Municipal Airport reported 117°F (47°C) temperatures today at 4:07 PM.

What is the prettiest town in Oregon?

The Most Beautiful Towns in Oregon, USA
  • Ashland. Historical Landmark. View. ...
  • Astoria. Architectural Landmark. View. ...
  • Baker City. Architectural Landmark. View. ...
  • Brownsville. Historical Landmark. View. ...
  • Cottage Grove. Architectural Landmark. View. ...
  • Florence. Historical Landmark. View. ...
  • Hood River. Natural Feature. ...
  • Jacksonville. Historical Landmark.

Whats the warmest city in Oregon?

Warmest: Medford, Oregon

Medford, a city near the Cascade Mountains and the northern border of California, is the warmest in Oregon. The average annual high there is 68 degrees.

Does it snow in Portland Oregon?

Does it snow in Portland? Yes, but not every year — average snowfall is 4.3″ per year.

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