Why did the Time Traveller panic after his walk?

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Why did the Time Traveller panic after his walk? How did the Eloi react to his demands when he went to the grey building? They panicked. They are sleepy and don't understand what he is talking about.

Why is the time traveler worried about stopping?

What is surprising about the time traveller'so experience? ... What does the time traveller most fear might happen when he brings his machine to a stop? He fears that stopping might cause an explosion, blowing him out of the dimension. The time traveller worries that his machine won't be safe safe if left unattended.

Where does the Time Traveller fear he might accidentally end up when he stops?

Everything, as he described was melting and growing before his eyes. Where does the Time Traveller fear he might accidentally end up when he stops? a solid object, he fears that if that happens he would be obliterated on the spot.

What are the Morlocks afraid of?

The Time Traveller feels worse – before, he just had to deal with the simplicity of the Eloi, but now he has to deal with the Morlocks, who he thinks of as "inhuman and malign" (7.1). Also, he's afraid of the dark and the new moon.

What happens to the Time Traveller at the end of the story?

The Time Traveller disappears and never comes back. We don't know where he went or why. The unnamed narrator makes some guesses to show the range of possibilities: maybe he's with our primitive ancestors or dinosaurs (not at the same time, of course), or maybe he's in the nearer future.

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Why did the Time Traveller feel that he had witnessed the end of human civilization?

Answer: The Time Traveller formulates three successive theories of how the society of the Eloi functions. ... He still feels that the Eloi have devolved into frail creatures because their life is too easy, but he believes that the Morlocks, humanity's other descendent, have evolved into brute workers.

Why does the time traveler go to the future?

The Time Traveller is largely motivated by scientific urges – he wants to discover and understand things. For instance, after he escapes from the Morlocks, he decides to travel into the future to see how the world ends. He is "drawn on by the mystery of the earth's fate" (11.8).

Why do the Morlocks eat the Eloi?

The Time Traveller first believes that the Eloi are the only people who remain on Earth: that we've evolved to a simple communal life. ... Owing to vestigial impulse, the Morlocks still feed and clothe the Eloi, their once masters—thus the silk garments, the tables heaped with fruit—but they also harvest and eat them.

Why did the Time Traveller put two white flowers on the table?

Flowers are an important symbol in the book. This particular pair represents the tender feelings between another pair, the Time Traveller and Weena. She picked them and put them in one of his pockets. Their color symbolizes purity and innocence, that of the Eloi, who, whatever their failings, can care and love.

How does Wells describe the Morlocks?

The Morlocks are meant to be the villains of the story, they are terrifying creatures that reside underground feasting on the peaceful Eloi, the time traveller describes them as 'inhuman', 'vermin', and likens them to rats.

Why were the creatures touching the Time Traveller?

The little people of the future have sweet voices, but the Time Traveller can't understand their language. They touch him with their soft hands, but he's not worried. He realizes that he could beat them up if he had to.

Why does the Time Traveller keep mentioning a sphinx in the time machine?

The White Sphinx is the first thing the Time Traveller sees in the future, and it's also the key to getting him out of the future (since that's where the Morlocks hide his Time Machine). ... In other words, the Sphinx might be there to indicate to the reader that the Time Traveller has to solve the riddle or die.

How does the Time Traveller escape the well in the time machine?

The Time Traveller concludes that in order to recover his machine he must enter into the world of the Morlocks. ... Suddenly, the matches that he is using to ward off the Morlocks run out, and they seize him. He narrowly escapes back up the well.

What does the Time Traveler see when he stops his machine?

He stops anyway, and suddenly that the Time Machine turns over on its side. He's in the future, sitting in a hailstorm. Again, he can't really describe his sensations. He sees a statue of a sphinx made of white marble on a bronze pedestal.

How did the Time Traveller describe the sensation of time Travelling?

How does the time traveler describe the sensation of time travel? Stopping; anything but the new sensations; slowing down and blowing up into nothing.

What fear does the Time Traveller now share with the Eloi?

The Time Traveller begins sleeping indoors with the Eloi because he, too, has become afraid of the Morlocks. Even so, he understands that he can only retrieve the time machine by descending into the well and learning what there is to be learned.

What do the Morlocks represent in the time machine?

Eloi and Morlocks

On the other hand, the Morlocks represent the poor working class who maintain survival skills at the cost of their physical, emotional, social, and psychological lives. The Latin root mor, meaning "death," is suggestive of the origin of the term Morlocks, implying a kind of living death.

Why do you think Wells chose to give the Morlocks a completely different language from the Eloi?

Why did Wells choose to give them morlocks a completely different language from the Eloi? He learns of the morlocks control the air vents. That the morlocks feed off of Eloi, the morlocks are afraid of light and Eloi are afraid of dark because of the morlocks.

What do Morlocks look like?

Skin pale as a slug's belly, eyes huge and bulging, this thing crawls down the wall like a spider, but its shape is hideously humanoid. Degenerate humans long lost from the world of light, morlocks have regressed through years of subterranean dwelling into ravenous, barely thinking beasts of the endless night.

Are Morlocks cannibals?

While they once likely ate animals like rats that they found underground, this food supply ran out and the Morlocks became cannibalistic, preying on their evolutionary cousins, the Eloi. ... They have no other food, and they have been exploited by the Eloi for centuries, which makes their moral position complex.

Is there anything about the Morlocks with which we can empathize?

The Morlocks might be creepy and gross, but they are hard working survivors. I might disagree with their methods, but I can understand and empathize with their drive to survive. As for why some of them rush the flames, it could be a couple of things. They might not fully understand what it is and the danger it poses.

What did Einstein say about time travel?

For example, physicist Albert Einstein's theory of special relativity proposes that time is an illusion that moves relative to an observer. An observer traveling near the speed of light will experience time, with all its aftereffects (boredom, aging, etc.) much more slowly than an observer at rest.

Who invented time machine?

The idea of a time machine was popularized by H. G. Wells' 1895 novel The Time Machine. It is uncertain if time travel to the past is physically possible.

Why did the time Travellers friends not believe that he invented a time machine?

The Time Traveller's friends not believe that he invented a time machine because it was very difficult to predict his behavior, whether he was serious or not. ... The Time Traveller late to his own party because he went to see the future in his self-made time machine.

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