Why does Desdemona say she killed herself?

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Trapped by Iago, Othello comes to believe that his wife is unfaithful to him. He thinks he must kill her to prevent her further adultery. At her death Desdemona tells a lie that she had killed herself. ... Her lie is a lie of love and sheds light on the whole story, making it noble and dignified.

Why does Desdemona say that she has killed herself rather than blame Othello What do you think of this decision and what does it reveal about her character?

In consequences, suspicion in the mind of Othello makes its roots deeper. Iago proves this scene a key edge for his success and downfall of his opposition Desdemona, Cassio and Othello. So, it is the fault of Desdemona that she let herself be killed. Because she thinks that she does everything perfectly.

Who does Desdemona say killed her?

She says that Cassio has killed Roderigo. Then Desdemona's voice is heard from the bed, saying "falsely murdered" and Emilia calls for help. Desdemona says that she is innocent, denies that anyone has killed her, and dies.

How is Desdemona responsible for her own death?

Emilia who is Desdemona's loyal friend fails to convince Othello that Desdemona is faithful. She is unwittingly responsible for her friend's death because, she never mentions the handkerchief until Desdemona has been killed. ... Desdemona's death is caused because Emilia is naive and has poor judgment of Iago.

What does Desdemona's death represent?

Desdemona's death symbolizes the corruption of innocence in the play since she is the only pure figure in Othello.

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Was Desdemona's death inevitable?

As well, Shakespeare introduces the question whether Desdemona's death was inevitable. Shakespeare suggests that Emilia has the power in the final scene. ... However, there could be an argument that Desdemona's death was inevitable because of fate- she is described as the “ill-starred wrench” mirroring her name meaning.

Who holds most responsible for Desdemona's death?

Desdemona is murdered at the hands of her husband, Othello ; he strangles her in their bed. Othello's mind has been poisoned by the manipulations of the villainous Iago, but ultimately, Othello's actions are his own.

What makes Desdemona's death even more tragic?

What makes Desdemona's death even more tragic? Desdemona's death is tragic not just because she dies, but because it's her husband, Othello, who kills her. Desdemona is innocence personified, and by killing her character, Shakespeare makes a cynical commentary about how innocence cannot survive in the fallen world.

Does Othello justify his killing of Desdemona?

What does he think he is doing, and why? Othello still loves Desdemona, and does not want to see her slaughtered so he decides to smother her. Othello believes by killing her in this manner and by letting her repent her "sins'' he is saving her soul and sending her to heaven.

Is Desdemona a virgin?

Shakespeare scholar Harold Bloom thinks that Desdemona's virginity is the big driving question of the play. Bloom argues that Othello and Desdemona never had sex—that Desdemona actually dies a virgin. ... If she's still a virgin, she's been faithful.

What does Desdemona say with her last dying breath?

What does Desdemona say with her last dying breath? I didn't do this to myself - Othello murdered me! I did this to myself! ... She has to die, or she'll cheat on other men.

Why did Desdemona not fight back?

Desdemona can hardly defend herself because Othello has named no names. He has yet to mention the fact that he thinks she is sleeping with Cassio. She can only repeat that she is his true and faithful wife. It is not Desdemona's nature to return anger with anger.

What does Othello say when he kills Desdemona?

Othello realizes that once he "pluck(s)" the rose from its soil—or, in other words, once he kills Desdemona—he will not be able to bring her back to life again. Neither will he be able to resuscitate the beauty in his own life, that beauty of course being lost as soon as Desdemona is dead.

What does Othello tell Desdemona to do before he kills her?

Holding a candle, Othello stands over the sleeping Desdemona and prepares to kill her. He bends down to kiss her once before he does the deed, she wakes, and he tells her to prepare to die. ... Desdemona begins to weep for Cassio, which only drives Othello into a greater rage.

How does Othello suggest that Desdemona should be killed?

Othello plans to kill her with poison; Iago suggests he strangle her/smother her with the pillow instead; Othello thinks this is fair because she will die in the bed where she committed her sins with Cassio.

Who is not dead at the end of the play?

Horatio remains alive in order to tell the whole story. He is the only one left alive who knows the truth from beginning to end will be able to exonerate Hamlet. Fortinbras appears in the last act and may become the next king of Denmark, but he is not one of the principal characters.

How does Desdemona respond to bad deeds?

Desdemona replies that she prefers to answer bad deeds with good deeds rather than with more bad deeds. She readies herself for bed.

What happens to Desdemona at the end of the play?

After crying out that she has been murdered, Desdemona changes her story before she dies, claiming that she has committed suicide. Emilia asks Othello what happened, and Othello tells her that he has killed Desdemona for her infidelity, which Iago brought to his attention.

Why is Desdemona a strong character?

Desdemona is a strong and independent woman. She spoke for her herself, refused to be crushed under the feet of patriarchy. However, her position as a woman made her vulnerable. Though she asserted her individual personality but under the impact of a male dominant society she could not exercise her freedom.

Who is to blame in Othello?

Iago has been to blame for the downfall of Othello because he is the one that created the jealousy within Othello. Iago started this because he was jealous of Othello because he was not made lieutenant, and Cassio was. Iago has been selfish and takes it upon himself to get revenge against Othello.

Who is responsible for the deaths at the end of Othello?

Specifically, we learned that by the end of Othello, there are four dead bodies: Desdemona, Emilia, Roderigo, and Othello himself. Iago murdered two of these people with his own hand, but his influence is at the bottom of them all.

How does Emilia contribute to Othello's downfall?

Emilia's role in Othello is key, her part in taking the handkerchief leads to Othello falling for Iago's lies more fully. ... This leads to Iago's eventual downfall and sadly her own murder as her husband kills her. She demonstrates her strength and honesty by exposing her husband and challenging Othello for his behavior.

What are Desdemona's final words what do these words possibly indicate about her character?

What are Desdemona's final words? She said that nobody had killed her, she did it herself.

What are Desdemona's final words what does this show about her character?

Desdemona is at times a submissive character, most notably in her willingness to take credit for her own murder. In response to Emilia's question, “O, who hath done this deed?” Desdemona's final words are, “Nobody, I myself. Farewell. / Commend me to my kind lord. O, farewell” (V.

How does Othello feel after killing Desdemona?

Othello is overcome with rage and grief, chasing Iago from the room and launching into a heartrending speech in which he imagines that Desdemona's look alone will "hurl my soul from heaven." He is filled with remorse and begs to know why Iago has "ensnared [his] soul and body." After another long speech in which he ...

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