Who would win Killua or Gon?

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If both are in their full power, Killua is faster but Gon is much stronger. Killua only have the slightest chance to defeat Gon in his Adult version. Despite losing the ability to use Nen, Gon already surpassed Netero or even Meruem when he transformed into his Adult version.

Who is more powerful Gon or killua?

Throughout the anime series, it has been established that Killua is stronger than Gon, while the latter has a higher ceiling. Using his abilities as a Transmuter, Killua can create a lightning-based aura. ... While Gon possesses more raw strength, in almost every other aspect, Killua is superior.

Does Gon beat killua?

Yes, Gon has the strength advantage, but that's about it. Killua is mentally more of a veteran, and Gon does not really surpass him in any category in combat. And with Killua's Godspeed, I don't think Gon would be able to even touch Killua.

Who is smarter Gon or killua?

9 Less Intelligent: Gon

Like Killua, Gon is a Nen-using prodigy with exceptional talent. Many of the best Nen users can't help but comment on the limitless potential of the show's main protagonist. Gon is an Enhancer, meaning he possesses immense physical strength and speed. ... However, he is not smarter than Killua.

Who can beat killua?

Netero is one of the most powerful hunters of the manga. Killua has the capability of defending against some of the attacks of Netero, but ultimately Netero defeated Killua. Meruem was the king of the Chimera Ants. He was the strongest amongst all the existing hunters.

Gon VS Killua - Who Is STRONGER!!? (Hunter X Hunter 2011) Anime Discussion

Is Killua physically stronger than Gon?

Throughout the anime series, it has been established that Killua is stronger than Gon, while the latter has a higher ceiling. Using his abilities as a Transmuter, Killua can create a lightning-based aura. ... While Gon possesses more raw strength, in almost every other aspect, Killua is superior.

Does Gon beat knuckle?

The final duel between Gon and Knuckle begins. As promised, Knuckle doesn't hold back and uses a special technique, forcing Gon to defeat him as fast as possible.

Can Gon defeat hisoka?

The fight between Gon and Hisoka begins. At the end Gon successfully punches Hisoka in the face.

Will Gon become the strongest?

Known to have limitless potential, Gon is already an extremely strong Hunter, despite being just a rookie. ... By the end of the series, Gon will grow to be one of the strongest known characters, and in doing so, he'll surpass many powerful Hunters who are currently levels above him.

Is Killua older than Gon?

Killua was the same age as Gon in the beginning of the series, 12 years old. Of the two boys, Killua is the younger one of the two because his birth date was July 7th, 1987, making him about 2 months younger than Gon.

Who is the strongest Zoldyck?

Here are the strongest known members of the Zoldyck Family in Hunter x Hunter.
  1. 1 Alluka Zoldyck. Alluka is the second youngest child of Silva and is arguably the strongest member of the Zoldyck family.
  2. 2 Maha Zoldyck. ...
  3. 3 Zigg Zoldyck. ...
  4. 4 Zeno Zoldyck. ...
  5. 5 Silva Zoldyck. ...
  6. 6 Illumi Zoldyck. ...
  7. 7 Killua Zoldyck. ...
  8. 8 Kalluto Zoldyck. ...

Does Ging love Gon?

Ging does care about Gon and most likely loves him, but his adventurous and selfish personality keeps him from ever establishing an actual Father and Son relationship.

Who is stronger Gon or Ging?

If we're talking about Gon when he powers up to his maximum potential he is most likely far superior to Ging. Pitou state that Gon in that form might end up in the jaws of the king which implies that hes a serious threat to Meruem who is substantially stronger than Netero. Netero is stronger than Ging.

Is Ging stronger than Netero?

Ging Is one of the top 5 nen Users in the world, and may actually be stronger than Old Netero. Ging was shown beating up multiple hunters with ease, and began talking to Gon while beating them up.

Who would win in a fight hisoka or Killua?

Hisoka is far from the royal guards. Theyre all at least 2x stronger than him. Killua would win.

Did Gon lose his Nen forever?

Gon did not lose his nen during the fight with Pitou. We know this because Gon explicitly stated that he was able to use nen up until he met with Ging at the world tree. This was well after his fight with Pitou.

What Nen is killua?

Killua has mastered many killing techniques at a tender age and is set to be one of the best assassins his family has ever produced. His Nen type is Transmutation, which allows him to change the properties of his aura into electricity.

Does killua get stronger?

Killua is said to hold tremendous potential, comparable to that of Gon himself. Over the course of time, he's only gotten stronger and by the end, he'll be one of the strongest in the series.

Is Ging stronger than Meruem?

There is almost no way Ging can win against Meruem as Meruem is just waaaaaaay too strong. The only thing that Meruem actually took some damage from was Netero's “Zero Hand” and even that didn't damage Meruem that much. Simply put, Ging just isn't strong enough and Meruem is also way too smart.

Who would win ging or Hisoka?

7 Can't Defeat: Ging Freecss

He's extremely strong, which is evident from the fact that Netero considered him to be one of the top 5 Nen users alive during the Chimera Ant arc. Ging's true abilities aren't known right now, but he's still powerful enough to defeat Hisoka, from what we've been told.

Is killua more powerful than Illumi?

7 Stronger Than Killua: Illumi Zoldyck

Illumi's Hatsu is considered to be especially powerful, according to Killua. Although Killua can fight Illumi, the result of the battle likely won't tilt in his favor. Illumi has much more experience as a fighter, and his aura level is likely higher as well.

How did Gon lose his eyes?

Gon ends up meeting and befriending a young puppeteer called Retsu and when Killua reunites with him, they realize that Retsu is a girl. ... Gon then reveals that he had let the Illumi doll steal his eyes by his own volition so they could track down Omokage.

How did Killua betray Gon?

For some complicated reasons, Killua blamed himself for injuries that Gon sustained while fighting a bad guy. Killua runs away, so distraught thinking he betrayed Gon, and walking along a train track is about to be hit by a train. At the last second, Gon saves Killua with a tackle.

Will Killua leave Gon?

In Hunter x Hunter, Killua had to leave Gon because he wasn't able to defeat Shoot, and Bisky told Killua his weakness and one day he would leave Gon to die. Later on, Killua removed the thing Illumi implanted into him, which changed him.

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