Why is mockingjay in Hunger Games?

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Mockingjays. The mockingjay represents defiance in the novel, with the bird's symbolism deriving initially from its origins. ... When Katniss later sees mockingjays, they remind her of Rue, and that memory inevitably stirs her hatred of the Capitol and her wish to rebel, and take revenge, against it.

What does the Mockingjay represent in The Hunger Games?

In both versions of the text, the mockingjay is a symbol of hope, but each medium portrays it as different sort of hope. The novel illustrates the mockingjay as a symbol of hope for rebellion, whereas the film displays the pin as a symbol of hope for Katniss to make it through the games alive.

Why did Katniss become the Mockingjay?

Plot Summary (7)

Under the leadership of President Coin and the advice of her friends, Katniss becomes the "Mockingjay", the symbol of rebellion for the districts of Panem. Katniss Everdeen becomes the symbol of the rebellion after she shoots a force field into the arena of the Quater Quell.

What is the story behind mockingjay?

In Suzanne Collins' book, The Hunger Games, the mockingjay bird is the evolutionary result of a failed government breeding experiment. The evil government of Panem first created the jabberjay to spy on enemies and rebels of the Capitol, as they could memorize and repeat entire human conversations.

Why is the Mockingjay chosen as a symbol for the revolution?

Katniss Everdeen unintentionally earned the ire of the Capitol when she wore a pin representing a mockingjay, and it went on to become the symbol of the rebellion against President Snow. ... To the Capitol, the mockingjays symbolized a world beyond their control, a challenge to their authority.

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Who gives Katniss the Mockingjay pin in the book?

What: In the book, Katniss receives her iconic mockingjay pin from schoolmate Madge Undersee. (The pin originally belonged to Madge's aunt, who died in an earlier Hunger Games.) In the movie, Madge is nowhere to be seen, and Katniss receives the pin from one of the black marketeers in the Hob.

Why is the mockingjay pin so important?

The mockingjay pin was Katniss Everdeen's tribute token in the 74th and 75th Hunger Games. Alternate versions of it are featured on the cover of each of the three books. Unknowingly, the pin became a sign of rebellion to the Capitol since mockingjays were created after the disastrous experiment with jabberjays.

What happened to Panem after Mockingjay?

With the overthrow of the Snow regime in Mockingjay at the conclusion of the Second Rebellion, District 13 reunified with a now democratic Panem, restructured into a constitutional republic, with Commander Paylor as the first democratically elected president.

Is Katniss happy at the end of Mockingjay?

Katniss and Peeta had their ever after, but it wasn't always happy. ... In the epilogue, she and Peeta learned to regain their trust for one another—although he still suffered from flashes of PTSD and often questioned her whether a given emotion or memory was true.

What did Gale do with Prim's death?

He indirectly killed Prim. Gale and Beetee developed ticker bombs that would be able to kill more civilians and military personnel, and seemed unphased by the loss of life he was causing. One of these bombs exploded in the same area where Prim was treating the wounded in the Capitol and it killed her.

What were Katniss conditions to be the Mockingjay?

Katniss anticlimactically announces she will be Command's Mockingjay with some conditions, including Gale's assistance in her role as Mockingjay, and her greatest demand: Peeta's immunity. She adds to the request, asking for immunity for the other captured tributes as well. Coin denies the request.

Why is Katniss so protective of Peeta?

It's mostly because she feels that Peeta is a better person than her and (later) would be much more effective as a rebel symbol. Also, yes, she grew to love him and couldn't bear the idea of allowing him to die while she lives.

Who is the traitor in Mockingjay Part 1?

President Alma Coin is the final antagonist of Suzanne Collins's The Hunger Games trilogy, serving as the main antagonist of Mockingjay and both of its 2014 and 2015 film adaptations, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Part 1 and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Part 2.

Why is it called Panem?

The word panem is the accusative singular form of Latin word for 'bread' and was derived from the Latin saying panem et circenses, meaning 'bread and circuses'. ... Panem consists of a capital city, called 'the Capitol', located in the Rocky Mountains.

Where had Katniss seen the Avox girl previously?

Where had Katniss seen the red haired Avox? She and Gale were hidden in the woods waiting for game, when a hovercraft appeared and captured her with a net as she and a boy were running away.

Why is the ending of Mockingjay so depressing?

Katniss never gets over her first experience in the Games — she never stops feeling guilty for killing in the Arena, or feeling sad at the thought of Rue. ... And the bittersweet ending of Mockingjay reflects that realism by allow future Katniss to still feel the effects of everything she's been through.

What does Peeta say to Katniss at the end of Mockingjay?

He asks Katniss, “You love me, real or not real?” She says “real” — just like in the book. The movie doesn't tell us exactly how many years, but the book tells us this heartwarming even takes place more than 15 years later.

What is the last line of Mockingjay?

LAST: "Mockingjay, may your aim be as true as your heart is pure." In President Coin's final moments, she gives a speech that's just as stately and portentous as ever. Much of Panem is on tenterhooks, waiting for Katniss to execute Snow, but Katniss remembers who the real enemy is.

How did Annie win the Hunger Games?

Annie Cresta and the 70th Hunger Games

Annie was victor during the 70th Hunger Games, during which she witnessed the other tribute from her District being beheaded, went insane and only won after a dam flooded the arena and killed all the other contestants. Again: There is an arena.

Who becomes president of Panem?

Commander Paylor was the leader of the rebel forces in District 8 during the Second Rebellion. Following the success of the rebellion, she was elected the new president of Panem.

What did the Capitol do to Peeta?

Throughout both installments of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, it was revealed that Peeta was physically and mentally tortured by the Capitol. They used tracker jacker venom to distort his memories to turn him against Katniss.

What is the symbolic significance to Katniss behind the Mockingjay pin?

Among them is her friend Madge Undersee, who convinces Katniss to take her mockingjay pin as her tribute token – an object a tribute is allowed to carry to the games to boost morale. The pin with a mockingjay on it is a small gesture of rebellion to the evil Capitol that rules their world.

How did Katniss get the gold bird pin?

How did Katniss get the circular gold bird pin? Madge, the mayor's daughter gave it to her. ... Her mother took it from a jewelry box and pinned it on Katniss's dress.

Why does Katniss think it is strange that the mockingjay is popular in the Capitol?

She finds it strange that the mockingjay pin has become a Capitol fad because the bird itself is the result of a Capitol experiment gone wrong. She wonders how Snow feels about the bird's popularity in the Capitol when it is a reminder of its failed experiment.

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