Why does Othello give Emilia money?

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By paying Emilia, Othello is implying that Desdemona is a whore whose time costs money. Desdemona asks Emilia to fetch Iago, whom Desdemona then questions about Othello's behavior. Emilia thinks that it must be the doing of some "eternal villain" who is looking "to get some office" (4.2. 135-136).

Why does Othello pay Emilia during Scene 2?

Summary: Act IV, scene ii

Othello tells Emilia to summon Desdemona, implying while Emilia is gone that she is a “bawd,” or female pimp (IV. ... When Desdemona fervently denies being unfaithful, Othello sarcastically replies that he begs her pardon: he took her for the “cunning whore of Venice” who married Othello (IV.

Who does Othello give money to?

So, Othello throws money at a women whom he considers a servant, Emilia, not Desdemona.

Why is Emilia important in Othello?

Emilia helped Iago persuade Othello of Desdemona's guilt, and while she cannot undo Desdemona's death, she can at least bear witness to the truth of what really happened.

What does Othello ask Emilia about?

what does othello ask emilia in beginning of scene two, what does she respond? he calls her a wh*re and says she is a cheater and a liar and that woman are all the same. desdemona said she did not do any of what othello was accusing her of. she is not being treated fairly by othello.

Othello's Girlboss, Emilia | Emilia Character Analysis

What does Othello ask Emilia at the beginning of the scene and how does Emilia respond?

38. What is Othello questioning Emilia about at the beginning of the scene? Othello questions Emilia asking if she has seen any suspicious activity between Desdemona and Cassio. Emilia responds by saying that she has seen them together but it was nothing out of the ordinary.

Why did Emilia cheat Iago?

Iago thinks that Emilia has slept with both Othello and Cassio because he is bitter, insecure, and constantly suspicious. Believing that his wife has been cheating on him with these men gives him an additional reason for wanting to destroy them.

What happens to Emilia at the end of Othello?

In a vain attempt to prevent his scheme from being revealed, Iago stabs and kills Emilia, and is then taken prisoner while Othello, lamenting the loss of his wife, kills himself next to her. ... The ending symbolizes the culmination of the violent forces put in motion by Iago at the start of the play.

How is Emilia being used in Act 3 and why?

She pieces together small clues to form the basis of Iago's plan to seek revenge on Othello and Cassio. After Emilia steals Desdemona's handkerchief for Iago and asks him the purpose of it, he tells her "be not acknown on't/I have use for it" (III. ... Emilia is married to Iago and they clearly have a stormy marriage.

How does Emilia change throughout the play?

At the start of the play, Emilia appears to be subservient and manipulated by her husband, Iago, but by the end she has gained in self-confidence and has seen him for the villain he is; finally, she denounces him and reveals his evil to the world.

What does Cassio ask Emilia to do for him?

Cassio asks the clown to entreat Emilia to come speak with him, so that he can ask her for access to Desdemona. When the clown leaves, Iago enters and tells Cassio that he will send for Emilia straightaway and figure out a way to take Othello aside so that Cassio and Desdemona can confer privately.

Why doesn't Othello believe Emilia about Desdemona's faithfulness Act 4?

Although Emilia has vouched for Desdemona's faithfulness, Othello doesn't believe this is enough, claiming Emilia is complicit by referring to her as a 'bawd' - someone who runs a brothel, suggests she allowed Desdemona and Cassio and is beneath him. Her word is not enough to believe.

What does Emilia swear to Othello?

Emilia means that whoever has put these ideas into Othello's head deserves the same curse. Of course she has no idea that the wretch who made Othello jealous is her husband, Iago. Still defending Desdemona, Emilia declares that "if she be not honest, chaste, and true, / There's no man happy" (4.2.

What happens in Act 4 of Othello?

His psychological torture is too much for Othello and he falls into a trance (he has a seizure). Iago tells Othello to hide while he talks to Cassio and gets him to admit he is having an affair with Desdemona. He promises to get Cassio to admit the time, the place, and how often they've been together.

Why do you think Othello begins to cry?

S2: Why do you think Othello begins to cry? He has to confront her about being a wh*re and being unfaithful, but she denies everything. He has it set in his mind that she wasn't loyal, but her denying everything makes him realize he still has some love for her.

How does Shakespeare present Emilia in Othello?

Emilia's role in Othello is key, her part in taking the handkerchief leads to Othello falling for Iago's lies more fully. She discovers Othello as Desdemona's murderer and uncovers her husband's plot which she exposes; “I will not charm my tongue. I am bound to speak” (Act 5 Scene 2, Line 191).

How is Emilia a feminist?

Emilia the Feminist

She is certainly loyal to Iago when she gives him Desdemona's handkerchief, despite her instinct to return it to Desdemona instead. ... Emilia's conviction for female equality is so strong that she attempts to convince Desdemona that she should not put up with Othello's jealousy.

How is Emilia smart in Othello?

In addition, Emilia proves her underrated intelligence by standing up for what she believes is right. Desdemona, Othello's wife, and Emilia's relationship grows because of her great loyalty towards her. At the end of the play Emilia stands up for Desdemona because Othello kills her.

Is Emilia innocent in Othello?

It is perhaps surprising that Emilia so quickly forms a strong loyalty to Desdemona, but she sees in her mistress a genuine innocence and goodness, the complete antithesis of her husband's character. When Othello questions his wife's faithfulness, Emilia defends her integrity in the strongest terms (Act 4 Scene 2).

Why is Emilia responsible for Desdemona's death?

Emilia is unwittingly responsible for Desdemona's death because she is naïve about her husband's actions; she is silent about the handkerchief and lacks courage to prove to Othello that Desdemona's is innocent. Desdemona's death is caused because Emilia is naive and has poor judgment of Iago.

What is the significance of Othello's suicide at the end of Shakespeare's Othello and does it achieve anything?

Othello 's suicide signifies his acceptance of his crime of murdering Desdemona and his understanding that, although Iago manipulated him into his actions, he is ultimately the one responsible for them. It also signifies his sense of honor: a man like Othello could not go on living after what he...

Who slept with Iago's wife?

At the end of Act I, scene iii, Iago says he thinks Othello may have slept with his wife, Emilia: “It is thought abroad that 'twixt my sheets / He has done my office” (I.

How does Iago treat Emilia?

Iago treats Emilia contemptuously. He asks her sharply what she's doing alone, implying that her movements should be directed entirely by him. He also insults Emilia as 'a foolish wife' (III. 3.308), but when he realises she has the handkerchief, his tone softens: now Emilia is a 'good wench' (III.

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What does Desdemona want Emilia to do if she dies?

What does Desdemona tell Emilia to do if she dies? ... Desdemona asks Emilia to shroud her in the bed sheets... "If I do die before, prithee shroud me in one of these same sheets" Emilia says she would cheat if the prize was the world...

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