Who were Freddie Mercury's god children?

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Freddie Mercury is not believed to have fathered any children, but he was godfather to two children. These were the eldest child of his former long-term girlfriend, Mary Austin, and the son of frequent collaborator and record producer Reinhold Mack.

Who is Freddie Mercury's god son?

Freddie Mercury and his godson Richard. The son of his longtime good friend Mary Austin. His second godchild was Freddie Mack. Son of Reinhold Mack.

What did Mary Austin inherit from Freddie Mercury?

Who inherited Freddie Mercury's fortune? Austin inherited Mercury's One Garden Lodge mansion and the bulk of Mercury's estate, with the remainder going to his parents and sister and about $692,000 apiece going to Freestone and Mercury's boyfriend, Jim Hutton.

Who inherited Freddie Mercury's millions?

After his death on November 24, 1991, Freddie gave his home, 50 percent of his recording royalties and most of his wealth to Mary Austin, with the remainder going to his parents and sister.

Did Freddie Mercury have any children?

Did Freddie Mercury have children? Freddie Mercury is not believed to have fathered any children. Freddie Mercury had one long-term girlfriend, Mary Austin, with the pair meeting in the early 1970s. They began dating, during which time Austin lived in West Kensington with Mercury for some years.

Freddie Mercury & children’s!the story when he became godfather❤️

Did Jim Hutton inherit from Mercury?

In Freddie's final will and testament, Jim received £500,000 – the same as Joe and Peter. Undoubtedly, this was a large sum of money, especially in 1991, but it was dwarfed by what Freddie left Mary.

Why did Freddie and Mary break up?

As it turns out, the real reason Freddie Mercury had grown distant from Mary Austin was drastically different. ... The pair called off their engagement and Austin decided it was time for her to move out. Mercury, however, did not want her to go very far and he bought her an apartment near his own.

Why did Mary Austin kick out Jim Hutton?

After the singer's death, Austin took over Garden Lodge, reportedly kicking Hutton out, despite Hutton's claim that Mercury wanted him to stay there. He was devastated by her decision, he said. ... He also wrote a book about their relationship, simply titled Mercury and Me.

Did Freddie Mercury have any children with Mary Austin?

Despite Mercury's relationship with one-time girlfriend, Mary Austin, he is not believed to have had any children. The pair were together before it became known he was gay, having met in the early 1970s.

Who was the real Mary in Bohemian Rhapsody?

Who does Lucy Boynton play in Bohemian Rhapsody? Lucy Boynton plays Mary Austin in the film about Queen. In real life Mary was the former fiancée of lead singer Freddie Mercury - she is said to have inspired the 1975 Queen hit Love Of My Life.

Who did Freddie leave his money to?

He left one quarter of his future earnings from Queen to his parents and another quarter to his sister. Apart from some minor bequests, everything else went to Mary. But Mary admitted not everyone was happy with this decision: "Some of the fans even told me I was only the keeper of the house.

Who was Freddie Mercury's true love?

25 Photos Of Freddie Mercury With His First And Only True Love, Mary Austin. “The only friend I've got is Mary and I don't want anybody else,” Freddie Mercury once said about the 'love of his life,' Mary Austin.

Why did Freddie love Mary so much?

Freddie often indicated that he could rely on Mary above all others and their relationship was built on 'unshakable love, devotion and trust'. Mary also accepted that Freddie was also interested in men and did not hold him back from exploring his sexuality, which created a stronger bond with the Queen front man.

Does Mary still live in Freddie's house?

Today, Mary Austin still lives in the lavish 28 bedroom mansion which Freddie gave her, and which he had lived in for years with his multiple beloved cats. She has always claimed that Freddie had been more than family to her, and was everything to her apart from her two sons.

Where is Freddie Mercury buried?

A ceremony for about 35 people was held three days after his death at the West London Crematorium on the grounds of Kensal Green Cemetery. Friend and former girlfriend Mary Austin took Freddie's remains, per his wishes, and buried them... somewhere.

What were Freddie Mercury's last words?

TIL Freddie Mercury's last words were "Pee pee", while dying of aids, asking to be helped to the restroom.

When did Freddie Mercury leave queen?

After the conclusion of his work with Queen in June 1991, he retired to his home in Kensington. His former partner, Mary Austin, made regular visits to his home to look after him.

Did Freddie Mercury leave Mary Austin anything?

Although Mary Austin was the main beneficiary and despite Mercury's earlier claims that only Austin and his cats would inherit anything, he did bequeath money to people to whom he was close. He left £500,000 each to Jim Hutton, his personal assistant Peter Freestone, and Joe Fanelli his chef.

Was Paul Prenter a real person?

In real life, Prenter was a radio DJ from Belfast, Northern Ireland, who eventually met and became involved — both personally and professionally — with Mercury. It's widely believed that Prenter first met Mercury at a bar in 1975 and then became his manager in 1977.

What happened to Freddie Mercury's girlfriend Mary?

These days, Mary, 70, lives a quiet life in the London mansion Freddie left to her where Queen fans still make regular visits to pay their respects. She has been married twice but is now divorced. She shares two grown-up sons, Jamie and Richard, with one of her exes, Piers Cameron.

Who was Freddie Mercury's best friend?

Who was Freddie Mercury's best friend? With a study friendship spanning 15 years, fellow singer Peter Straker was Mercury's best buddy. The West End star had bonded over the 1970s and survived it all. As Mercury's star soared, their friendship never faltered.

Who got Freddie Mercury's cats?

If you're a cat rockstar, you dedicate songs to them. And that's exactly what Freddie Mercury, aka the Ultimate Cat Guy, did. His love of felines is said to have begun in the 1970s when Mercury's girlfriend Mary Austin bought them a pair of cute cats – Tom and Jerry.

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