Why do INFJs have trust issues?

Author: Wilfred Reichel  |  Last update: Saturday, November 20, 2021

An INFJ will likely have trust issues because they have seen the darkness in the world around them. They are acutely aware that the world is not always a beautiful place, and are often pained by this fact. They intuitively see the good and the bad in everyone around them.

How do you get an INFJ to trust you?

Let the INFJ into your thoughts, past, feelings, problems, issues, etc. first without expecting the same back. We're not the most willing to express ourselves full-on without knowing who we're confiding in. If they feel that connection of 'need' with you, they'll grow more comfortable.

Are INFJ too trusting?

Most Introverts, and especially Intuitive Introverts, find it really hard to trust people. ... INFJs typically have trust issues because at some point, they've placed their trust in someone and have had that trust broken. This doesn't just make them feel vulnerable. It strikes at the very heart of their value system.

Why do INFJs struggle with relationships?

INFJs are so concerned about the feelings of others that we often hold ourselves back. We can be reluctant to open up or make the first move in a relationship because we're not sure if the other person really wants to listen to us or really cares about the issues and ideas that are so precious to us.

Are INFJs trustworthy?

INFJs are extremely reliable people, especially when it comes to the ones they love the most. They will always be there to support and love those closest to them, and simply want to make them happy. INFJs can get caught up in their own heads sometimes, which can cause them to become a bit distracted.

10 Reasons The INFJ Struggles With TRUST ISSUES | The Rarest Personality Type

How do INFJ take revenge?

Most of the times, karma always bites back. So the only way INFJs get their revenge is by moving forward. They don't even sit back and observe, but they will definitely get to hear that whoever did them wrong got their share too.

How do you tell if an INFJ hates you?

Things the INFJ Hates
  1. Staying on the surface. ...
  2. Manipulation and deceit. ...
  3. People who take and rarely give. ...
  4. Arguing just to argue. ...
  5. Constant chaos. ...
  6. Not getting enough alone time. ...
  7. When people are inconsiderate. ...
  8. Having to compromise their values.

How do INFJs deal with breakups?

The INFJ can also benefits from researching and connecting with other people who have gone through similar emotions with their breakups. ... The INFJ also needs to spend time with loved ones and people they can trust. They need people around them who will support them and not make them feel bad about their emotions.

What is an unhealthy INFJ like?

Unhealthy INFJs are chronic people-pleasers who never want to disappoint. 7. They become so involved with other people's problems that they can't focus on their own. Likewise, they become so bogged down with other people's emotions that their day is often ruined because someone else is having a bad day.

Do INFJ like clingy people?

INFJs are introverted individuals, which means that they do need time to be alone. ... INFJs do not connect deeply with people easily, and once they do they take those bonds very seriously. If they care for someone they will want to be close to them emotionally, which can sometimes appear clingy to people.

What is the INFJ dark side?

Remember that INFJs tend to be quite sensitive and emotional. If an INFJ slams the door on you, they may suddenly stop all communication with you. If this is not possible, because they see you every day at home, work, or school, they may simply close themselves off emotionally and refuse to allow you in.

What happens when you betray an INFJ?

Usually INFJ's have uncanny insight into people,so if someone has betrayed their trust ,first reaction is ,it's hard to believe. INFJ's are loyal to faults of their closed ones ,so depending on the intensity of the betrayal , the INFJ may give a forgive and give another chance to the person or doorslam on the person.

Why are INFJ so guarded?

That person will be capable of getting through to the INFJ must faster than others, this is only because they trust that person intensely. INFJs are often fearful that people will judge them or hurt them, so they are often rather guarded.

What hurts an INFJ?

What hurts an INFJ the most? Betrayal. When we care about someone and then find out that the other person is not who we think they are. When we find out that person was not invested in the relationship the way they pretended to be.

How do you forgive an INFJ?

They will usually forgive someone over and over again, until they cannot take it any longer. Once an INFJ has reached this point, they have a hard time letting go of their grudge. They will struggle to forgive someone who has walked all over them for a long time, but they will also struggle to forgive themselves.

Do INFJs open up easily?

True, absolutely. It takes a long time for an INFJ, one of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types, to open up to the people around them. When I say long, I mean long. ... “I have known this INFJ for two weeks (or two months), and they are still as cold and aloof as before.

Who hates INFJs?

An INFJ, who is averse to conflict but strong in their own way, hates being vulnerable. The perfectionist in them needs that control, and vulnerability threatens it. They often keep their sensitivities to themselves, so if you ever do glimpse them, it means they've trusted you immensely by letting you in.

Do INFJs hold grudges?

Perhaps the most sensitive of all the personality types, INFJs take it hard when someone they trust lets them down. They tend to hold on to anger longer than they should and are capable of holding a grudge even when the other person has apologized, repeatedly, for their wrongdoing.

What drains Infj?

INFJs are energized by working creatively towards a future vision or goal. In turn, they are drained by being in noisy, disorganized environments where they face frequent interruptions to their thoughts and musings. It's especially bad if they are in an environment where there is frequent conflict.

Do INFJ have dirty minds?

Everyone is unique, and even personality types cannot determine certain factors of our personalities- but in general, the INFJ has a rather dirty inner mind. They are often a fantastic combination of mature, and a bit silly and immature when it is appropriate.

Why do INFJs pull away?

Yes, the INFJ could be withdrawing from you because they realize they aren't really interested in you in that way. They may want to remain friends, but they're afraid to say those words out loud, in case they lose a relationship with you completely.

Is it hard for INFJ to let go?

For INFJs, our past is often a difficult thing to let go of. ... Because INFJs see meaning in everything, especially what happened a year or ten years ago, letting go of it feels like we are losing a part of ourselves.

Why do INFJ cry so much?

INFJs who are trying to be strong for their loved ones, can have a hard time crying. They will often hold back tears for fear that it will upset the people around them, or make them seem like a burden. ... INFJs might cry when they are alone though, and see this as a safe way to get out their emotions.

How do others view INFJ?

INFJs are usually seen as reserved yet compassionate and caring. Their intuitions are often kept to themselves unless they are with people they trust deeply.

What makes an INFJ uncomfortable?

INFJs can appear awkward at times, or even behave awkwardly, but this is often because of their incredible sense of intuition and empathy. They can see things that others miss or don't recognize, and it makes the situation tense and often uncomfortable for them.

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