Why does 2B look like Kaine?

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2B looks like some sort of interpolation of Kaine and young Nier like if she is their doughter that combined both of their looks with more of younger Nier influence. Also Adam and Eve had very much older Nier + Kaine look. There is also something from Yonah in them.

Is Kaine in love with Nier?

While she's openly rude towards Nier, Kaine develops for a very deep love for him over the course of their journey – something Nier reciprocates. ... Nier outright says he loves Kaine during the final battle and even kisses her at the end of Ending C.

Is A2 A copy of Kaine?

1 A2 Has Fake Memories From A Human

Many fans speculate that this is actually an allusion to Kaine from the first Nier game (which is getting a much-anticipated remake), which raises the question of how her memories came to be possessed by A2.

How do you get the 2B outfit in Kaine?

Kaine YoRHa Outfit “2B”

Unlocked by downloading the “4 YoRHa” DLC.

Is Kaine in Nier automata?

Kainé's Shack is an unmarked location in NieR:Automata. Encountered at the end of Emil's Memories is a repurposed shipping container that resembles the one Kainé used to live in during Nier's time thousands of year back, down to her grandmother's portrait in the same spot.

The Meaning Behind Nier Automata Character Designs - 2B & YoRHa

Is Kaine a gestalt or replicant?

The bug in the Replicant system resulted in Kainé. The booklet implies that Kainé's sturdiness and her swordsmanship in the game are derived from her Gestalt's genetics rather than Tyrann.

Should I petrify Kaine?

The short answer to which one players should choose is that it doesn't matter. ... Players must eventually choose to petrify Kaine if they want to continue playing, unless they consider "be annihilated" to simply mean uninstalling the game and moving on to something else.

Why does Kaine dress like that?

As a response to the harassment she received in her childhood for being intersex, she took a liking to clothes that emphasize feminine characteristics.

How do you find a 2B skirt?

To unlock this trophy/achievement, position the camera so that you are looking up 2B's skirt. After a few seconds, she will walk backwards and the camera will pan back up. It is best to do this on a cliff edge or the edge of a building, allowing you to position the camera easily.

Is Kaine a girl?

Kaine is an intersex woman who isn't afraid to speak her mind, dress how she feels, and use colorful language to express herself. Kaine is also a kind character who is shown comforting young Emil, who had also become an outcast among humanity.

Is 2B modeled after Kaine?

2B looks like some sort of interpolation of Kaine and young Nier like if she is their doughter that combined both of their looks with more of younger Nier influence. Also Adam and Eve had very much older Nier + Kaine look. There is also something from Yonah in them.

Why is A2 Not 2a?

As for A2 being called A2 it's because she has a different designation method. 2B is short for YoRHa Model Number 2 Type B. A2 is short for YoRHa Attack Number 2. Older YoRHa units are "Role" then "Model Number" while newer units are "Model Number" then "Type".

Why did A2 betray YoRHa?

Story. A2 was part of the experimental YoRHa squadron deployed on the Pearl Harbor Descent Mission during the 14th Machine War. A2 ended up being the last survivor of the YoRHa squadron after the mission, causing her to be declared a traitor and deserter by YoRHa Command due to the secrecy of the prototype YoRHa line.

Are androids replicants?

Android are essentially human-like robots, based on Accord and YorHa they seem to have emotions, but no soul. Replicants from Nier are the bodies of their respective souls and make up of nearly all the humans seen in Nier, unknown what the humans living in the moon in NieR Automata are like, but they are likely human.

How did devola and Popola survive?

As punishment, the Devola and Popola line of twin androids were discontinued and gotten rid of, except for one pair – the pair that we meet in NieR: Automata. For this pair, their memories of Project Gestalt were wiped, and they were allowed to go free.

Are there any humans in NieR Replicant?

Shades. Shades, also known as Gestalts, are the true humans in NieR Replicant. ... Replicant bodies were created so that eventually the vessel-less souls could re-enter into a human body and live normally once again once there was no longer a threat.

How do I unlock revealing outfit NieR?

This item can only be obtained after purchasing and downloading the 3C3C1D119440927 DLC. After accepting the quest Mysterious Letter, locate the arena in the Flooded City and complete Rank S in the Gambler's Colosseum.

How do I get rid of a 2B skirt?

This trick is easily accomplished by simply doing one thing. All you need to do is purposely self-destruct 2B (or 9S if you're playing as him). Yes, there really is a self-destruct command that you can execute at any point in the game. Doing this will cause the Nier Automata No Skirt trick.

Does NieR have an anime?

The anime series absolutely encapsulates the high-action gameplay of the NieR series.

Is Kaine wearing lingerie?

Kaine uses her clothes as a way to feel more feminine. The problem is that Kaine's clothes are just lingerie and the men who created designed her didn't need to do that. There are pieces of concept art that have Kaine in more modest outfits, but it was the lingerie that ended up being what they put her in.

Is Kaine playable in Nier Replicant?

Can You Play as Kaine in Nier Replicant? Short answer, yes, you can play as Kaine. However, you can only do so after seeing the first four endings of the game.

Does Kaine change clothes?

This can either be through the Yorha DLC or through the costumes players unlock by progressing through the story. From here, head back to the title screen and go to options. Players will then need to scroll down to Wardrobe and the player will now be able to change their costumes from Boy, Adult, Kaine, and Emil.

What happens if you choose not to petrify Kaine?

This choice isn't actually a choice, as it turns out. If you choose to “do nothing and be annihilated” you'll be chastised and nothing will actually happen. You can't advance the story by doing this, as… you know, you'd be dead. If you do choose to do nothing, you'll simply be forced to petrify Kaine anyway.

Does Nier Gestalt have multiple endings?

There are four endings in NieR RepliCant and NieR Gestalt (NIER), five in its remake, each progressively showing the true ending. To get a full view of the story, all endings must be seen.

Is Accord in Nier automata?

As for whether Accord has been seen in the flesh in Nier Replicant or Nier Automata, the answer is no. Accord hasn't reappeared since her role in Drakengard 3. There's no way to track her down in the remastered version of the first game, and she is only mentioned in Automata by the Weapons Merchant and a flyer.

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